April 13, 2024

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PIZZAGATE – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Since the latest arrest of billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, a lot of new speculation has fallen back onto the elite’s supposed child abduction ring operating out of Washington DC via a pizza joint that Obama and Hillary like to hang out at called Comet Ping Pong. It’s a hot spot complete with its own stage used by musical performers. No doubt, the goal is for little kids to enjoy themselves among adults, while patrons will find the crowd inside is often serenaded by a creepy looking transgender fronted rock act called HEAVY BREATHING.

There is certainly the potential that both Epstein and James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong, are major players in the international human trafficking ring that is at the center of PizzaGate, also commonly referred to as PEDOGATE. They are each very close to Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are both known to hang out with major players in politics, like John Podesta, plus big name celebs who are also friends of the Clinton’s such as disgraced pedophile actor, Kevin Spacey. These are the kind of names one will find when examining Mr. Epstein’s “black book.”

One of the biggest riddles concerning the PizzaGate scandal, whether it is true or not, is the belief among truther investigators like myself, that a vast network of underground tunnels connect to basements beneath the restaurant and others in the immediate area in Washington DC, serving as the central distribution point where they are able to transport abducted kids, who got stolen with the help of young ‘look outs’ in vans at local area parks, the public library and grocery stores without detection. This has been going on since the early eighties, starting with Paul Bonacci and Johnny Gosch, both abducted while they were kids, snatched by the CIA backed cult operation called ‘the Finders.’ According to his own testimony, Mr. Bonacci was used by the cult to lure Johnny Gosch into their van.

It is Mr. Bonacci who described the horrendous snuff film he was forced to take part in during the Franklin Cover-Up that involved the late George Bush Sr. and retired army legend, Michael Aquino. This snuff film depicted another young boy getting killed as famed Gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, filmed it.

Mr. Gosch has never been seen or heard from again.

Snopes site, the official debunker of conspiracy theories, who deemed my Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington murder investigations that I conducted starting in 2017 to be nothing more than hoaxes, claimed that there was no underground basement located below Comet Ping Pong.

I have evidence that will prove Snopes site is telling diabolical lies to protect the powerful figures connected to this growing scandal. This report will provide the reader with plenty of links to other important articles, video presentations and documents that pertain to the case.

Have you ever heard about Washington DC’s old underground trolley system? Yes, this is the smoking gun in the matter it appears, and as I unravel the dark mystery for everyone the truth will become clear as day.

Kids are vanishing from their families in broad daylight…

It is my assertion that these stolen kids (you know the ones President Trump can’t seem to locate) are being moved covertly via these tunnels and are then taken to U.S. government backed underground bases where they’re held like animals in cages, tortured, raped, harvested for adrenochrome, and then ultimately ritually sacrificed.


It’s your choice in life to blindly take every piece of news that is called a hoax and accept it as just that, okay? I’m not here to twist your arm or anything. All I ask is that you examine the facts in the case before making your own final determination on what is real and what is not real.

These mainly low income “undesirables” or stolen refugees who have just made their way ashore into the USA, get led to the slaughter without even knowing what is about to happen to them. Can you imagine a child playing alone at the park nearby Comet Ping Pong being asked if they want a free slice of pizza? It’s harmless fun, right? All they need to do is follow the stranger.

Deep Pan Pizza: Want Extra Cheese?

The sales from Adrenochrome harvesting is is big business for the Illuminati, bringing in purportedly billions of dollars annually to the most corrupt criminal enterprise of all time. The human genocide that has been caused under their hands is so shocking and disturbing that many will not be able to make it through all of this report. Unless you were born without a soul, this is going to be very graphic, making it extremely difficult to read. You all have been warned.

PizzaGate ¦ Red Rooms on the Deep Web – Part 1


A YouTube user going by the handle: azimuthclark462 comments:

“I know there was an underground complex on that street. It was to be used for store fronts. If you walked around the area, of course its covered up now, concrete slab, but you can find the steps that went under the street. I’ve seen the zoning papers, technically, Comet Pizza doesn’t have a basement, but Bucks restaurant does. The other business owned by James. Him and his boyfriend own a few of those businesses on that block. I know of other people who went there. YouTube scrubbed the videos or ID link those videos for everyone to see but 100% true, there are tunnels from the sewer system, and there is the old underground shopping complex that was covered up on that street. “

Another #truther via Reddit points out a very creepy detail:

“I noticed the photo of Alefantis next to pan. Did you know there are sightings of Satyr on native American reservations and also in certain other places? They call him the goat man on my reservation. The Greek God pan was known to torment and purposely terrify people traveling along or especially in fields. That’s where we get the Greek word for panic, ‘Pan’. On my reservation and from stories, he does just that. Terrifies people and chases them. He is even seen in fields. I talked to a guy who said his brother saw the goat man/Satyr laying in a field. He was sighted by others in that field which is also right outside of my town and is more like a coulee with nearby field and rolling terrain hills. Do you know what the Greek demigod pan is also known for? Terrifying and frightening away anyone who awakes him from sleeping in the fields.”

The Whistleblowers (Series): #8 – Witness to Child Ritual Murder At America’s Bohemian Grove


What many seem to forget is that a lot of America is fitted with underground tunnels that were not to be used any longer, going back to before when most of us were even born, understand?

I myself climbed down into the Los Angeles sewers one time, so really, it’s totally laughable that many of you still think that this is not true. However, I am going to treat you like children attending school for the very first time. So sit up straight, it’s time for your most in-depth PizzaGate lesson ever.

Digging deeper, I wanted to take my readers below to DC’s old trolley tracks system that will help everyone understand what is really going on beneath our feet. The old underground trolley tunnels I learned are very close by to Comet Pizza’s location.

Unusual Spaces channel fully explains the details of Dupont Circle:

“Each day, thousands of residents, commuters and visitors traverse Washington DC’s Dupont Circle, one of the most historic and iconic neighborhoods in the nation’s capital. Below its well-traveled streets, however, lies a secret unknown to many who pass above: 75,000 square feet of abandoned tunnels that have remained inaccessible for most of the last 50 years.”

“Built in the 1940s to alleviate traffic concerns in the growing metropolis above, the tunnels allowed for trolley cars to pass under Dupont Circle and pick up passengers at two below ground stations. Following the closure of the DC’s trolley system in the early 1960s, the tunnels were abruptly abandoned. Apart from a brief, unsuccessful venture in the mid-1990s to install a food court on the western side of the tracks, the space below Dupont has been largely forgotten by the world above. In the mid-2000s, a new organization called the Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground was formed to pursue a new use for the space as a cultural destination. After years of petitioning, the Arts Coalition signed a 5-year lease with the city in late 2014 that will provide an opportunity to test out possible future uses for the space.”

“The room where the ping pong tables are is a magnet for kids.”

Pictured: A man stands in one of the DC Tunnels. CHUD according to urban dictionary stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller

The buildings next door have basements so no doubt there could absolutely be “kill rooms” down below… kept hidden from the staff and customers..

Anyone who lives in the Washington DC area knows that most homes in that area have a basement.

What I learned during my research is that pig’s jaws are much more stronger and deadly than any dog. A full grown hog can easily rip through the leg bones of a deer, chew it up like we do with a mouthful of almonds.

I mapped out the routine driving routes one would use to get to Comet Ping Pong from Dupont Circle, and that is roughly a 14 minute journey or less.

This all falls just outside of the Chevy Chase section.

If you study the map I provided above, you will see off to the left of #2 route are 2 farms, called the Davis Farm and the Weston Farm. Anyone who has followed Podesta’s tracks in particular know he has a background slaughtering pigs on a farm as a young man. As I understand it, pigs are used to dispose of the body parts, organs or flesh that is left over after the ritual slaying, which includes dismemberment, flaying of the skin (removal by peeling off the person’s flesh from the body while they are still alive), and last but not least, the bones, teeth and other harder parts that normal animals would not eat.

They can kill and eat a large turkey like we make a sandwich.

“Honey, I’ll be sure to bring home a large deep pan with extra cheese!”

Despite mountains of evidence pointing to a major cover-up in Washington DC, millions of Americans ignore all of the innocent kids who are being abducted and murdered.

As the story goes, the name “Chevy Chase” actually comes from “Cheivy Chace”, which is the name of the land that was patented to Colonel Joseph Belt on July 10, 1725. It has historic associations to a 1388 battle between Lord Percy of England and Earl Douglas of Scotland.

No, this is not a joke. Legendary comedy actor, Chevy Chase, born Cornelius Crane Chase, was nicknamed after a ballad entitled “The Ballad of Chevy Chase”. In this case, “chevauchée” (a French word that describes a conflict) were hunting grounds or a “chace” in the Cheviot Hills of Northumberland and Otterburn.

I learned the entrance to Dupont underground is on 19th street between Starbucks and Cafe Dupont in that section of Washington DC. Believe it or not, tickets for a guided tour of the tunnels can be purchased via the Dupont Underground website.

Keep in mind, there are over 6 million residents living in the metro area of Washington DC, ranking it 6th largest in the country.

According to one review:

“Much of the tunnels are still in a state of disrepair and the floor in some areas have broken glass, rusted metal, and muddy puddles, so wear closed-toe shoes.”

What my readers need to be made aware of at the same time is that Andrews Air Force Base (Joint Base Andrews) is located close by to this region on the map.

According to the Andrews AFB site:

“The result of the union of Andrews AFB and Naval Air Facility Washington in 2009 is Joint Base Andrews, located in Maryland near Washington DC. The base is operated by the 11th Wing of the Air Force District of Washington. The wing oversees operational activities on base and responds during emergency situations within the region by using rotary-wing airlift capabilities. The Presidential Airlift Group, in which Air Force one is assigned, is based at Joint Base Andrews. This Joint Base Andrews directory features the critical info you’ll need to navigate through the many facilities and recreational opportunities available on base.”

As well, I learned that near Camp David–just north of the camp is an underground facility important to the top intelligence agencies.

And according to one researcher, “below Ft. Meade, you’ll find the National Security Agency is handling 10 acres of the most sophisticated supercomputers that can be built, very large complex, massive surveillance of all the world’s communications, including all transmissions in the U.S. & world of telephones, telegraph, telex, fax, radio, TV and microwave transmissions.”

The frightening assessment continues:

“Another underground facility may also exist in the area of Olney, actually the facility is between Olney and Laytonsville, on Riggs Rd. off of Rt. 108 , FEMA & possibly NSA, the facility may be 10 levels deep, purpose unknown.
Also, Suitland, MD- classified archives of U.S. Govt. stored here in underground levels. Vaults have extensive amounts of documents which are not indexed. Restricted access with a coded security card. High level intelligence groups operate in the area also.”

As scary as all of this information is, the researcher confirms our worst nightmare is happening beneath the most beloved residence of all: “the WHITE HOUSE, 38°53.5’N 77°02.0’W–now is home to the secret NOD underground installation which is connected to the intelligence groups like NSA and the CIA as well as many other nefarious groups lays under the White House with tunnels connecting this NOD installation with the House of the Temple. The Supreme council of the 33° of the Scottish Rite’s House of the Temple has a 14′ x 25′ room in it with 13 chairs where the Illuminati’s Grand Druid Council meet. The NOD Deep Underground Installation has numerous levels to it. One eyewitness, went to level 17 (via an elevator) and stated that he believes that deeper levels exist.”

“The NOD installation is involved with psychic (demonic) and satellite control over slaves. This underground complex is to allow the government of the United States to escape a nuclear attack. The enormous complex radiates under Wash. D.C. and connects with many other sites. The tunnel system is used to move some of the mind-control sex slaves. The walls and ceilings of the tunnels are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting recessed into the ceilings.”

Beneath the US Capitol is an immense underground system of passages, rooms and halls exist; and a mysterious disappearance took place there during the Civil War, according to the article by C.D. Van Duzer, entitled ‘Under the Dome’, of which this is the most relevant part

The House of the Temple, which is known to be the Scottish Rite Masonic headquarters, haunts the American people as it sits atop the pentagram-like street layout of Washington D.C. and connects to “ancient glazed tunnels” built by Atlanteans in antediluvian times. It’s said there’s also connections to the massive cavern that is called “NOD” where the NSA, Sirians, Greys, reptoids, and other alien hybrid species work together to carry out an agenda of world domination over mankind. Multiple D.C. area buildings are also connected by underground tunnels, both ancient, modern, and those that are still currently works in progress.

According to WhiteHouse.gov1 site:

“Work first began on the secret White House underground tunnel system back in early 1950 under the Truman administration. The White House was deteriorating and it was determined that massive reconstruction was required. President Truman relocated to the nearby Blair House for three years while the interior of the White House was completely rebuilt with concrete and steel beams. During that time, a tunnel was built connecting the West Wing and East Wing providing access to the bomb shelter.”

” In 1987, another secret tunnel was built during the Reagan Administration to protect the President in the event of a terrorist attack. This new tunnel allows the President to access a secret staircase outside the Oval Office by pressing on a wall panel to reveal and open a secret door. The passageway at the bottom of the stairs leads to a closet near the President’s private elevator in the basement of the Residence. “

First Lady Laura Bush describes her 9/11 experience of going through a pair of big steel doors to access an unfinished subterranean hallway underneath the White House on her way to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center conference room which was adjacent to the PEOC’s nerve center.

“There is also a known tunnel leading from the basement of the East Wing to the basement of the Treasury Building which was built by FDR as an air raid shelter. An underground passageway provides pedestrian access between the White House and the Old Executive Office Building next door. There are rumors of tunnels connecting the White House to the Capitol, Blair House, VP Residence, Camp David and the Pentagon.”

The Epoch Times reported on the latest Epstein developments:

“Federal prosecutors involved in the case of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein are investigating additional suspects linked to the financier, according to a July 25 court filing.

“The revelation came in a government protective order that seeks to keep “certain documents and materials” under wraps so as not to “impede if prematurely disclosed, the Government’s ongoing investigation of uncharged individuals,” the document stated.”

“The filing did not reveal any names of the uncharged individuals. It had also been signed by Epstein’s lawyer, Martin Weinberg. Epstein has connections to numerous high-profile people in Hollywood and politics, including former President Bill Clinton, former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, the UK’s Prince Andrew, actor Kevin Spacey, and director Woody Allen. The government said that while they do intend to produce some of the documents in Epstein’s case, it “would risk prejudicial pretrial publicity if publicly disseminated” adding that they are not authorized to be disclosed to the public beyond “that which is necessary.””

They stated that the documents contained sensitive, confidential, and “personal identifying information.” 

The good Lord knows in today’s faithless society that it’s more important for the Illuminati to protect their kind than to properly name the potential assailants who have brought harm upon innocent children.

Mr. Epstein, who staged his own attempted suicide the other day, is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center while he awaits the start of his trial.

But just when you thought things could not get any worse, 16 U.S. Marines have now been arrested for human trafficking. It looks like Trump did not only fail to find the missing refugees but now his own troops are smuggling kids inside our borders illegally for profit.

CBS reports:

“An investigation into Marines accused of helping smuggle migrants into the United States led to the arrest of 16 of their fellow Marines at California’s Camp Pendleton, just north of the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Can it get any worse? Yes, it can. Earlier this month the largest investigation of federal employees using their work computers to download child pornography continues to put a black mark on the face of all Americans and our leaders.

The Hill site takes us further down the rabbit hole to Hell:

“Reps. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.) and Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) introduced legislation meant to halt the use of Department of Defense (DOD) computer networks by users for sharing or procuring pornographic images of children.”

Will The Joker of Wall Street Get The Last Laugh?

“The End National Defense Network Abuse (END Network Abuse) was introduced in the wake of in an investigation called “Project Flicker” carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This investigation identified over 5,000 individuals, including many affiliated with DOD, who were subscribed to child porn websites. The Pentagon’s Defense Criminal Investigative Service subsequently identified hundreds of DOD-affiliated individuals as suspects involved in accessing child pornography, several of whom used government devices to view and share the images.”