July 20, 2024

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UFOs, The Witch Hunt Conspiracy & Tom DeLonge

UFOs, The Witch Hunt Conspiracy & Tom DeLonge

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

As President Donald Trump faces impeachment currently in Washington DC, a much larger problem grips the not very United States of America, that isn’t being talked about online or on mainstream TV news programs. Hell, everyone who is supposed to be telling us the truth is involved in such a massive cover up that only a handful of gutsy investigative journalists like myself continue marching forward fearlessly with reporting what is really happening amid the piling up of body bags containing “Whistle blowers” like Max Spiers (who was found dead on my birthday July 16th, 2016).

It all breaks down to John Podesta and his friend, Tom DeLonge, a high stakes games of lies and trickery, the CPS and the CIA running “the Finders” child abduction ring with the backing of the most powerful elite, reaching all the way to the Vatican. Smoke screens are being used on the unwitting, such as the diversion of improperly condemning a sitting President, in my humble opinion.

However, the mounting unanswered questions concerning the thousands of missing refugees and abducted Americans, on top of a whole range of other scandals which are concerning tax payers, is what has been bringing the approval rating of the President down at times to a historic low.

Donald Trump’s September/2019 Job Approval Rating is at 40%.

In 1955, during September, Dwight Eisenhower had a 71% Job Approval Rating.


Trump’s lowest Job Approval Rating was 35%. This happened four times.

Experts say it all started to go downhill for Trump’s Presidency with tabloid sensation Stormy Daniels, the Russian Collusion story, and when two dead rock stars got linked to #PizzaGate, it opened up a can of worms for the former “good friend” of late child rapist, Jeffrey Epstein.

Trump continuously calls out all the haters coming at him. He demands fake news reporting be stopped and that the people who are part of one big “Witch Hunt” to bring him down are ousted as traitors before they truly sink America, once and for all.

It was investigator Max Spiers who detailed a vast underground tunnel system in San Francisco before he died suddenly, which connects pre-schools, churches and other facilities said to be tied to the Presidio Daycare scandal and Temple of Set founder, Michael Aquino.

A shocking poll released on Wednesday by Fox News shows that more than half of all registered voters support President Trump’s impeachment and removal from office.

As the story goes, President Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry after news came out of a whistleblower complaint alleging Trump pressured Ukraine’s president to conduct an investigation into his current political rival former Vice President Joe Biden.

Those surveyed said:

“51% to 43% that Trump should be impeached and removed from office. Four percent said he should be impeached but not removed from office, and 40% said he should not be impeached at all.”

As a bunch of Americans purportedly stormed Area 51 last month, Trump’s one time respected performance in the White House shapeshifted into one of the biggest jokes around. This guy is now being laughed at by everyone, including the Joker!

Are Americans dumber than a box of rocks or do they simply choose to keep living in the greatest amount of denial witnessed ever?

Christians are a funny sort, right? They seem to want to fight you at the grocery store for a spot in line when checking out or over a parking space but they are willing to let their freedoms go so easily, along with turning their backs on fellow Americans, real people of human flesh with loved ones who have no answer as to why or how these people went missing.

My independent investigating has determined that there’s something far more sinister at play here that the majority of God fearing bible lovers are not seeing with their own damn eyes.

If we step back for a moment and look at the bigger picture, I’m afraid what is revealed is truly terrifying for it fully brings into sharp focus what is coming in the future for devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

The Illuminati are desperately fighting against bloggers like myself to stop this information from getting out to the public.

Fox News poll: 51 percent favor Trump’s impeachment and removal from office

Author David Icke further explains the Matrix we are living in today:

“We live in a free-will universe where, within certain limits, we are allowed to experience all of the emotions, and learn from the consequences of our actions. So taking over a planet does not bring in the ‘father’, the Source of All That Exists, to immediately wrest control from the hijackers. It is used as a period of experience from which all will learn and evolve. We live in a time-space reality – “world” – called the Third Dimension and it is from some of our “neighbors” in the Fourth Dimension that the interference has come. Whenever I speak of the extraterrestrial consciousness or the Prison Warder consciousness I am referring to manipulation from the Fourth Dimension via either thought control or direct intervention. Both the hijacking extraterrestrials and those with humanity’s interests at heart were regular visitors to the Earth thousands of years ago. They became the ‘gods’ in the ancient texts and legends which have formed the foundations of most, perhaps all, of the major religions of today. If an extraterrestrial landed on the planet in ancient times in an astonishing anti-gravity spacecraft, or you saw a psychic vision of someone on another frequency, you would sure as hell think he or she was a god! And they did. This is where the ‘gods’ – particularly the angry, judgmental, fire and brimstone gods – originated: negative extraterrestrials. The ‘fear of God’ was born, and this fear and resistance to change (disobeying the gods) is still in the collective psyche.” – “And The Truth Shall Set You Free”

According to the NY Times:

“… it all reached a fever pitch (in 2019) when the United States Navy confirmed that three widely shared videos captured by naval aviators in 2004 and 2015 were indeed real and showed what it called “unidentified aerial phenomena.” The “unidentified” part of that statement sparked excitement among U.F.O. enthusiasts.”

“The three videos show mysterious objects in the sky and contain audio of pilots trying to make sense of what they were seeing. They had gained notoriety since being published in 2017 and 2018 by The New York Times and a company called To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences.”

Founded in 2017, DeLonge’s crazy Alien Hunter team of a dozen, including several top U.S. government employees, made it their mission to attempt to try and advance society’s understanding of the UFO phenomena, working closely with John Podesta, the dude who helped Hillary Clinton lose a chance at becoming the first woman in the White House. Mr. Podesta has a kooky nickname of “Skippy” he likes to go by and has some far out theories of his own. You see, it is Mr. Podesta’s involvement with Mr. Delonge that has a lot of people scratching their heads in confusion as to why these two elitists at total different ends of the spectrum in life are working so closely with one another to bring Full Alien Disclosure to the people.

“We’ve been waiting around as scholars and researchers on the subject for many decades and hoping to God that one day the government would come out and acknowledge what this is.” -Daniel Brenner, The New York Times

As the walls literally have begun to crumble around the Trump Presidency, these two knuckleheads keep waving the white flag at the purported ET contingent who are said to be all around us already (despite no legitimate evidence of real UFO’s ever existing and Uncle Sam admitting that Roswell in 1947 was a hoax)… yet, nobody cares about Americans who keep vanishing at an alarming rate.

Perhaps Mr. Podesta and the Democrats are indeed engaged in some witch-like behavior trying to bring down The Donald, using the diversion of a coming alien invasion as a smoke screen from the international child snatching operation that I believe the Clinton’s, Mr. Podesta and James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong are running with the full blessing of the New World Order.

I learned that Epstein’s island has long served as a “hub” for the operation, and my reporting in 2017 connected Chris Cornell to a “black book” that contained the inner circle of Epstein and the highly organized criminal syndicate. A shipping container company called C2C connects Mr. Alefantis to activity in Haiti, where the Clinton’s established work with LINKIN PARK before Chester Bennington was found dead on Chris Cornell’s birthday that same year.

In a scathing letter to New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet, the Biden campaign ripped up The New York Times for its recent coverage of Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and the Ukraine story. The letter in question, released Wednesday night, was authored by deputy campaign manager and communications director Kate Bedingfield. In the letter, she blasted The Times’ coverage of the debunked notion Biden abused his office to benefit his son when he was serving as vice president under the Obama administration.

Bedingfield wrote that The Times, which published a widely criticized story in May, “had an outsized hand in the spread” of the “baseless conspiracy theory.”

Let me be clear. The Department of Justice serves a main role to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime in America, along with seeking “just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior.”

Did you know that Bill Clinton himself is recorded as having been on 26 different flights via Lolita Express to the mysterious Epstein owned location called “Orgy Island?”

Mr. Clinton nor his wife have yet to be sent a subpoena to answer questions about their alleged illegal activities while partying with Mr. Epstein during the time he was alive and committing human atrocities.

Unfortunately, #PizzaGate is not a bogus conspiracy theory. It is not going away no matter how much people try to deny what is happening. The Clinton’s, John Podesta and James Alefantis are undoubtedly now in the cross hairs of President Trump and his secret allies planted deep within the Department of Justice, who are looking to take down the Clinton crime syndicate with the most daring legal move ever. My source close to the situation informed me that Trump knows his back is up against the wall at this point and he will make the move to formally indict these elite child killers, based on pre-existing evidence that proves Bill and Hillary Clinton are the ringleaders along with John Podesta.

If Trump does not flex his muscle and at the very least make an example out of the Podesta brothers, then that will mean his own activities over two decades ago with Epstein were much deeper and sexually sadistic than he initially admitted to. However, let the record reflect that there is nothing else of legal merit at this time that suggests President Trump is connected to anything illegal. He reportedly did some “casual mingling” at one point during a party thrown with Epstein in attendance years ago, which of course lead to heavy flirting and Trump making out afterward with some sexy cheerleaders.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is a cabinet-level agency responsible for enforcing the laws of the United States federal government. DOJ ensures public safety against foreign and domestic threats, including terrorism, and preventing crime.