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XENO OOZE – New Song Premiere

Just a few days ahead of its release, Arizona’s three-piece grindcore unit XENO OOZE have just revealed another track off their debut album “Parasligm Shift”, out this Friday, November 1st via Last World Records.

Titled “Xenological Warfare” this new track is now playing at No Clean Singing, who stated “Xenological Warfare packs a ton of fast-twitch changes into its 2 1/2 minutes, all of them violent. Immediately, it launches a cyclonic barrage of light-speed drumming and heavily distorted, near-atonal riffing. Suddenly, the band cut to start-stop bursts of skull-busting viciousness, and hoarse carnivorous howls issuing grotesque proclamations.”

Get crushed by “Xenological Warfare” here.

If you missed it, check out previous singles “The Whole of the Maw” here and “Dungeon Blaster” at this location.

Weaving elements of death metal, crust, powerviolence, and oozy science fiction, the band’s debut album “Parasligm Shift” delivers a soundscape of pummeling riffs and Mach-speed blasting throughout seven tracks. This visceral and gut-wrenching mash-up of violent styles played with manic ferocity with surely impress fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Cattle Decapitation and Insect Warfare.