IN THE NAME OF SATAN: Was Scott Weiland Sacrificed?

IN THE NAME OF SATAN: Was Scott Weiland Sacrificed?

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

“I see love, like art, as an obsession. Maybe that’s
an overly romantic view of human existence, but I’m an
overly romantic human being. If love, like rock and roll,
doesn’t consume me 24-7, it’s not love. It can be respect,
appreciation, admiration, wonderment, it can be a world of
glory and a lifetime of peace, but I can’t call it love.
Love burns me and confuses me. Love’s a light that can’t
be extinguished.”

– Scott Weiland

Late STONE TEMPLE PILOTS frontman, Scott Weiland, 48, was found dead on December 3, 2015. He was discovered on a tour bus where he was scheduled to perform in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The death was a ruled a drug overdose… but some fans don’t believe this to be the true cause of his demise.

I have decided to launch my own independent death investigation to see if there was any foul play or cause for concern, in terms of how the deceased rock star’s life came to such a tragic end.

What we all need to remember is that Scott was not just an all time great rock singer, he was a son, a father, a husband, a bandmate, and a friend. It is disgraceful of the mainstream press to continue shitting on this man’s character when he is no longer here to defend himself or trivialize his incredible musical legacy every chance they get by beating it into our heads that he was a rock n roll junkie who was destined to die young.

Looking at Scott’s 1 page coroner press release report HERE, it states that he died of an ‘accidental drug overdose.’

Date & Time of Injury: 12/03/2015

Date of Death: 12/03/2015

Time of Death: 8:27PM

Location of Death: 2221 Killebrew Drive
Bloomington, MN 55425

Here is the Bloomington coroner’s official ruling:

“individual died of mixed drug toxicity: cocaine, ethanol and methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA). Other significant conditions are noted as atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, history of asthma and multi-substance dependence. Manner of death is accident.”

Rolling Stone reported the news:

“Scott Weiland died of an accidental overdose of cocaine, ethanol and methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA). The Hennepin County Medical Examiner in Minneapolis, near where the former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman died, confirmed the news Friday. The office also noted Weiland’s atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, history of asthma and multi-substance dependence. He was found dead on December 3rd after passing away in his sleep on a tour stop in Bloomington, Minnesota. He had been on the road with his new backing band the Wildabouts and was scheduled to play the Medina Entertainment Center in Medina, Minnesota that day but the show was called off.”

TMZ obtained an audio tape of a call between the Bloomington police department and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s department. Dispatchers are heard saying that Weiland most likely went into cardiac arrest.

“The day after his death, Bloomington police revealed that they had discovered a small quantity of cocaine in the tour bus bedroom where Weiland’s body was found.”

The first thing I noticed while investigating Scott’s death location is that nearby is the Minnesota MASONIC Home for elderly housing facility in Bloomington, Minnesota.

“Today’s Members of the Masonic Family are men and women who focus on the enduring values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Masonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity and membership is open to individuals of any race or religion.”

The description on their website is beyond laughable, it is outright deception and lies. The truth is Minnesota is one of the biggest Illuminati states, in terms of masons in the populace. The Grand Lodge of Minnesota site appears to promote ‘love’ when in reality the monsters behind the curtain allegedly deal in bloody horror to the likes most of you cannot imagine on your darkest day.

The masons fool the masses by using a sweet and innocent looking front like running an elderly home to cloak the true evil they are taking part in, understand? Now take my hand as I lead you further down into the darkest part of Hell, for I will offer my readers a glimpse into the supernatural realm and introduce you to devil worshiping like never before.

The Grand Lodge of Minnesota,
11501 Masonic Home Drive
Bloomington, MN 55437-3699

Exactly how powerful are the masons today? Well, to start… they have a street named after them.

Many masons have become President of the USA… including Donald Trump(Scottish Rite 33rd degree). I feel the murder of Scott Weiland helps move forward the New World Order agenda where everyone is made to think “weak minded people OD on drugs” so that it programs the youth of today to fall to their own personal demons, abusing pharmaceutical and street drugs brought here by crooked people in Washington DC. They used Scott as a poster boy for “trashed rock idol” for decades and now it seems they made it all pay off for themselves when ‘they’ took his life from him.

Sadly, there would be more to come just like him… namely Prince, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

We are talking about an organized crime ring that operates with total immunity. Grabbing up kids from playgrounds or via their Child Protective Services contacts, the homeless… or people they intentionally drugged out of their minds.

#Pizzagate is being “blacked out” by the mainstream news media, when the disturbing facts are right in front of our faces. Anyone trying to speak out like me gets censored and threatened.

In my opinion, the freemasons are the most powerful and diabolical Satanic cult on the face of planet earth, originating with the Knights of The Templar. These people are witches and warlocks who sacrifice Christians to Satan all year round.

There are currently over 5,600 masonic lodges in America. The Grand Master of each masonic lodge answers directly to Satan and keeps most of the cult followers in the dark about their truly sinister secrets.

They are bloodthirsty and many of them are judges, police officers, nurses, teachers and city/state politicians.

Ever heard of the sad story of William Morgan?

He was an everyday American who stood up against the corruption and atrocities of the powerful masons… and they allegedly assassinated him over it.

“In the summer of 1826, William Morgan of Batavia, New York, announced his intention to publish a book exposing the secrets of Freemasonry. On September 11 of that year he was abducted and never seen again. Morgan was considered a traitor by the Masons and a “Christian martyr” by their opponents. 54 Masons were indicted for his abduction and 10 were found guilty. Morgan’s disappearance led to the formation of America’s first “third party”, the Anti-Masonic Party.”

According to an occult expert:

“There are plenty of descriptions of divine sacrifices reencounted in the mythologies. For example, Osiris, Dionysis and Attis are dismembered in sacrifice for rebirth. During the Medieval and Renaissance witch-hunts there were all sorts of accusations declared against witches of sacrificing cocks and unbaptized babies to the devil. These accusations were also prevalent during the times of the Black Mass. (see The Mass of Saint-Secaire) All of history rings with such accusations: the Syrians accused the Jews of human sacrifice and cannibalism; the Romans accused the Christians; and, the Christians in return accused the Gnostics, Cathars, Waldenses and Albigenses.”

Blood sacrifice has been used in ceremonial magic… just like the ‘Killer Brew” of the Witches.

Looking at the Gematria numerology analysis:

“Kurt Cobain died at 171 Lake Washington Blvd in Seattle. That equals 171.”

“Scott Weiland was born in SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA =171 and died 1 month 7 days after his birthday at NINE PM =71 outside the COUNTRY INN & SUITES HOTEL =117.”

“Cobain died on APRIL FIFTH NINETY-FOUR =117. Devil Music =117. KURT SUICIDE HOAX =71. ROCKSTAR KILLING =71. MUSICIANS KILLED =71. HIDDEN HAND =71. EXECUTION STYLE =71. RITUAL MURDERS =71. BRAINWASHING =71. MOSSAD =71. SCOTT WEILAND’S GHOST =71. TEMPLE =71. CELEBRITY SKIN =71 (Courtney’s song that possibly incriminates her in Kurt’s sacrifice). MURDER-DEATH-KILL =71. SEVENTY-ONE =144. KILLER =144.”

On April 21, 2016, the artist formerly known as PRINCE died in his Paisley Park home and studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

So within a 5 month time frame, two of the world’s biggest music stars are found dead in the same state. Is that a coincidence or is there more going on underneath the lies being sold by the mainstream news?

There are many fans who believe PRINCE was yet another Illuminati sacrifice.

Pictured: Rock legend, Scott Weiland, smokes a cigarette while he chats and takes a selfie with a fan in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday December 1, 2015. This photo was taken just 2 days before he was found dead.

Oddly enough, the singer who replaced Scott in STP was Chester Bennington. He was found dead on July 20, 2017.

TMZ originally falsely reported that MDMA had been found in Chester’s system but then later corrected the news report, saying it was a false positive reading and that no drugs were found.

MDA and MDMA are from the same ‘family’ of drugs, with MDA having properties similar to those of both LSD and amphetamine. In fact MDA was the original ‘love drug’ until the emergence of MDMA as a street drug.

Another red flag is the fact that Scott’s funeral was held at Hollywood Forever cemetery… just like Chris Cornell, and the location where Chester sang a song at Chris’ funeral, that Courtney Love attended.

Strangely, L.A. Times reported about a secret society made up of women who met up for the first time in Feb of this year:

“Under a full blue blood moon, a procession of figures in hooded red velvet robes approached the stage of the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Each held a single candle, with which they lighted the wicks of a candelabrum, and writer, producer and host Trish Nelson invited the full audience to join hands.
“I am here tonight to pledge my support to my fellow sisters,” she said, and the crowd repeated her oath.

What concerns me is one of the women in attendance was Pamela Des Barres. Her claim to fame is being a “hippie who slept around with famous rock legends.”

“Pamela has scintillating encounters and wild affairs with mythological gods such as Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa…”

In other words, we are dealing with a witches coven… that is potentially under CIA funding… just like Charles Manson and his family.

“The Satanic Witch is a book by Anton LaVey, currently published by Feral House. The book is a treatise on lesser magic, a system of manipulation by means of applied psychology and glamour (or “wile and guile”) to bend an individual or situation to one’s will. The book is introduced as an extension of LaVey’s witches workshops which were conducted prior to the founding of the Church. The book presents its methods as a tool of the feminine, adept at getting what they want out of men.”

I noticed artist Kim Tabay was also in attendance at the meeting, who is known for painting large canvas butterfly portraits… which is a classic symbol of MK Ultra mind control known to have been carried out illegally on US citizens.

If you look at the cover of STP’s debut album titled “Core”, a witch is pictured on the cover with a crystal ball.

Mugwort magic herb is actually sold today online to witches:

“This magical herb has a long connection to Samhain,
use for Clairvoyance, Scrying, Protection.
Rub this herb on “Magic Mirrors” and “Crystal balls”
to strengthen their powers.
Add to Scrying, clairvoyance and divination incenses.
Sprinkle about table top during Tarot readings.
Rub fresh Mugwort leaves on the blade of your ritual sword
or athame, and then let it soak up the light of the Full moon.
Use 3 tablespoons to 12 gallon spring (or rain) water to
cleanse your “Magical mirrors” crystals and stones.”

– Barbara Morris

According to Witches lore, they are known to use a crystal ball for many things such as “scrying.”

“Scrying is something all witches learn from a very tender age, it means to perceive or to reveal. To scry you need a reflective surface to gaze into, this can be a crystal ball, a mirror, a candle flame or water. It is an ancient technique used for the purposes of divination.”

Divination is the “art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers.”

The occult expert explains more:

“Some people have a natural aptitude for scrying. They only have to walk past a shallow puddle in the road, glance at a piece of black glass, admire the glossy fur of a black cat and numerous images flood into their minds. Others have to spend days, weeks, months, even years, mastering this apparently simple technique.”

As the story goes, the band decided on the name “Core”, which is reference to the apple of the Biblical story of Adam and Eve.

“Burn your wicked garden to the ground…” are the lyrics for the song “Wicked Garden”.

Weiland is said to have written the lyrics for the song “Sex Type Thing” after a girl he was dating was raped by three high school football players after a party.

Weiland has stated the song is an anti-rape statement, not a song simply about sex, saying:

“This song is really not about sex at all. It’s about control, violence and abuse of power.”

What is very peculiar to me is how Chester Bennington actually rejoined STONE TEMPLE PILOTS for a live concert performance as their lead vocalist, in honor of the deceased Weiland.

Chester went on the record about being sexually violated as a child as being one of the main reasons he regularly abused CIA mind control drugs like LSD and MDMA.

Spin filed the report back in 2016:

“… Stone Temple Pilots performed in California with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington briefly resuming his frontman duties for the band, their first full concert since the December 2015 death of Scott Weiland. Running through a set that included tracks such as “Wicked Garden” and “Plush,” Bennington’s show with STP — who announced earlier this year that they’d keep the band’s name — was simply a one-off stop at a charity concert (From Classic To Rock, a gig that benefitted Palos Verdes Peninsula public schools) as the group continues to search for a new lead singer.

Bennington was later found dead hanging from a door in his home on Chris Cornell’s birthday last year, just two months after Mr. Cornell was found hanging from a door also.

He died during the week of what is called “The Grand Climax” on the Satanic/Occult calendar. This ritual kicks off on July 20th with an abduction and ends with bloody murder of the victim on July 27th, which includes ripping apart of the body parts and flesh, a bloodletting and organ consumption (heart or liver) before the remains are tossed into a flaming pit.

Late Occult investigator, Max Spiers, was looking into the #Pizzagate scandal and claimed Michael Aquino (America’s #1 Warlock) was the person who was trying to kill him, passed away in 2016. He was found dead on a friend’s sofa in Poland with an eerie “black liquid” oozing out of his mouth.

Very simply, poison can cause cardiac arrest.

Witches “Killer Brew” is an age old murder device. That is a fact.

What is exactly in theses deadly potions?

The witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth added a “Toad…swelter’d venom sleeping got,” indicating a snake had stung a toad. Other known ingredients, includes other reptiles and sea creatures such as Jellyfish.

Why Jellyfish?

Researchers recently learned that the deadly poison from an Australian box jellyfish can cause deadly cardiac arrest within minutes by punching holes in red blood cells and causing potassium to leak out of them, Hawaiian researchers have found.

There is no doubt that a witches “Killer Brew” can cause disease and death on those who drink it or are cursed by the spells cast from the cauldron that deadly potion is made.

Again, look closely at the name of the street where Scott Weiland was found dead.

Location of Death: 2221 Killebrew Drive
Bloomington, MN 55425

Things that make you go…. hmmm. As prophetic as that is, however, a few lines of lyrics from a song titled “Big Machine” that Scott wrote for his other band VELVET REVOLVER are even more telling.

Get away without borders
I’m a slave to the New World Order
I guess I chose to be


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