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THE ASSANGE HOAX: We Have Been Fooled All Along

THE ASSANGE HOAX: We Have Been Fooled All Along

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

While my readers continue to reel in shock from the horrifying revelations I have presented concerning #Pizzagate, I have decided to focus my attention on another potential suspect in the mass homicides of kids in a murder for profit ring covered up for the elite customers who are involved.

The monster’s name is Marion David Pettie and he was the leader of the Finders cult. Along with the Presidio Daycare tragedy that centered around admitted military Satanist, Michael Aquino, this child snatching saga commonly referred to as PEDOGATE, directly ties to the modern version called #Pizzagate that is being called a ‘hoax’.

It is my opinion that what we are looking at here is no joke.

Although, I fully believe that Julian Assange, Wikileaks and Uncle Sam are pulling the biggest con of all time.

When you complete reading my work hopefully you and others might start taking things more seriously.

This is a very complex story. Unfortunately, it has been tangled up in disinformation and deception by CIA operatives working in the news media for many years.

Unbelievably, I am the only real journalist with any true experience that is combating the false narrative on behalf of the kids the elite like to snatch and sacrifice, as it relates to my work actually appearing all over the mainstream press for the past year.

Late rockers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were murdered due to stepping on the wrong toes as they say in the underworld.

In my previous reporting, I proved collusion between LINKIN PARK band and Hillary Clinton’s right hand man, John Podesta, via SE4ALL global initiative.

Mr. Cornell himself allegedly came across some damning info about the elite’ trafficking operation, including the key figures involved, and this is what ultimately got him killed. Through his foundation, the late SOUNDGARDEN frontman worked tirelessly to combat abused and neglected kids all over the world. Mr. Bennington worked with refugee kids via his band’s foundation in Haiti with the Clinton’s.

Comet Ping Pong’s James Alefantis is believed to be associated with The Finders group.

Pedophile rocker band, HEAVY BREATHING, performs at Comet Ping Pong for the all ages crowd, and promotes Satanic ritual abuse.

It is my determination that we are dealing with the biggest cover up in world history.

And Julian Assange is giggling at everyone, because he pulled off the biggest hoax on top of that.

Use your head. The USA is the laughing stock of the world stage currently.

Assholes like Assange have perpetrated the greatest hoax ever and y’all just keep eating it up. This dude is just playing a part, just like Corey Feldman… Colbert, etc…

He supposedly hides from the US long arm of the law in Ecuador currently for leaking ‘secrets’.

Yet my research tells me that the USA and many other super powers are collectively involved in funneling tax dollars to build secret underground bases, now totaling over 1,500 of these city sized facilities that cost billions to make. This is where most of the black ops is happening, including the so called work with aliens.

But they are not aliens. They are demons posing as E.T. from another planet.

The sick truth is the US government has been feeding these demon entities abducted children from all over America.

This has gone on for the better part of the past four decades. They did this to trade for ‘alien technology’ when in fact they were obtaining information directly from Satan himself.

A new report informs us that the poor guy has lost his internet access now… if you are gullible enough to believe the BS.

“Julian Assange has been banned from the internet by the Ecuadorian embassy, where he lives. The Wikileaks founder has been upsetting the Ecuadorian government by sending messages that could upset other countries, the Ecuadorian government said.”

“The Ecuadorean government believes Assange’s behavior, through his messages on social media, put at risk good relations which this country has with the UK, the rest of the EU and other nations,” it said in a statement posted to Twitter.

It suggested that it might take further measures if the Wikileaks founder still fails to comply with an agreement that it said he had signed. Mr Assange had committed in that written deal to stop sending inflammatory messages about other countries.

I feel that it’s time for people to get real. You all who are not awake yet must come to terms with the great deception.

So now that the Illuminati has fooled everyone into believing that this white haired actor playing a role for the CIA is so important that the entire state of geo political affairs hinges on his every move… I’m going to take all of you to school.

An occult expert explains how Julian Assange might be tied to #Pizzagate:

“The Santiniketan Park Association, a seeming parallel group in Australia, with a bizarre story of child farming, sexual abuse, attempted mind control using psychotropic drugs, multiple passports & interchangeable identities, connections to Catholic Church officials & the CIA & Australian intelligence services, and a strange connection to Julian Assange’s mother.”

Without a doubt, I now think Julian Assange is a shill and that Wikileaks is nothing more than a psyops carried out between the CIA and Russia.

Julian Assange and all of the work he has supposedly been doing to expose the NSA and CIA spying on Americans is a smokescreen and diversion from the much larger issue: CHILD KILLING FOR PROFIT.

The Illuminati are using this clown to trick everyone. Think about it.

I now believe that the Seth Rich story is all part of the mind war operation too.

The Finders were a secretive yet so called “enigmatic group of 20-40 adults and six children who lived communally and ascribed to Eastern philosophies.”

Late FBI agent Ted Gunderson summarized their activities:

“The Finders are a “CIA front established in the 1960s. It has TOP CLEARANCE and PROTECTION in its ASSIGNED task of kidnapping and torture-programming young children throughout the US. Members are specially trained GOVERNMENT KIDNAPPERS known to be sexual degenerates who involve children in Satanic sex orgies and bloody rituals as well as murders of other children and slaughter of animals.”

In February of 1987 members of the Finders were charged by Florida police with child abuse, Aug. 12, 1988.

The following details provided by an independent investigator will chill you to your core:

“A photo album contained a series of photos of adults and children dressed in white sheets participating in a blood ritual. The ritual centered around the execution of at least two goats. The photos portrayed the execution, disembowelment, skinning and dismemberment of the goats at the hands of the children. This included the removal of the testes of a male goat, the discovery of a female goat’s “womb” and the “baby goats” inside the womb, and the presentation of the goat’s head to one of the children. There was also a large amount of data collected on various child care organizations. The warehouse contained a large library, two kitchens, a sauna, hot tub and a ‘video room.’ The video room seemed to be set up as an indoctrination center. The organization had the ability to produce its own videos. There appeared to be training areas for the children and what appeared to be an altar set up in a residential area of the warehouse. Many jars of urine and feces were located in this area.”

Group leader Marion Pettie spoke in an interview in Steamshovel Press in 1998, noting that in World War II he kept house mainly to intelligence people in Washington and OSS people passing through.

Official US Customs investigation reports which have been completely authenticated by the investigating officers who wrote them and by a well respected investigator who personally knows these Customs officials are irrefutable evidence that:

“A case of obvious child neglect/abuse involving child pedophile sexual abuse/child pornography/Satanic cult ritualistic abuse wherein the perpetrators were caught directly in the act by law enforcement, arrested on the basis of irrefutable evidence at the scene, and faced serious charges which typically bring sentences of decades in prison. Search warrants were obtained for the “Finders” cult office in Washington, DC and a complete search was enacted by law enforcement which provided irrefutable pictures, movies and documents of such abuse/neglect evidence and access to the confidential arrest reports on the “Finders” cult from the arrests in Tallahassee which occurred only a day earlier (suggesting very high level connections to US intelligence in and of itself.) All investigation of the “Finders” cult by the FBI, US Customs and local law enforcement was ordered stopped by the US Justice Department on the grounds of “national security” and the matter of the “Finders” cult was turned over to the Central Intelligence Agency as an “internal security matter,” since the “Finders” is and has been a domestic and international covert operation of the Central Intelligence Agency. Any and all investigation of the “Finders” was immediately stopped, all evidence was supressed and denied, and the abused children were released back to the adult perpetrators who had been arrested “in the act” and the CIA resumed its ongoing covert operation of the “Finders” cult which is used to procure and produce.”

In an interview with U.S. News, Pettie described the Finders as a “communal, holistic-living and learning arrangement.”

Pettie says; they do freelance journalism, research and “competitor intelligence” for a variety of mostly foreign clients. Their duplex, in a residential Northwest Washington neighborhood, is decorated with global maps and bulletin boards.

Reportedly, residents in Culpepper, Va., 90 minutes from Washington, claimed the Finders operated an office there, too. That office contained computer terminals and clocks reflecting different time zones from around the globe.

“CIA made one contact and admitted to owning the Finders organization as a front for a domestic computer training operation, but that it had gone bad.” Was this a leaked bit of info for damage control or connections between the CIA and the Finders? (10] It is known to many that after his retirement from the Air Force in 1956, Pettie’s wife. Isabel, joined the CIA as a support secretary serving the station chief in Frankfurt , Germany , from 1957-61. Pettie’s son, George, served in the CIA’s drug activities in Air America during the Vietnam war. While this may not be conclusive proof of Marion Pettie’s direct involvement with the CIA in some kind of child porn, abduction, sacrifice scheme, it draws one much closer to it.”

In 1987 a raid resulted in the recovery of one telex ordering “the purchase of two children from Hong Kong to be arranged through a contact in the Chinese embassy there.” At the time of the raid, Justice Department agents discovered a Chinese student living with the Finders. Wang Gen-xin was a graduate student in the anatomy department at Georgetown University.

His involvement has not been clarified.

The “Gamecaller”- a unique name for a unique occupation given by a unique character himself. M.D. Pettie was the game caller, “calling games” for a group of dropout professionals who roamed the world playing a series of consciousness-expanding games… Zen master… cult leader.. a CIA operative… con man.

On Wednesday, December 13, 2006, the following info was shared:

“This past weekend I made the acquaintance of two people who, it turns out, have a strange history: Kristen Knauth (who sometimes writes under the name Kristen K. Nauth and currently goes by Kay Nauth) and Douglas Ammerman. During the late 1980s they were members of a communal group known as the Finders. The Finders began as a loose association in the late 1960s under the guidance of Marion David Pettie; although Pettie died in 2003, the group probably persists today as a web of acquaintances.”

Going deeper down the rabbit hole with my research, I came across an investigator’s decades old notes on the matter:

“One can find quite a lot of material on the Internet about the Finders, but almost all of it consists of reprints and rehashes of a series of news articles dating from 1988, when the Finders had their only run-in with the police. Starting with the McMartin preschool case in the early 1980s, many people have posited and researched a supposed conspiracy of Satanists who sexually abuse, torture, and murder young children as a part of their rituals. I am certain that the Finders were still active in the 1990s; moreover, I have an idea that they’re not people to trifle with — they waged a small harassment campaign against a journalist who was investigating them in the 1990s and have been accused of harassing behavior by several ex-members and their attorneys.”

As the story goes,

“The Finders were clandestinely involved in purchasing; trading and kidnapping bright children (Whiz Kids) moving them around the country in unmarked vans spanning the U.S including Tallahassee, and Miami, Florida, like a Carnival troupe. The children were drugged and conditioned to worship Lucifer. They worshipped the Devil around a satanic altar. They were taught blood ritual sacrifices and forced to engage in orgies with adults around the altar. The Finders operated businesses and corporations across the U.S. One major business fronts was centered in San Francisco where Katt Williams (17 years old) and his father, Dontae White, also known as Dontae Micah S. Katt, settled into about 1990. The Finders were also computer experts and interested in state of the art of “micro computing.” The criminal investigation of the Finders was pre-empted by the FEDS, U.S. Department of Justice, and then quashed and sealed permanently by the Voodoo Boys of the CIA.”

An investigator named Wendell Minnick on 2/5/95 issued the following detail in the case:

“According to National Press Club membership files a cult group called the Finders has established membership and offices at NPC building. The two companies are Global Press and Information Bank. The NPC has been notified this week of the relationships between the Finders and Global Press/Information Bank. Finders who are NPC members include Marion Pettie (leader), Steve Usdin, and Kris Herbst. Other former and present Finder members include Stuart Silverstone, Robert M. Meyer, Ted Reiss, Jeff Ubois, and Kristin Knauth. Other Finders companies and associates are CommSel, Invisible Store, Ourhaus Associates, and Global Press Review. The Finders are a techno-cyber group who dabble in the international arena. They have been accused of everything from child molesting to ties with the CIA.”

What police & Customs agents were describing was undoubtedly part of Operation MK Ultra or “Monarch,” a program of CIA mind control involving the use of small children raised in captivity to respond to various stimuli invoked by their CIA captors. One of the chief field programmers of Operation Monarch was none other than Michael Aquino.

Aquino is also known as “The Figure In Black”, the man allegedly involved in sadistic killing of kids during snuff film productions that were purportedly directed by late Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

A young boy named Paul Bonacci who was used in these films, gave testimony about that period in time. He claimed that he was used to lure kids off playgrounds into unmarked vans where the snatched kids are taken to a safe house.

To understand #Pizzagate you need to understand the PEDOGATE epidemic of covert child snatching for profit going back several decades.

According to the research, in February 1987, the Finder Cult was first exposed with the arrest of two men in a van found watching “six
dirty malnourished children in a public park in Tallahassee, Florida.”

They were promptly arrested by local police for child abuse.

“The men and the children were linked to a cult group in Washington D.C. called the “Finders.” DC police who searched the Northeast Washington warehouse linked to the group removed large plastic bags filled with color slides, photographs and photographic contact sheets. Some showed naked children involved in what appeared to be “cult rituals,” bloodletting ceremonies of animals and one photograph of a child in chains. State law enforcement investigative officials from Tallahassee, DC, the FBI and the U.S. Customs Department discovered that The Finders Cult had international connections for satanic ritualistic abuse of children (Moscow, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, North Vietnam, North Korea, Africa, London, Germany, “Europe” and the Bahamas).”

The tale of child killing for profit only gets more terrifying. Next, it’s said that the Finders cult group moved to Taiwan.

“The Finders cult group has moved to Taiwan, the Taipei group is run an American Journalist who had researched them in the 1990’s and became a convert.The group is expanding in Taipei now. They have affiliated themselves with orphanages.The American journalist tried to set up a branch of the Finders in Korea but was expelled in 1997 by Korean police under a cloud of accusations that he had undressed pre schoolers in his care and photographed them naked.There was no evidence found in his apartment or on his laptop but he was promtly deported and moved to Taipei. He is involved in efforts to smear various anti pedophilia groups using his status as a journalist. He claims that a friend of his, ex New Zealand Police Officer, Graham Cleghorn, was set up by anti pedophilia groups in Cambodia. Cleghorn was jailed in Cambodia.”

The strange and twisted nightmare that is Marion Pettie stretches all the way back to World War 2.

“Pettie met Joseph Chiang, a chinese agent operating under Journalistic cover, in 1939 and remained in close contact with him throughout the war. Around this time Pettie also made Connections with the OSS, through George Varga, Earl D. Brodie and (John Von Neumann’s brother) — all lowlevel OSS offciers. Sometime near the end of the war, Chiang introduced Pettie to Charles E. marsh, at the National Press Club. Marsh, who ran the best private intelligence network of his era and was an intimate of FDR, Henry Wallace and later Lyndon Johnson, became, Pettie’s mentor and role model, shapiong[sic] his career. (Marsh’s mentor and role model was Colonel Edward M. House, who was a personal advisor to President Wilson, circa 1919, often mentioned in connection to the Council on Foreign relations). Marsh died in December 1964. His last known address was Austin, Texas.”

The history lesson continues:

“In the 1950s and 60s Marsh provided funds for Pettie to purchase hundreds of acres of farmland in Madison and Rappahannock Counties, near his estate in Culpeper County. Later Pettie arranged for William Yandell Elliott (1896- ) of Harvard University to purchase a property adjacent to him, in” Madison County.Elliott was a government professor at Harvard University who was on the National Security Council’s planning board and a trustee of Radio Liberty (sponsored by the CIA). As of 1984 Elliott was a board member of Accuracy in media. Wrote numerous books. In 1946 Pettie, acting as chauffeur to General Ira Eaker, Marsh arranged for him to be trained in counterintelligence in Baltimore, Maryland. Around this time Pettie established close ties to two guards of atom bomb secrets, Captain Michael Altier (?) and Major Harry Wolanin, both retired. In 1954 Pettie recruited Eric Heiberg who lost his NSA clearance at about this time. Heiberg was redeployed as a private investigator and subsequently as a talent spotter at Georgetown University (now retired). Pettie received intelligence training at Georgetown University in 1956 and was sent to USAF intelligence training school in Frankfurt, Germany in 1956-1957. Through Marsh, Pettie got his wife a job with the CIA from 1957 to early 1961, working in Washington as secretary and in Germany for the Chief of Station, Frankfurt- Colonel Leonard Weigner, USAF (deceased 1990) trained Pettie and advised Pettie retire from active military service and surround himself with kooks, recruiting agents from youth hostels and universities. Major George Varga became Pettie’s case officer, relaying Weigner’s instructions until Varga died in the 1970s, Apparently a man named Charles E. Marsh was Pettie’s mentor and the man who initially funded him. He was a well-known wheeler-dealer in the twenties, thirties, and forties. He started out as a reporter, became an editor, then a publisher, before branching out into oil and real-estate. He was an early backer of Lyndon Johnson in Texas in the thirties. His mistress and subsequent wife, Alice Glass, had a long affair with LBJ. In 1947, Glass divorced Marsh, who then remarried and gave away most of his money to a foundation he set up called the Public Welfare Foundation.”

Ramon J. Martinez Special Agent, USCS submitted to Detective Bradley who first worked the case this creepy description:

“During the execution of the warrant at 3918/20 W St., I was able to observe and access the entire building. I saw large quantities of children’s clothing and toys. The clothing consisting of diapers and clothes in the toddler to pre-school range. No children were found on the premises. There were several subjects on the premises. Only one was deemed to be connected with the Finders. The rest were renting living space from this individual. He was identified as Stuart Miles SILVERSTONE, DOB/061941, U.S. Passport No. (deleted). SILVERSTONE was located in a room equipped with several computers, printers, and numerous documents. Cursory examination of the documents revealed detailed instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes. The instructions included the impregnation of female members of the community known as the Finders, purchasing children, trading, and kidnapping. There were telex messages using MCI account numbers between a computer terminal believed to be located in the same room, and others located across the country and in foreign locations. One such telex specifically ordered the purchase of two children in Hong Kong to be be arranged through a contact in the Chinese Embassy there. Another telex expressed interest in “bank secrecy” situations. Other documents identified interests in high-tech transfers to the United Kingdom, numerous properties under the control of the Finders, a keen interest in terrorism, explosives, and the evasion of law enforcement. Also found in the “computer room” was a detailed summary of the events surrounding the arrest and taking into custody of the two adults and six children in Tallahassee the previous night. There were also a set of instructions which appeared to be broadcast via a computer network which advised the participants to move “the children” and keep them moving through different jurisdictions, and instructions on how to avoid police attention.”

On Thursday, February 5, 1987, Senior Special Agent Harrold assisted the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) with two search warrants involving the possible sexual exploitation of children.

It’s said that during the course of the search warrants, “numerous documents were discovered which appeared to be concerned with international trafficking in children, high tech transfer to the United Kingdom, and international transfer of currency.”

“On March 31, 1987, I contacted Detective Jim Bradley of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). I was to meet with Detective Bradley to review the documents seized pursuant to two search warrants executed in January, 1987. The meeting was to take place on April 2 or 3, 1987. On April 2, 1987, I arrived at MPD at approximately 9:00 a.m. Detective Bradley was not available. I spoke to a third party who was willing to discuss the case with me on a strictly “off the record” basis. I was advised that all the passport data had been turned over to the State Department for their investigation. The State Department in turn, advised the MPD that all travel and use of the passports by the holders of the passports was within the law and no action would be taken. This included travel to Moscow, North Korea, and North Vietnam from the late 1950s to mid 1970s. The individual further advised me of circumstances which indicated that the investigation into the activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal matter. The MPD report has been classified SECRET and was not available for review. I was advised that the FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks prior and that the FBI Foreign Counter Intelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the FBI Washington Field Office of anything that had transpired. No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.”