June 20, 2024

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MITHRIDATIC – New Album Streaming

Titled after a book by French writer Roger GILBERT-LECOMTE who used to willingly infect himself with Tetanus in order to dive into delirious mystical crises and based on books by infamous and controversial French writer Louis-Ferdinand CELINE or German-American writer Charles BUKOWSKI, produced, like its predecessor, by Francis CASTE (SINSANEUM, ARKHON INFAUSTUS, DEHUMAN…), “Tétanos Mystique”, the new MITHRIDATIC album, is the logical step further for the band and it has way more to offer than meets the eye.

Even though it could, like “Miserable Miracle”, the band’s debut, mistakenly be taken for an archetypal orthodox Blackened Death Metal album, it’s a curveball, it’s at odds with any simple and simplistic overview and conception. It’s way darker than any of your “Praise Satan” or “Fuck my corpse” things, it’s more technical than most of your tech-Death wankery (Kevin PARADIS himself says he’s recorded the most technical blast-beat he ever put on tape, for “Tétanos Mystique”, even though he’s now a permanent member of such acts aas BENIGHTED or AGRESSOR…): it’s a one way dive into dis-ease, mental illness, discomfort, psychological torment ; away from whatever is “fitting” or “being healthy”. It’s, musically and lyrically, one of those rare pieces of art you should take with caution for if immerging yourself too deep into it, you’d really be at risk, mentally-wise.

With a razor-sharp playing and with an intense, surgical yet bestial production, “Tétanos Mystique” is vicious, perverse, sick and sickening, wicked and wickening. It’s a bottomless abyssal spiral to the most unfitting, darkest, most twisted and most sociopathic of what man has in itself. It’s mesmerizing and nauseating. It’s disgust and scorn towards everything “society” and “wellness”. Subtile, nevertheless, and with a fetish for infectious riffing and memorable songs, it never walks the easy path that plagues Extreme Metal those days, it’s mental corruption and aura corrosion embodied.

Bow to your new mayhemic Lords of All Fevers and Plague!