Houses Of The Unholy: Why #Pizzagate Matters To People

Houses Of The Unholy: Why #Pizzagate Matters To People

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

The cast of characters in the #Pizzagate saga reads like a who’s who of Hollywood, pop music and Washington DC, not to forget the leading mainstream news outlets all over the world who have turned their backs on the biggest story every… and quite possibly the greatest human atrocity of all time.

I for one will not run and hide. It’s time somebody stands their ground on the biggest stage, in defense of all the kids and the heroic whistleblowers like Max Spiers who got assassinated for trying to expose the truth.

There are a lot of fans I would be letting down if I just stopped and walked away.

People can call me “crazy” and threaten my life all damn day long for not bowing down to Dr. Evil, but until I take my last breath on this Godforsaken realm, I am going to do what should have been done long ago: FIGHT AGAINST THE CORRUPTION!

When I was sworn in as a United States Marine in my early twenties, that was an oath meant to last for life.

I serve GOD and his son Jesus Christ in the ultimate pursuit for eternal glory.

However, religion has nothing to do with the job of a real journalist. The job is to tell the story of both sides involved, right? That is all I am doing here when it comes right down to it.

This is the most epic battle of GOOD vs. EVIL and y’all just scored a front row seat to watch the bloody fight, courtesy of TMD.

I’ve been writing every day for a year straight and this heavy metal war machine is only getting warmed up.

Late rock idols, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington lost their lives within two months of each other
last year, and all signs point to a major cover up by the police and both musicians families and bandmates.

My groundbreaking journalism shocked the world when I tied Chris Cornell’s death to a purported elite pedophile ring operated by some of the most powerful people on the planet.

Steemit, shared this information that when brought into the context of the scandal, it makes things become a lot more interesting.

Pizzagate is directly connected to the Hampstead case via LuvForHaiti.

“The father of the two children mentioned in this article has now been confirmed to have worked for LuvForHaiti, which is owned by Josiah Bruny, a man that has been linked to Pizzagate. Short summary of the Hampstead case, while on vacation in Morocco in August/September 2014, two siblings aged 8 and 9 from Hampstead, London revealed to their mother and her new partner that they along with 18 other children had been sexually and physically abused by their father and their teachers at school and in church. They described their father as the local leader of an international cult dealing in child trafficking, ritual murder and the production of “snuff films”.

“According to the children a coven of satanic families exists in Hampstead, often several families on the same street. They have infiltrated schools, churches, child protection services and the police. At least 5 primary schools have been compromised. At the two children’s own school 20 «special children» were taken out of class on Wednesdays to be kicked in the genitals and anally raped by teachers and others coming to school. The women raped the children with strap on dildos. The children who screamed the most were injected with sedatives and all children were bribed with sweets afterwards. Babies were sedated and flown in from foreign countries (Thailand, South Africa, USA, Hawai, Portugal, Spain, Gayana, China, India) and ritually sacrificed in a secret room in the school and the meat and blood was consumed. The meat was often mixed into the school dinners. Ritual sacrifices also took place on Saturdays at church and the cult members and children danced around in costumes made out of human skulls and slippers made out of human skin. The two children had been forced to hold the knife while ritually murdering a baby.”

This sort of sickening activity has been going on… right in front of our faces. The biggest defense contractor is connected, and the ‘body snatching’ of youngsters happens all around the globe.

As the story goes, “DynCorp is one of the world’s largest defense contracting companies. It has been deeply involved in DOD and CIA operations in the Mideast and elsewhere for years and its management is largely composed of former military and intelligence figures. DynCorp and its employees have been implicated as pimps and customers of child prostitutes in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. In some states, DynCorp is hired by Child Protective Services to take children from their parents.”

Wikileaks cables reveal DynCorp employees purchased child prostitutes in Afghanistan and the US State Department helped cover it up.

A post on VOAT links other major players in the child killing for profit operation. This epidemic is a worldwide issue we all need to confront together.

The occult obsessed CIA continue to use bad actors like Corey Feldman and Drew Barrymore to push their insidious NWO agenda. These morons are sadly only being used as pawns in a twisted game of MK Ultra robot killers/entertainers programmed with more ‘alters’ than you can shake a stick at.

But this madness runs deep, and my research informs me that the people involved are taking advantage of ‘at risk’ kids.

Keep in mind, in 2010 a Clinton cohort named Laura Silsby got busted for attempting to smuggle 33 kids out of Haiti, and the Clinton’s helped to get her a light sentence for her crimes.

“A company called Music Changing Lives, run by a Josiah Bruny in Moreno Valley, California, purportedly aims to help low-income youth in underserved communities through educating ‘at-risk’, drugs-and-violence kids (i.e., possibly from crime scenes) in music production.”

According to the official MCL site:

“MCL began in 1998 when CEO and Founder, Josiah Bruny, created a studio in his own home in Moreno Valley, CA where he could teach young musicians how to record and own the copyright for their own music. After working for some of the greatest stars in the music industry like Master P & Ice Cube, Mr. Bruny was determined to open the way for the independent artists within our communities. He taught youth who were at-risk of dropping out of school, gang violence, drugs, and crime how to record and copyright their own music, and offered those students pathways to entrepreneurial success.”

The MCL site description continues:

“Music Changing Lives, (MCL) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing music, art and tutoring programs in America’s public schools and community centers, while raising awareness about the importance of enrichment programs as part of each child’s comprehensive education and lifestyle. We believe music and art are fundamental components of human culture and behavior.”

Music Changing Lives won the George H. W. Bush Daily Points of Light award in 2012.

They also run orphanages in Haiti and have been promoted by the White House.

Here is a tweet by a man named Jeff Horseman that links Bruny to Hillary Clinton:

“Just spoke with Josiah Bruny, one of the people who will meet with @HillaryClinton in Perris tonight.”

Apparently, Ricky Dearman, the father who was accused in the Hampstead alleged satanic abuse controversy, has worked for Bruny making promotional videos for his Haiti orphanage enterprises.

The covens make the little kids they snatch watch ritual sacrifices of babies and then are forced to eat
the dead child afterwards.

Hampstead, The Finders and the Franklin Scandal: the Pattern of Cover Up Replayed.

Like a scary monster in a Hollywood film production, the brutal reality we all live in includes a real life

In the Franklin cover up, during the Reagan/Bush senior White House, and the Presidio Daycare tragedy, a nightmarish legend was spawned called “The Figure In Black”, a CIA backed entity straight from hell that snatches kids and kills them for Uncle Sam and Lucifer.

One investigator named Gary Caradori learned the hard way it’s not safe to mess with the darkest forces on earth.

“Gary Caradori was a prominent investigator employed by the Nebraska Legislature to investigate the claims. He conducted a series of detailed, lengthy and formal interviews with a series of victims. Caradori was former Law Enforcement, a trained Investigator and interviewer with such a high degree of credibility that he was employed by the Nebraska legislature. He was a prominent successful and respected member of the community. The interviews were rock solid, he never coached a witness ever, he was an honest former cop doing an interview cop style. Gary Caradori did such a good job interviewing all the victims of the elite pedophile ring that dark elements in US Law Enforcement apparently chose to assassinate him, sabotaging his plane in Chicago was allegedly a task delegated to the Chicago FBI by their Nebraska brethren. Caradori’s young son also died in the “engineered” mid-air accident.”

“It was a very obvious assassination. Complete with the obligatory “disappearing briefcase” full of “knock out photographic evidence” according to Nick Bryant who is extremely meticulous. After they killed Gary Caradori the media went to work on his character, tried to paint the man as a “crank” who “badgered witnesses” towards a “predestined conclusion”. GQ magazine wrote a story after he was dead that described him as a “delusional investigator.” a claim of extraordinary mendacity even from the routinely evil commercial Western media.”

MK Ultra survivor Paul Bonacci gave testimony that he was forced to have sex with dead kids in “snuff films” directed by Hunter S. Thompson. Mr. Bonacci described a ‘tall man wearing a Satanic robe’ that raped the child before shooting him in the head.

Johnny Gosch, the missing paper boy who is at the center of PEDOGATE was said by Bonacci to have been kidnapped per the orders of retired Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.

Mr. Aquino runs a Satanic church, is very tall, and is known to wear black robes.

A survivor of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) named Sarah Ruth Ashcraft was initiated as a child to Aquino’s madness:

“My father is a high priest, and upon reflection, given the timeline (1980-89) when Aquino was training him in Mind Control, it occurs to me that my father may actually be a founding member of Temple of Set.”

These people are not telling lies and making up these stories. Little children have been systematically hunted down by the demonic elite for many years. It’s time everyone stop believing all of the FAKE NEWS, and start to demand some real justice.


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