July 20, 2024

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PIG DESTROYER – Debut New Song

PIG DESTROYER have launched a new song titled “Cameraman” as part of the Adult Swim Singles series. That track is currently available to stream now over at adultswim.com. The group’s immediate touring plans include the following shows:

05/30-06-01 Seattle, WA – Northwest Terror Fest
05/31 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre
06/07-09 Austin, TX – Austin Terror Fest

Pig Destroyer, a bass-less trio from Virginia that featured guitarist Scott Hull, popularized grindcore as a less extreme genre on their third album Prowler in the Yard (2001) after indulging in the extremes on Explosions In Ward 6 (1998) and 38 Counts Of Battery (2000). The classic grind sound began to show cracks on Terrifyer (2004) and Phantom Limb (2007), while the EP Natasha (2005) had already changed course towards a progressive-metal concept.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed, featuring Pig Destroyer’s guitarist Scott Hull and a drum-machine instead of a live drummer, embellished the grotesquely-short miniatures of Honky Reduction (1998) and especially Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (2002) with lots of samples, electronic noises and digital processing of guitars and vocals. Altered States Of America (2003) packed 100 songs on a short EP, most of them lasting between four and ten seconds. The double-disc Bestial Machinery (Relapse, 2005) is an anthology of their early career (136 songs).