June 20, 2024

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DIMEBAG – 14 Years Gone… But Never Forgotten


Today marks a tragic day in the history of Heavy Metal music. Legendary PANTERA guitarist, Dimebag Darrell Abbott of Arlington, Texas, was shot dead on the stage on the eve of Dec 8, 2004 by a crazed gunman while jamming with his new band project called DAMAGEPLAN

My independent death investigation for Dimebag in 2018 has uncovered more strange details and alarming facts, stemming from a lawsuit filed by the family of the slain guitar hero against the owner of the club where he was shot to death while performing for fans at a concert back in 2004.

According to this 2007 report via KNAC and The Columbus Dispatch:

“The estate of “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, the Damageplan/ex-Pantera guitarist who died in a 2004 shooting at Alrosa Villa, reached a settlement in its wrongful-death lawsuit against the nightclub. The lawsuit was dismissed after Abbott’s family and two band employees injured in the shooting agreed to a ‘nominal settlement’, said Rebecca Price, an attorney for the club.”

“What happened here on Dec. 8, 2004, was a tragedy for everyone and our hearts go out to the victims and their families,” Alrosa Villa manager Rick Cautela said in a statement issued by Price.

“There is nothing we could have done to stop it.”

There was nothing you could have done to stop it? I beg to differ.

You had multiple security personnel working at your club that night, did you not? Yet, this giant 270 ib ex-Marine was allowed to jump a rear fence of the venue to gain entry, where several witness accounts state that the people watched Nathan Gale climb over the fence with his gun and they all laughed and egged him on… almost like they were in on the impending rampage.

Let me back this up for a moment. Before the tragedy at Alrosa Villa happened, there was actually another incident that involved Nathan Gale and DAMAGEPLAN in the state of Ohio, did you know that?

Prior to the rampage on December 8, 2004, reportedly Nathan Gale showed up to a different DAMAGEPLAN gig in Cincinnati and tried to assault Dimebag inside the club right after Dime walked out on stage. Security stopped him. Yet, reportedly the band decided not to press charges. NO gunshots were fired.

Why is that? I mean, it does not seem strange to anyone that Gale did not kill Dimebag at that time instead? After all, he did go after the very same band that he had attacked on the night of the deadly Alrosa Villa rampage, right?

On Dec. 11, 2004 — three days after Dimebag’s death — BLABBERMOUTH.NET ran the following report from a web site visitor:

“The information I have concerning the incident in the Columbus nightclub was that a friend of mine went to see DAMAGEPLAN in Cincinnati over the summer. He said there was a large man there that jumped on stage right after Dimebag came out, and the man tried to assault him. But he was stopped by security.

“After I heard what happened Wednesday night, I wondered if this was the same man in Columbus, because he was also described as a large man.

“My friend is now on active duty so I was not able to ask him about it. I did call the Columbus Police [Department] and they told me a couple people had called them already and told them what had happened in Cincinnati.

“[This information] may not be much, but maybe if security had been better, this guy might not have been able to get on stage two times in a row, if in fact this was the same man both times, and all this might have been prevented.”

Corroborating the above story is the following message posted from another BLABBERMOUTH.NET visitor, Brian from Urbana, Ohio:

“I attended the HATEBREED show on December 20th at Bogarts in Cincinnati. I originally was going to see this show at the Alrosa Villa on the 21st, but it was canceled for obvious reasons. Well as I was going in, there were two security guards patting people down, and the one that was NOT patting me down said something that caught my attention. He was talking with another employee about the shooting and I CLEARLY heard him say that it was, in fact, Nathan Gale that had tried to get on the stage right after DAMAGEPLAN had got on at Bogart’s during the Headbangers Ball Tour with HATEBREED and DAMAGEPLAN. He remembered for sure that it was Gale because he was one of the guards present when Gale tried to get onstage. So, yes the rumor that was previously reported on [BLABBERMOUTH.NET] is, in fact, true.”

And I know, for a fact, Gale owned a handgun at this time. More on that shortly.

I feel 100% certain this was clearly a beta test by the CIA to see how far they could get the MK Ultra controlled Gale to perform under their direction in an actual live setting with an audience watching. They knew being able to pull off something of this magnitude with a first time CIA operative would be extra challenging.

So I feel that is why the Cincinnati incident was staged with the ‘Gale Monarch’ prior to the actual mass slaying at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus.

I mean, come on. This big goofy white dude goes running across the club and onto the stage and not a single person makes one attempt to try tackling the guy?


If you watch the video, Gale has already drawn his gun when he reaches the stage and begins to approach Dimebag.

You can clearly see he has the weapon out as he hits the stage in perfect shooting stance.

Witnesses said they heard Gale fire as many as 20 rounds from his 9mm handgun.

Police say the exact number was 15.

Nobody in the audience could defend against the violent gunfire and the CIA knew full well of this fact. Although, I later learned the owner of the club, Mr. Cautela did have a gun on him that night… but did nothing to stop the violence.

That is why the Alrosa Villa was the perfect location to orchestrate the murder of Dimebag.

It turns out this was the 34th gig of the DAMAGEPLAN “Devastation Across The Nation” tour (although some tell me it was actually number 33), and the band actually added the Alrosa Villa date at the last minute as I understand it. The band that featured two multi-millionaire rock legends was paid only $1,500 total to play the concert that night and the ticket charge was $8 each.

This is when I believe the CIA saw their opportunity for their Monarch victim, Nathan Gale, to carry out the final stage in their carefully planned assassination. As soon as they learned Dimebag and Damageplan would be back at the venue in Ohio, nearby where Gale lived, they knew that was the opportunity to pull off the most sensational murder in rock history once and for all.

Keep in mind, although an Ohio conceal and carry gun law began in April/2004, no patron inside the club was allowed to be in possession of a firearm while watching the concert.

The report continues:

“The lawsuit said the Cautela family, which owns and operates Alrosa Villa, was negligent in not stopping Nathan Gale, a 25-year-old Marysville man with a history of mental illness, from entering the club with a gun and ammunition.”

So wait a minute. The club manager, Rick Cautela, admitted there was nothing he could do to stop Nathan Gale from killing a world famous rock legend performing mid song on the stage at the club his family owns, right? 

Wasn’t he indeed found to be ‘negligent’ in the lawsuit for NOT stopping Gale?

But he lied. There was plenty that his club could have done to stop it from happening. How about monitor who the hell enters the inside of your club at all times, including 270 ib former military men trying to sneak over a rear fence with a loaded 9mm?

Cautela stated at the time of the tragedy:

“I don’t think it would have made any difference if we’d have had 30 security guards,” Cautela said. “I mean, would it have been better if (Gale) had come in through the front door and been patted down, or we’d used a wand on him and found his gun then? He was on a mission.”


Yes, he was undoubtedly on a mission. The CIA hijacked his mind and turned him into a human terminator. But if you were doing your public duty and managing the security of the venue properly he would have only been able to attempt entering the front entrance and a simple pat down would have uncovered the pistol, correct?

If he pulls a weapon then you call 9/11. What is the problem? That is called protecting the patrons in your club.

Again, Cautela conceded to being at fault for the tragic event in a lawsuit filed by Dime’s brother, Vinnie Paul Abbott. That is a fact.

Point blank, Cautela and his obvious ‘negligence’ allowed this murder to take place on his family’s property. Anyone can see that he failed miserably at providing adequate security. But is it because he was really stupid, the worst club manager in the state of Ohio, or is their something far more sinister at work here?

Regardless, my opinion is that the man who shot Dimebag on Dec 8, 2004 was not Nathan Gale. It was an alt who took over his body and brain that assumed the role of government assassin while he was under CIA monarch mind control.

The government split his mind in two and basically turned the good Nathan off and turned on the bad Nathan. A much sicker and tortured version of himself.

As the story goes, on the eve of Dec 8th, Gale was asked to move his vehicle from in front of the DAMAGEPLAN bus at some point before the concert, so how exactly is that not going to send up a red flag?

I mean, this is the same exact dude that the band had a frightening experience with once already, right?

Here he is back again, all 6 foot 5, 270 ibs, and NOBODY keeps an eye on the guy?

Yet, he somehow manages – at 6 foot 5, 270 ibs – to slip inside the club?

That giant of a man was able to jump over a fence surrounding a patio outside the club as Damageplan began playing their first song. He then ran through the crowd and entered the stage from behind a stack of amplifiers.

Next he shot Dimebag in the head, then turned the gun on those who attempted to intervene.

Damageplan crew member Jeffrey Thompson, club security guard Erin Halk & fan Nathan Bray were killed trying to save Dimebag’s life. Band manager Christopher Paluska and band technician John Brooks were also seriously wounded.

The carnage ended when Columbus Police Officer James Niggemeyer entered the Alrosa Villa via a rear door and fatally shot Gale in the face with a shotgun from 20 feet away as Gale held a gun to Brooks’ head.

Gale’s mother, Mary Clark, said that her son was obsessed with the heavy metal band, PANTERA, and had been diagnosed with ‘schizophrenia’, which resulted in him being discharged from the Marines.

Clark went on the record about the nightmare incident:

“When he came home for Christmas the year he was in the service, I was so proud of that man for cleaning up his life the way he did,” Mary Clark told Columbus TV station NBC 4. “And I bought him that gun. I’ll never, never be able to live that part down.”

Remember now, Mary Clark, who said she was close to her son, confessed Nathan’s diagnosis led to his medical discharge from the Marines after serving less than half of his four-year stint.

So her son clearly has big time mental issues when he is kicked out of the military and yet she allows him to possess a killing device while living in her home?

Anyone with half a brain in their head knows no loved one or anyone for that matter living under your roof with mental difficulties would ever be allowed to keep a gun in the home, purely for your own damn safety, right? Think about it.

“And I still didn’t understand the whole thing, but he came home with his medications, and I don’t know if he took them or not,” Clark said. “I don’t know if he was afraid to, or … ashamed to, or … didn’t believe it himself,” Clark said. “I have such remorse for those families, and I am so sorry that they are losing their loved ones. Their sons, brothers, fathers.”

If the shadow government was programming Gale before they sent him home from the Marines, they could have gotten to Mary too, and brought her into the operation unbeknownst to anyone else.

And the way Monarch mind control works to this very day she would not even know that she was involved in the plot to kill Dimebag.

In my opinion, the only way she could buy her son that gun is under MK Ultra control via the CIA.

During Gale’s time in high school it is said he began to become intensely fascinated with the band PANTERA.

“He had it in his head that those were his lyrics,” Clark said. “And nobody was going to change his mind.”

At the time, she looked at the strange fixation as being related to some “drug issues” he was having. Clark said she tried to convince her son that he was mistaken about the lyrics and he finally stopped talking about PANTERA.

“It seemed like he … he put it out of his mind,” Clark said. “It seemed like, OK, everything was better.”

Her son had a history of drug dependency, was hearing voices, got thrown out of the military for being crazy as hell, and then he claimed he wrote all of the lyrics for PANTERA music and the band was ripping him off. Clark claims to not even know if her son, that she was so “close to”,
was taking his medication or not.

Does that make any sense to you? It makes ZERO sense to me.

Nonetheless, in that area of Ohio, I found out there are two Masonic Lodges. My gut says that Cautela being a wealthy businessman is more likely than not associated with the masons… and he might just actually be in their membership. Or potentially his parents who were the club owners could have ties. That I have still not been able to confirm yet. However, many policemen are tied to masonic lineage, so Officer Niggemeyer could potentially be a part of this highly secretive Luciferian organization too.

5885 Cleveland Ave Columbus, OH 43231
(614) 890-5858

2. Loyal Order of Moose Lodges
2101 Noe Bixby Rd Columbus, OH 43232
(614) 868-1501

It is rather suspicious to me that Officer Niggemeyer just happened to be in that same exact area when the rampage at Alrosa Villa began to happen.

All anyone has to do is look at the JFK assassination when Jack Ruby shoots the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald to silence him from ever being able to talk. They could not allow Oswald to spill the beans that he was not one of the 6 shooters, merely a fall guy. So they had to kill him.

My feeling is that the same exact thing was done here with Officer Niggemeyer. Whether he was aware of it or not.

The CIA is connected to important police officials all over the place. They could have arranged to put him on a patrol in that area at that exact time of night, knowing full well what was about to happen inside Alrosa with their robotic CIA brainwashed assassin.

Now Officer Niggemeyer has gone on the record to say that he is now mentally ill himself, suffering post traumatic stress and other disorders related to that night.

It seems to me this guy is legitimately a good cop that was simply used up and spit out like everyone else in this sad story.

During the shooting, the club manager, Cautela, said he quickly moved people into a hidden room in the club fortified with two metal doors.

“This is the place where I took Dimebag’s brother Vinnie Abbott and covered him up with a blanket,” he said. “That night, although I had a gun, I didn’t know who to go after. My job that night was to grab members of the band and bring them into a safe place.”

Wait, wait, wait a damn second. Let’s rewind that, shall we?

“I had a gun.”

Cautela admits that he was in possession of a firearm that night. Well then why didn’t he use the damn thing while people were being shot at point blank range on the stage at his club?

All he had to do was run toward the gunshots, correct?

I know damn well that if I had a gun when someone was shooting on my property that the first thing I would do is run into battle and return gunfire.

Use your head. That’s not an irrational way to look at things, is it?

Cautela claimed 35 people were kept safe inside this hidden room. “More people were trying to get in there, but I didn’t know if it was the shooter we couldn’t open the door,” he said.

Sounds like a pretty solid alibi to me. But I’m still not buying it.

On the one-year anniversary of the shootings, members of DAMAGEPLAN band sued the club, claiming there was inadequate security.

“They settled for a minimal amount, like $6,000 each,” Cautela said.

Police determined the motive behind the shooting was likely that Gale was a deranged man who believed the band was stealing his songs and he wanted revenge.

Believed? Or was this the story they needed to sell to the public because the truth was much different… and involved both a major government and police cover up?

And who the hell is Cautela to disclose to the public such a private matter as the settlement amount, unless he was trying to rub it in our faces?

The Illuminati and the puppets they control like to play those kind of sick games. They live for it, understand?

The craziest thing of all is a purportedly good friend of Dime’s was bassist Jerry Montano (The Deadlights/Nothingface/Danzig/Hellyeah) allegedly made a gun threat at the strip club the Abbott brothers owned together in 2007 after a HELLYEAH CD release party. Seriously, not even Hollywood could make this shit up. After being thrown out for drunken disorder among his friends that were hanging out, Montano yelled in rage at the crowd of onlookers:

“I’m going to go get a gun and come back and shoot all of you.”

Some friend he turned out to be, huh? I think the same thing can be said for Jerry Cantrell, Phil Anselmo, and Patrick Lachman. These three men hide behind their bullshit satanic facades in shame, knowing deep down inside their actions inadvertently helped send Dimebag to his early grave.

Shame on all of them.  Learn MORE about Rocket’s investigation HERE.