The Metal Den Update May/2019!

TMD’s creator and editor, Randy “Rocket” Cody

The Metal Den Update May/2019!

As the year continues to zip past at super light speed, the chaos keeps getting thrown down at THE METAL DEN harder than ever, dig?

Tonight at midnight (central), I will post my new report about the time I met legendary Hollywood film star, Jane Fonda, when I was 16 years old. It was a totally far out experience! Fans can read my CD review for the slamming new album titled “Gore Zoo” by Finland’s CUMBEAST! It is one of my favorite records of 2019!! Diehard PANTERA lovers will definitely want to check this one out!!! Unsigned bands are now being featured again at TMD site, so email your music to: [email protected]

I currently offer affordable band PR services, ranging from press releases to full time publicist.

This coming May 18th, I will host a vigil at THE METAL DEN for late vocalist Chris Cornell. It’s amazing to think that 2 years have almost come and gone since he left us. There are still unanswered questions surrounding his death. I will also post a special #TruthForChris report that will shock the world.

We are definitely living in some crazy times. Hopefully, I can continue to entertain peeps who enjoy my hoax articles, news stories, remixes and mash/ups.

Horns UP,