GOJIRA – Issue New Album Update

GOJIRA’s seventh studio album continues to come together with the band’s drummer Mario Duplantier recently giving a brief update on where they are at with it. Speaking with KBear 101, Duplantier offered of the album:

“It’s going well. I cannot give too much details because we still have to be on the same page with all the partners, and we have to give a collective [release] date and et cetera. But I can tell you that, yeah, we are working very hard on the new stuff. Work is in progress, and we are very, very, very happy and super proud of it. We just can’t wait to give you more details.”

With a big summer tour supporting Slipknot planned, it seems to be a safe bet that a summer release is likely in the cards. Dates for that run can be found here. They’ll also be out next month on this U.S. mini-tour with Deafheaven.

It has always been hard to put a tag on GOJIRA, one of France’s most extreme bands the country’s musical pallet has ever known. But then again, the band has never really sought out such a tag, instead letting the music do the talking, preferring introspection and intelligence over preconceived notions and preexisting tags. Ever since the 1996 formation in town of Bayonne in the southwest of France, GOJIRA has been an ever-evolving experiment in extreme metal ultimately built upon a worldly, ever-conscious outlook with roots firmly-planted both in the hippie movement and an environmentally-conscious, new age mentality. This time, with The Way of All Flesh, GOJIRA harnesses a spiritual consciousness as well, but still culminates in a sound wholly heavy.