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OKKULTIST – Debut Album Announced

Coming  in 2019… 

Portuguese old school death metal outfit OKKULTIST – inspired by the likes of Master, Abomination, early Morbid Angel, Death and Dismember – will release their debut album, Reinventing Evil, through Moonspell frontman Fernando Ribeiro’s label, Alma Mater Records on March 15th.

The album was produced by Pedro Paixão (Moonspell) and the band, tracked at Poison Apple Studios in Lisbon and amazingly mixed by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Moonspell, The Haunted). With a total of eight rabid and brutal songs, the band’s debut will see the light of the day in two digipack editions. One of them will come with a limited, different artwork and it will contain a Bathory cover song “Satan Is My Master”. 

Ribeiro recently weighed in on Okkultist:  “After listening to the rough mixes of what will become Reinventing Evil, I am more certain than ever that it was a very good move for Alma Mater Records to sign Okkultist and handle their debut album. They are the kind of band the Portuguese scene needs: talented, young, focused and just fucking brutal. Portuguese death metal has never sounded so exciting in my ears so we can’t wait to release this beast upon you and help you to reinvent evil together with this amazing Portuguese talent.” 

The album tracklist will read as follows:

“Reinventing Evil”
“Back from the Dead”
“Sniff the Blood”
“Sign of the Ripper”
“I am the Beast”
“Grave Digger”
“Plasmodium Nocturnus”
“Rise and Reign”

The cover artwork was designed by singer and demoness Beatriz Mariano. Stay tuned for December 22nd when the band will unleash a first song from the album, pre-sale news, as well announce their headliner release show date in Lisbon at RCA Club in March 2019!

Okkultist was formed in late 2015. They started playing live and spreading their raw notion of evil death metal on October 15th, 2016. In 2017, the band’s Eye Of The Beholder debut EP was unleashed independently, but caught up and spread around Europe and overseas – selling out every single printed copy. Even at this early stage, Okkultist already had the honor to curse stages such as at Mosher Fest or Female Growler United Front in Portugal and as an opening act for legendary names such as Entombed AD.