February 28, 2024

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MATT SORUM’s Creepy Pizza Charity Event…

Former GUNS N’ ROSES Drummer MATT SORUM, Actor JANE LYNCH To Serve Pizza For Charity

An Estimated One Million Kids Go Missing In America Each Year

Report by Randy “Rocket” Cody

Do you ever get that creepy feeling that something just is not right with the world today? Not just the massive trillions of dollars in debt the USA faces but the strange phenomena of children going missing by the thousands each day.

Former GNR drummer Matt Sorum is here to make it all better… for the kids. Yes, the rock star’s golden contribution is to serve up a slice of pizza in the name of the youth!

“Adopt The Arts – a Los Angeles-based charity co-founded by Grammy Award-winning musician Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver), activist Abby Berman, and founding board member, Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award-winning actor Jane Lynch – works to preserve arts and music programs in U.S. public schools.”

You mean the same schools that allow CPS (Child Protective Services) to steal kids away from their parents over false allegations and then sells them into sex slavery?

A widespread citizen led #Pizzagte investigation continues despite the Washington Post and other mainstream news outlets labeling the scandal a hoax. All signs now point to it being very real. A nationwide US media black out has kept most of the masses in the dark.”

Adopt The Arts has announced that on Saturday, September 29th, all California Pizza Kitchen locations around Los Angeles will donate 20% of participating food and beverage sales for one-day-only, including dine-in, take-out, catering and delivery orders placed directly with CPK, to support Adopt The Arts’ efforts.”

Did You Know Child Porn Was Found At Obama’s Favorite Washington DC Pizza Joint?

Podesta’s emails indicate special code words (like “Pizza”) are used to secretly conducted the purported human trafficking operation.

Hollywood Vampire, Johnny Depp, once visited the White House during the Obama administration on Halloween in 2009.

In her book “The Obamas,” author Jodi Kantor describes the former first family’s trick-or-treat event in Washington where it’s said “More than 2,000 military kids and local students received treats from the president and Michelle Obama (fetchingly dressed as a leopard) while dancers and acrobats roamed the North Lawn. Inside, there was an invitation-only party for about 200 people — mostly military families and White House staffers. Star Wars characters mingled with the crowd, and the State Dining room was decorated like a crazy tea party by Burton, whose “Alice in Wonderland” was a few months from release. His star, Depp, greeted the guests in his Mad Hatter costume.”

Anything to help the kids right, Johnny?

Keep in mind, this is the same Johnny Depp who was best pals with infamous Snuff film director, late Gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson. This is the same Johnny Depp who helped get three vicious child killers released from prison.

Now Matt Sorum wants you to donate to support Adopt The Arts for Kids… and pizza is on the menu!!

To participate, patrons must show the flyer or mention to their server they are dining to support Adopt The Arts during their visit to California Pizza Kitchen on this date, in order for the donation to be received. To raise awareness, on Saturday, September 29th, Matt Sorum and Jane Lynch will be onsite at the Century City location of California Pizza Kitchen, serving pizzas for the cause from 1:00pm – 4:00pm.

Many truther investigators believe that #Pizzagate is directly connected to the death of rockers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, who were both found hung from a door last year with no suicide notes left behind.

Is foul play simply being overlooked by the authorities… or is there something truly more sinister going on to cover up evil deeds done for Satan?

Heart singer Ann Wilson says she spoke with Chester Bennington about Chris Cornell’s death.

This happened just weeks before Bennington was found dead in his brand new home… on Chris Cornell’s birthday. A source told TMD that Chester was going to reveal some damning info that could identify the SOUNGARDEN vocalist’s killer.

“Chester was really upset,” she said. “This was just a couple of weeks before… he was really a mess. So anxious and sad..”

Taking all of this into account:

What the hell is with all the goofy pizza references and celebrity fundraiser events that jam it down all of our throats? Why won’t the public investigate the pizza joint called Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC that many believes serves as a front for a major child trafficking operation?

And why won’t Washington PD open a proper investigation of Comet Ping Pong?

TMD’s acclaimed “Latch Theory” is the basis for understanding how such a major crime could be so perfectly covered up. It works on the belief that Chris’ bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, the last man to see him alive is the prime suspect. It’s said Mr. Cornell stumbled upon a “black book” that belonged to Clinton cohort, Jeffrey Esptein, a convicted pedophile. Names found to be in Epstein’s inner circle include Courtney Love and Donald Trump.

SHOCKER: #Pizzagate Is Real…

But that’s okay, Matt and his rocking buddies are going to entertain all of us with their magic!

“The Adopt The Arts advisory board includes: Slash, John Stamos, Billy Bob Thorton, Steve Stevens, Juliette Lewis, Danny Masterson, Shepard Fairey, Adrian Young and Gina Gershon (a Hollywood witch), among others.’

Billy Bob was at one time married to Hollywood witch, Angelina Jolie. Like a vampire, she wore his blood contained in a vial hung on a necklace she wore around her neck. A source informed TMD that her father Jon Voight is a member of an elite cult that eats babies… and both Angelina and her hubby Brad Pitt are victims of MK ULTRA brainwashing.

“According to Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), there are still not enough teachers, equipment or instruments for every child to receive an arts education of any kind. As in many school districts around the country, LAUSD has been slowly eroding its commitment to arts education, reducing the budget incrementally. The LAUSD district also estimates that 80% of its student body is living at or below the poverty line, which means the vast majority of these elementary school children will not have access to the arts outside of school.”

What’s not mentioned by CPK’s little charity event is how CPS, the CIA and LAPD target little kids who don’t have anyone looking out for them after school and snatch them to be killed during the production of snuff films. Hell, your local super market is even complicit in the child snatching epidemic. Be careful about letting your child use that bathroom at the grocery, you may never see them again.

Snatched kids in America currently fetch $50,000 on the black market for blondes with blue eyes.

CODE WORDS: Cryptic Messages In John Podesta’s emails…

“Adopt The Arts was born out of the frustration for my own children losing education in the arts,” explains Adopt The Arts co-founder Abby Berman. “When the system is failing, we have to take action. By funding canceled music and arts programs in schools we can preserve this valuable form of childhood development, which is known to boost overall test scores. As Federal and State funding continues to fall short, the responsibility is upon us as concerned parents and citizens to ensure we’re raising a new generation of healthy and well-rounded individuals.”

How about losing their lives? Is that a concern too, Abby?

Did You Know Cheese Pizza Is Code For Child Love?

Adopt The Arts Chair and Co-founder Matt Sorum adds, “We’ve started in our own backyard here in Los Angeles, and we’ll continue to help schools across the nation. We believe that music and art are universal and necessary languages that unite us all, regardless of our backgrounds.”

Did you know that a Shriner’s secret sub-group called the Royal Order of Jesters got busted for trafficking young girls who were minors and no lengthy jail sentence was handed out in the matter?

Your favorite TV and movie stars, musicians, athletes, politicians secretly belong to this club and they use Pizza code references to mock the rest of the world who have no clue they are being fooled. The deception continues.

So… how about that slice of pizza?

To learn more about Adopt The Arts, visit this location.