February 28, 2024

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ONCE UPON A TIME IN DEATH: A Pizzagate Horror Story

ONCE UPON A TIME IN DEATH: A Pizzagate Horror Story

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

“We’ve gone from a nation that stood for life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness to a nation that tears
children from their parents and puts them in cages.”

– Paul Krugman

Not many people on planet earth even know what you are talking about when you mention #Pizzagate.

The global media “black out” has certainly left most folks in the dark. It sure doesn’t help when mainstream TV personalities make late night jokes out of the subject, instead of helping to stop the bleeding.

What I can tell my readers for certain is that we are all living in what the Bible calls the End of Days.

If you are not very familiar with it, allow me to be your guide into Hell, for the next 2,000 words that you read will undoubtedly be the most terrifying description of the New World Order murder machine ever published.

The scandal called #Pizzagate got started when Seth Rich, an employee of the DNC, purportedly leaked the emails of the Clinton’s right hand man, John Podesta. An online researcher takes us down the rabbit hole:

One particularly strange one, is headed with subject line “Cheese,” after emails Podesta expressing surprise at “changing strategies which have been long in place,” then says he opened a box expecting to see “pasta and sauces” but instead saw “an assortment of cheeses” and he’s looking forward “to demolish them.” One could say that perhaps Podesta sends friends a yearly Christmas of pasta and sauces, but changed it up suddenly and began fancy cheeses instead.

However, he attaches a post script:

“Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?

It’s indeed rather hard to make sense of his post script.

This email, from a STRATFOR email leak, discusses some kind of event where a single slice of pizza will be shared amongst a variety of people — odd, to say the least (odd part in bold):

—–Original Message—–
From: Robin Blackburn [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2007 9:42 AM
To: Chris Douglas
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Re: headcount for pizza
Does the pizza offer include those of us who can’t make the meeting because
we’re out here editing? ‘Cos if so, count me in.This e-mail is color-coded in black and white and will combust in 30 seconds.

While President Trump is busy selling a “parents being separated from their kids” at the Mexico border narrative, an elite international child trafficking ring is operating out of Washington DC. It’s funny how everyone cares about kids in other countries, but what about Americans kids? What are you planning on doing to stop all the babies, toddlers and preschoolers from getting abducted, then sold to sadistic sex slave rings, or killed and parted out? What is it going to take for someone to take me seriously when I report that our very own are being systematically snuffed out and ground up like beef to be served as a topping on a pizza, that is then sold to unsuspecting adults?

Last year, my worldwide acclaimed reporting connected the death of two rock stars to the modern version of #Pedogate, itself a long running saga of Satanic Ritual child killing. I learned that #Pizzagate is definitely very much the real deal, and I believe the same people who have been behind the carnage in #Pedogate, which includes McMartin preschool, Presidio scandal, and Frankin cover up… are the ones doing the dirty deeds in #Pizzagate too.

My work was instantly labeled a “hoax,” by gossip sites like Snopes.

“Investigator Randy Cody is among those questioning the suicide ruling. He points to perceived timeline gaps, forensic questions and what he says are two signs that Cornell had a head wound that was not mentioned in autopsy reports.”

Earlier this month, Mr. Cornell’s widow, Vicky Cornell was featured in a press story posted by The Detroit News and she admits that there was definitely a “bloody head gash” seen by members of the band before the concert began.

The coroner and Vicky Cornell are playing games to keep the cover up in tact, in my humble opinion.

I have yet to be allowed a follow up interview with The Detroit News, after I was the very first journalist that they interviewed on the matter. Why is that? What are they really hiding from all of us?

By confusing the public, with narrative changes, inconsistent information when answering questions from independent citizen journalists, they have committed a major crime in my eyes. They are obstructing justice.

George Hunter reported last year at this time:

“Fans have pointed to alleged police scanner audio posted online in which an emergency technician is heard reporting Cornell had a wound on the back of his head. The News could not verify the authenticity of the audio. But even if the audio is authentic, law enforcement and medical experts say information gleaned from police scanner traffic is often unreliable, since it’s the initial impressions of first responders.”

If Vicky Cornell was so concerned about her husband, why did she cremate his body so quickly so that a second evaluation could not be done? Why did she not step up last year and confirm that the “head gash” was indeed real?

And what kind of drugs is George Hunter smoking at Detroit News to say that a police scanner is not reliable?

Why did Vicky Cornell wait an entire year before coming out about her husband’s bloody skull wound? This kind of injury is not at all consistent with someone who committed suicide from a partial suspension, according to the experts. Do you see where I am going with this?

The evidence does not match up to the bullshit you are being spoon fed like a baby.

Most notably, all of the blood spatter that was sprayed everywhere, understand?

My determination is that Chris Cornell is the victim of homicidal ligature strangulation.

There are obviously some very important people involved in #Pizzagate today who needed these two rockers silenced, and done in a way that sent an eerie NWO message to let everyone know who is truly in control. If you are too caught up in all the diversion MK Ultra programming over the past months you might not be able to accept the facts.

“Maybe somebody spoke too soon; it happens,” said longtime pathologist Cyril Wecht, former medical examiner of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and chairman of the American Board of Legal Medicine board of trustees.

“If the head wound is not written up in the report or the autopsy, there’s your answer,” Wecht said.

“It was most likely a simple mistake by the EMT.”

No, you feeble old man. There was no mistake made. The wife has now confirmed that the head wound is no myth. A lot of lies were told, and you obviously are on the payroll for the evil cabal, or you would have demanded the investigation be reopened.

A customer on the Comet site nails down the creepy vibe of the Washington DC hotspot:

“It’s not often that, on your way into a punk rock show, you have to carefully skirt around the band members, for fear of interrupting their ping-pong match. Or that, while waiting for the bands to finish setting up, you join a roomful of families in a rendition of “Happy Birthday,” directed at a beaming girl seated in front of an ice cream sundae. Then again, Comet Ping Pong, the noted upper Northwest pizza parlor/ping pong establishment, isn’t your average venue.”

Investigators have been hitting their head against a wall since the media turned the scandal into a joke that nobody should take seriously.

Hell, if you worship Satan though, without a doubt everything is going according to plan, right?

Satan is the king of deception and lies. The masonic lodges scattered all throughout America, are made up of high ranking police, city officials and news media members. Did you know that there are over 5,600 druidic lodges in the USA? Millions of people have sold their soul to the devil and joined ranks with the evil New World Order.

Guess what? The druids do not follow God and his son, Jesus Christ. They believe in only one Lord on earth currently and that is Lucifer.

Obama’s Friend, and homosexual confidant, James Alefantis, posted a picture allegedly depicting a controversial baby who was tied up to a table in a highly inappropriate manner and then later on she was snapped again and shared this time wearing a creepy ‘Pizza Slut’ shirt months later.

According to 70news site:

“Discovery of the first direct connection between Clinton and Comet Ping Pong emerged when researchers began searching the email leaks for other strange references to “pizza,” and discovered many mentions of Comet Ping Pong hosting everything from Clinton for President fundraisers and Obama campaign phone banks to birthday parties for Tony Podesta. Oddly, records also show George Soros-funded PACs donating thousands of dollars to the restaurant, and Alefantis himself visiting the White House on several occasions.”

“At Comet Ping Pong we love to party and we love hosting events. Our private party room is the perfect place to throw a birthday party, a dance party, or just a group get-together!”

The “#hotard,” a slang term meaning a girl, or “ho,” who is retarded and slutty. Given the fact that the image shows an infant, at best, this seems extremely inappropriate.

Mr. Alefantis goes by the name ‘JimmyComet’ on Instagram, where he began using the perverse hashtag.

Can it be that easy? The answer right out in the open for all of us to see? A little girl vanished from her parents… only to end up in the hands of the monster who owns Comet Ping Pong restaurant. Her picture has been flashed on social media, countless times… yet nobody seems to care about her safety.

Late SOUNDGARDEN frontman, Chris Cornell, gave us all the warning signs right before he was assassinated.

Not one police officer in Washington DC, or anyone from the FBI or CIA has made a move to check into this.

This horror movie come to life is encompassed by a wide range of gothic and Occult symbols, dating back to the foundation of the Order of The Dragon, and how it all relates to the modern day horror story we are all living through today. Witches, vampires, pedophile rock bands and demon cannibals are the stars of this tale from the Crypt, for which more bloodshed has been spilled for Satan then at anytime in the history of mankind.

My research brought me back to a place I had originally landed upon during my Cornell investigation, a secret US government film studio hidden in Laurel Canyon during the sixties and seventies.

It is called Wonderland located on Lookout mountain. This is where it’s said MK Ultra madman, Michael Aquino, a former Army bad ass from the Vietnam war, who is more sadistic than ten of the worst movie villains ever, allegedly carried out brutal torture of kids numbering in the thousands. These victims would be raped and brainwashed until the obeyed commands that could involve them stealing enemy secrets overseas or committing murder.

Wonderland is the spot where musicians minds get messed with too so that they are good New World Order robot that does not ask any difficult questions… who only push the governments crooked Luciferian agenda. Today, Illuminati rocker/actor, Jared Leto, owns the location and turned it into a house.

It took the L.A. coroner over 130 days to release the autopsy report for late LINKIN PARK singer, Chester Bennington, after he was found hanging in his home on Chris Cornell’s birthday.

They outright waste of time and completely asinine people who are still allowed to be employed at the coroner’s office is totally indicative of why they are close to being stripped of their accreditation due to not being managed properly.

“L.A. County coroner’s office workloads could threaten accreditation,” sources were quoted for a 2016 L.A. Times piece on the matter. And it is really out of control.

“The National Assn. of Medical Examiners looks at a variety of factors, including safety issues, the sufficiency of equipment and facilities, workload and staffing levels in assessing a department’s accreditation. Accreditation is not legally required for a coroner’s office to operate, but loss of accreditation can have ramifications for victims’ families and law enforcement investigators, the source said.”

“It means the job’s not being done properly.”

“That can have serious ramifications for members of the public, as it affects the credibility of autopsy reports and other work done by the coroner’s office in civil and criminal cases, as well as for purposes of insurance claims and closure for loved ones.”



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