April 14, 2024

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CROWBAR – New Live Footage Posted

Revolver have shared the following multi-camera live footage of Crowbar‘s set at The Gramercy Theatre in New York City, NY this past February. The set took place on February 13th, 2019 and saw the band play the following songs:

All I Had (I Gave)
…And Suffer As One
To Build A Mountain
The Cemetery Angels
Walk With Knowledge Wisely
To Carry The Load
Planets Collide
Like Broken Glass

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Kirk Windstein discussed his band’s music:

“Thank God I wasn’t actually feeling all of what the lyrics were saying,” Kirk Windstein says with a nervous laugh. “I probably would have committed suicide 25 years ago.”

The 51-year-old guitarist, singer and songwriter is looking back on the early work of Crowbar, the New Orleans metal band he has led in various incarnations since the late Eighties. The group made its name with albums like its self-titled 1993 sophomore LP, which paired massive, relentlessly charging riffs with Windstein’s angry barks and anguished bellows on songs such as “Existence Is Punishment” and “I Have Failed” that chronicled the bleakest extremes of abject depression.

People call it ‘sludge’ – whatever they wanna call it, that’s fine,” Windstein says, discussing the band’s sound in his deep Southern drawl. “But to me it’s just heavy, emotional music. I’m very proud that the second you hear it, you know it’s Crowbar.”