July 13, 2024

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Chris Cornell’s Rock & Roll Nightmare: The Dead Zone!

Chris Cornell’s Rock & Roll Nightmare: The Dead Zone!

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

SOUNDGARDEN is among the nominees for 2020’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame class, and while it’s an honor that they’ve long deserved I feel, it’s certainly a shame Chris Cornell will not be able to see the RRHOF’s induction once they are ultimately elected into the mystical hall.

Why exactly did this happen? Was it Chris’ own hand that ended his life?

Or was Mr. Cornell murdered by his wife, with the help of a hit man posing as his bodyguard, because she did not want to be shut out from his wealth should he follow through with a divorce?

Is it possible he was assassinated over uncovering an elite pedophile ring operating out of Washington DC, as my groundbreaking reporting boldly exposed back in 2017?

The mainstream media purports that I concocted an elaborate hoax surrounding the matter, which if true would establish me as the greatest internet prankster ever.

To make matters worse, LINKIN PARK lead vocalist, Chester Bennington, was found hanging from his bedroom door on Chris’ birthday. A confirmed fake news story claiming the rocker was indeed “murdered” mentioned my Pedogate investigation and it went viral, reaching over one billion readers globally within 24 hours after being shared over 1 million times on Facebook. This is a world record, whether my work turns out to be a hoax or not, understand?

This tale of rock carnage all revolves around ancient Egypt, 2 black books, Hitler and demonic humanoids who are said to be waging a ‘secret war’ today versus humanity via a covertly staged, U.S. government backed military coup by way of a black ops driven alien contingent, who are conducting twisted experimentation with human/alien DNA that first kicked off in a major way in the USA with the infamous Montauk project.

In my past reporting, I connected both the biblical and Egyptian dieties SETH/SET with the Zodiac Killer, who I formally named as Michael Aquino, former Green Beret and now one of the top figures at the NSA.

Mr. Aquino founded the Temple of Set, after having served under Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan.

It is my determination after a long and careful examination into Mr. Aquino’s background that he is a draco hybrid posing as a human being, and thanks to a ‘demonic possession’ this monster has now actually morphed into the incarnate of Set. Yes, that’s right, kids, the Zodiac Killer has the ability to shape shift, teleport and become invisible when hunting humans to kill.

Let me be clear Seth, born to Adam and Eve, is to the non-Christian Gnostics what Christ is to the Christians.