July 19, 2024

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CHESTER BENNINGTON, Snuff Films & Charles Manson

CHESTER BENNINGTON, Snuff Films & Charles Manson

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

“There were many other details to arrange; the consideration
of a proper place for the operation gave rise to much mental labour.
It is, generally speaking, desirable to choose the locality of a recent
battle; and the greater the number of slain the better.”

– Aleister Crowley

As my independent death investigation for late rock idol Chester Bennington continues, the big question I ask myself over and over again is “Was he killed during a snuff film production?”

All signs certainly point to foul play, now that it took over 130 days for the L.A. coroner’s office to release an autopsy report for what was quickly ruled a suicide within the first couple days after he died.

No suicide note was left.

No drugs were found in his system. Very little alcohol.

No post mortem photos of Chester either. Much bigger celebs like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, Tupac, etc.. had death photos published in major news papers all around the globe. Where is Chester’s death photo?


This is very perplexing to myself and other investigators since Mr. Bennington himself had only recently recovered from a broken leg injury that he suffered and admitted to everyone that he was taking a lot of drugs during this time, mainly LSD, which is the #1 drug used with MDMA during MK Ultra programming sessions, combined with electro shock and other forms of torture.

Chester stated in his final interview that he hated “pain” and since the leg break he would need to be on a heavy cocktail of drugs just to get a tattoo.

Yet, we are supposed to believe that he hung himself.

Are you kidding me? Mr. Bennington, a rock star with an admitted heavy addiction to a top CIA ‘mind control’ drug, doesn’t even smoke a joint before he puts a belt around his neck, strangling himself to death… itself a very painful process, and is exactly why most victims of suicide are found to be heavily intoxicated.

Perhaps Chester did indeed live a double life as an MK Ultra sex slave for the Illuminati, which my research has shown that many big name celebrities since the 60s have indeed been turned into programmed ‘sex robots’ by Uncle Sam, giving each person multiple ‘alter’ personalities.

The sick reality is that these MK Ultra robots will always get silenced. And those murder sessions are filmed.


I wanted to more closely exam the potential that this man’s life ended much differently than what is being
sold to us by the FAKE mainstream news media.

Brace yourself. This is not going to be easy to digest. Trust me… I had a very difficult time doing the research.

The first time the term “snuff film” is mentioned is in the 1971 book by Ed Sanders, “The Family: The Story of Charles Manson’s Dune Buggy Attack.”

“The last taboo would be to actually kill someone in front of the cameras.”

–Six years after Sharon Tate’s murder, Roman Polanski makes a cameo in CONFESSIONS OF A BLUE MOVIE STAR — a film that includes a hoaxed interview with a snuff film director.

This is critical because I believe that Mr. Polanski was in on the savage murder of his wife and unborn child, as well as major Hollywood stars, Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, the latter two were spotted at the Tate murder crime scene well before cops arrived. Worse yet, all of the carnage was captured on film.

Some described the deaths as “ritual slayings.”

Don’t believe these kind of films exist?

I’m here to educate you on the true reality of life, because too many of you live in La La land when it comes to facing the ugly facts.

Late porn actress Linda Lovelace spoke before the U.S. Attorney General’s Commission on Organized Crime, and she included firsthand claims of “genuine snuff tales, revealing that women who were no longer useful to the porn industry were routinely murdered both on and off camera.”

I dug deeper and scoured witness statements, old news articles, and police reports to see what I could learn about the possibility that this film is real… and not just some crazy myth.

Initially, LAPD said there was no “films” found at the Manson family ranch when the murders happened.

That was a big lie. The police do a lot of that, whether you want to deal with the truth or not. They lie all the time whenever they open their mouth, just like a lawyer or a movie actor, got it?

The myth of the infamous Manson family “snuff film” becomes more real when you look at the information revealed in the book titled “Sinister Forces—A Grimoire Of American Political Witchcraft:
The Manson Secret” by Peter Levenda:

“When I consulted San Francisco private investigator Hal Lipset,
whose career had been the basis for The Conversation, starring Gene Hackman. Lipset informed me that not only did Los Angeles police seize porn movies and videotapes, but also that individual officers were selling them. He had talked with one police source who told him exactly which porn flicks were available—a total of seven hours’ worth for a quarter-million dollars. Lipset began reciting a litany of those porn videos. The most notorious was Greg Bautzer, an attorney for financier Howard Hughes, together with Jane Wyman, the former wife of then-Governor
Ronald Reagan. There was Sharon Tate with Dean Martin. There was Sharon with Steve McQueen. There was Sharon with two black bisexual men.”

“There was reportedly a video of Cass Elliot from The Mamas and The Papas in an orgy with Yul Brynner, Peter Sellers and Warren Beatty. Coincidentally, Brynner and Sellers, together with John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas, had offered a $25,000 reward for the capture of the killers. I always felt these executioners had a prior connection with their victims. I finally tracked down a reporter who had hung
around with police and seen a porn video of Susan Atkins with one of her victims, Wojciech Frykowski.”

There is said to be ‘one reel’ of film that had been developed by the Manson family after Charlie was serving time for the Tate/LaBianca killings, and they all agreed that due to it being so graphic that they would bury it somewhere in Death Valley so nobody could ever find it.

What’s on the film is an up close and personal ‘documentary style’ hardcore snuff flick of the Tate slayings.

“The camera pulls back to reveal her naked torso handcuffed to a metal bed frame. Her head jerks side-to-side as low moans and the squeal of metal bedsprings can be heard. The camera pans down past the rest of her naked body and focuses on her feet — each one wired to the ends of the bed frame. The camera sways backward to show a larger view of the room… devoid of furniture, cracked crumbling plaster walls, black plastic trash bags cover the two windows. By the looks of the surroundings this was most likely filmed in an abandoned building — maybe one located in your city or town. After some shaky camera movement, a large man wearing a gray sweat suit enters the picture. His head is covered by a blue wool ski mask. As he approaches the bed frame, the girl starts to twist and struggle. The man beats the girl about the thigh and stomach with a closed fist. The camera swings around focusing between the impact spots of the punches and her face. The man then removes the bottom half of the sweat suit and rapes the girl. His hands are around her neck. Seven minutes later, he pulls his sweat pants to his waist and leaves the frame. He returns moments later. The camera zooms in on his hand — now holding gardening shears. He opens and closes them for the camera. The camera sways to the girls face. Her eyes are closed, and there is no indication of life. The man removes her nose and ears with the shears before cutting parts of her breast. Four minutes later he rapes her for the last time before walking out of the camera’s view. Moments later he returns with a hack saw and decapitates her corpse. He holds her head directly in front of the camera. It zooms in for a final close-up.”

What you just read was the ‘remembered’ transcript of an actual snuff film.

As the story goes, a convicted sexual deviant revealed the horrific details of a real life snuff film that was seized by authorities.

“The description of which was written in the least sensational style in the attempt not to arouse or inflame any unsound persons reading this article. It was viewed several years ago by Frank Schildener at the behest of a federal agent with whom he had a working relationship. It seems that this video was found by the Feds in the possession of a paroled sex offender in Frank’s caseload. Another video found in this creep’s collection was labeled BAGMAN TEN, in which a ten year old girl is bound and suffocated by a clear plastic bag placed over her head. Needless to say, Frank went above and beyond the line of duty to send “snuff-boy” back to prison. The sex offender later testified as the State’s witness against the people who sold these videos to him.”

MK Ultra survivor Paul Bonacci recalled his time being forced to be in a snuff film that was shot by legendary Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson and was said to involve a sinister tall man wearing a black robe that raped and killed the scared boy in front of the camera.

“One of the men took the dead boy’s penis
and put it in my mouth… he then told me to bite it off.”

“The Figure In Black” is believed to be retired Lt Col. Michael Aquino, Satanic priest and founder of the Temple of Set. He was the central suspect in the Presidio Daycare tragedy.

Mr. Aquino is the leading MK Ultra programmer of ‘sex robots’. It is my determination that he is the person responsible for turning our favorite performers like Chester into a full blown ‘orgy zombie’. By programming the singer with different personalities, each not knowing about the other… the CIA and NSA have successfully created the perfect Manchurian Candidate, used for high level prostitution and assassinations.

“Indeed, half-a-dozen personalities could take turns
to live in one body. That they are real, independent souls is
shown by the fact that not only do the contents of the mind differ—
which might conceivably be a fake—but their handwritings, their
voices, and that in ways which are quite beyond anything we know
in the way of conscious simulation, or even possible simulation. “

– Aleister Crowley

Just like the purported Hillary Clinton ‘snuff film’ said to be circulating on the dark web, the sick bastards that are into collecting this stuff will typically use it for blackmail purposes, when trying to put that political figure under total control of the evil cabal.

The price tag to gain ‘access’ to this kind of lurid ‘murder sport’ content is very pricey as I understand it, so only the elite are able to afford it.

Those who are unlucky enough to see this kind of content when a Satanic coven does not want it seen, well… they lose their lives too… very quickly.

So if you did miraculously gain entry to the area where it is being held on the dark net, even if you got the chance to see one yourself, you would be marked for death and no longer be breathing within 24 hours of seeing it.

According to The Ultimate Evil author Maury Terry, notorious Son Of Sam killer David Berkowitz—though admittedly involved in some of the Son of Sam murders—was set up as a fall guy by a Satanic set based out of Venice, California called “The Children” for the series of murders, much like the way Charles Manson of The Process Church may have been ‘manipulated’ in the Tate-LaBianca murders.

In his recollection, Mr. Terry accused The Process Church of “Hitler worship, animal sacrifice, drug running, kiddie porn, murder, and complicity in Son of Sam murders.”

From Berkowitz, Terry learned that “one Son of Sam murder was videotaped, and that the cameraman, Ron Sisman, was subsequently murdered by cult members when they went to recover the Son of Sam snuff film.”

The tale gets more creepy.

It turn out that Terry pinned this murder on a shadowy figure nicknamed Manson II, whom he later identified as W. Mentzer, an “occult superstar” and hit-man who was known to move through the same late-1960s circles of ‘sex, drugs and porn’ as Charles Manson.

Manson II had been intimate with Tate-LaBianca murder victim, Abigail Folger. Terry quoted his source on Mentzer/Manson II as “someone in the intelligence community.”

“Pretty soon the girls would become victims of more than being sex objects. If outsiders moved in so easily for sex, they could just as easily started maneuvering some of the girls into heavier shit — like chains, whips, blood-drinking, animal death and even human sacrifice.”

–Charlie Manson (from MANSON IN HIS OWN WORDS as told to Nuel Emmons)

“This idea that one can transform oneself spiritually (or physically) through murder and mutilation was explored by novelist Thomas Harris in his famous The Silence of the Lambs, since made into a film (1991) starring Jodie Foster as FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling and Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter. In this story, the serial killer is a virtual Ed Gein, capturing women and starving them so that their skin would become loose on their bodies, and then killing them and removing the skin. His goal—after being turned down by several sex-change clinics, was to become a woman, and to do this he would don a woman’s actual skin, or a skin suit composed of pieces of various women. That this smacks of pure lycanthropy, as practiced by shamanistic cults the world over.”