THE CROWNED – Join The MÆNSION In Their First UK Tour

Texas metal band, THE CROWNED, will be joining The MÆNSION, and embarking on their first UK tour, starting in Norwich, UK at The Brickmakers on November 8th, and going out with a bang in Bridport, UK at The Crown Inn on November 18th.

Watching this group perform, you can expect to be intoxicated by their intensity, and engaged by their crowd reigning provocateur.

Prepare yourself for the same level of ferocity that is brought to you in their limitless music videos featuring lead singer/drummer, Marc Coronado being set a flame, choked, and even having his mouth sewn shut.

The Crowned, the premier metal band from Texas taking the metal scene to new heights! Fronted by drummer/singer Marc Coronado, guitarists include Shane Ellis, Eric Salinas, Lazarus Abaddon, and bass player Johnny Damien. Formed in 2013, The Crowned have come a long way in the metal world and there is no plans of stopping this metal domination. Full length album is out now.

Band Members

Marc Coronado – Vocals & Drums

Shane Ellis – Lead Guitar

Eric Salinas – Rhythm Guitar

Lazar Blackfire – Touring Guitar

Johnny Damien – Bass

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