LEMURIA – Signs With Massacre Records

Belgian symphonic black metal act LEMURIA has signed with Massacre Records and will release its new album The Hysterical Hunt in a few months.

Mixing heavy music with orchestral elements, bombastic scores and daring instrumental and symphonic passages, Lemuria has carved a niche previously untouched by any Belgian band. They are a force on stage and have already played with bands like Mayhem, Finntroll or Korpiklaani, and also graced the billings of numerous European festivals.

Having two successful studio albums under their belt, Lemuria are now back with a new concept album, that brings you a long forgotten tale of fear and monstrosity. Additional album details will be revealed soon.

Massacre Records is an independent heavy metal label from Germany. Established in 1991.

Home of bands like HateSphere, Debauchery, Raunchy, Elm Street, Illdisposed, Sinister, Eisregen and many more.

Source: BW&BK


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