July 25, 2024

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LINKIN PARK, Ritual Murder And The Lust For Blood

LINKIN PARK, Ritual Murder And The Lust For Blood

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(part 3 of a 3 part report)

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the right of the poor and needy.”

– Ted Gunderson

When Chester Bennington, frontman of LINKIN PARK, tragically passed away last year on the 20th of July at the age of 41, it just so happened to be Chris Cornell’s birthday.

Both rock icons were close friends. Both were found dead in the same identical manner: hanging.

Both were investigating international human trafficking rings via their foundations to mainly help abused kids.

I first broke the story to the worldwide press about Mr. Cornell’s alleged ties to some very powerful people at the center of the child murder for profit scandal going back several decades called PEDOGATE.


In 2010, Laura Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti.

In the Virgin Islands resides an alleged secret hideaway for the child trafficking ring nicknamed “PedoIsland”, where billionaire child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and the Clinton’s have reportedly been known to take trips back and forth together to this spot with Hollywood celebrities.

President Donald Trump was named in Epstein’s black book along with Courtney Love, and his name also showed up in a lawsuit for an alleged brutal rape of an underaged girl.

I believe Mr. Cornell and Mr. Bennington were both killed due to information they learned, which
implicated big time figures involved in the child killing for profit crimes.

According to the public record, Laura Silsby was smuggling kids out of Haiti from the very orphanage that was run by Comet Ping Pong pizza shop owner James Alefantis’ lawyer Max Maccoby and his father Micheal Maccoby. Remember, Pizzagate? It doesn’t seem like “FAKE NEWS” any longer, does it?

The article I authored next became a viral sensation when Chester was found dead.

Many mainstream ‘disinformation’ clickbait sites took advantage and one in particular, called YourNewsWire decided to write a fictional story about the police actually doing a proper full death investigation, for what could be a homicide, not suicide.

The piece quoted my Cornell investigation and the pedophile atrocity going on and all hell broke loose.

This story was shared 1,000,000 times on this one site, and over 100 more sites republished it afterward.

Sites like Snopes immediately screamed “hoax” and nobody cared to even look at the evidence I had gathered. It all got dismissed like it was a joke, just like #Pizzagate.

Military “mind control” expert, Michael Aquino, also known as “The Figure In Black”, was reportedly
involved in sadistic ritual abuse of kids in the government run daycare facility.

It is my determination that this cover up, along with McMartin preschool, The Franklin Cover Up, and other lurid cases that got buried, is the reason why today nobody is stepping forward to investigate
the modern version of the child killing epidemic called #Pizzagate.

Key players in Washington DC are purportedly tied to all of it, namely the Clinton’s go to guy, John Podesta.

Mr. Podesta is an associate of James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong.

I already proved collusion existed between LINKIN PARK and Mr. Podesta with their work together
on SE4ALL global initiative.

In Chester’s case, there was some initial confusion or should I say “disinformation” put out by the coroner and mainstream press that allowed the cover up of what I believe is a potential murder case to occur.

After we all waited over 130 days for the final report to be released, Mike Shinoda of LINKIN PARK commented on the infamous “MDMA” found in the tox report of Chester Bennington’s autopsy via TMZ, and he scolded publications, telling them to correct any previous stories about traces of MDMA being found in his system.

Taking to Twitter after the outlet obtained his late bandmate’s autopsy results (although I was made to pay for the report and did not receive it until after TMZ did), Shinoda was specific:

“Just clearing this up: TMZ erroneously printed CB had MDMA in his system when he passed. That was incorrect, they misread the report. They have since corrected their piece… I hope other publications have the decency to do the same.”

This was nothing more than Shinoda aiding in the cover up, by playing the role of angered bandmate, okay?

This allowed them to use him as part of the diversion, which allowed them over four months time to tamper and eliminate evidence in my opinion.

Mr. Shinoda got installed to work as part of the disinformation trickery that was put into play by the bad guys to ‘verify’ some big awful mistake was made with a “test”, when in fact, no test existed in the first place.

They made it all up.

Think about it. There is no way in hell any medical examiner would take this long on a simple “suicide” ruling unless there was a reason they needed to stall.

If they had the time to do this testing, why not go all the way and do “trace” samples too?

The L.A. Coroner site states the following:

“The Medical Examiner-Coroner (ME-C) Forensic Science Laboratory conducts a comprehensive scientific investigation into the cause and manner of any sudden, suspicious or violent death occurring in Los Angeles County. The Laboratory performs analysis in four distinct forensic disciplines: Drug Chemistry, Toolmark Analysis in biological specimens, Toxicology, and Trace Evidence. Each of these disciplines is accredited under the International Program by the nationally recognized American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors-Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD-LAB). Other important Laboratory sections include the Criminalistic Field Evidence response, Evidence Control, and Histology.”

Looking closer at Chester’s autopsy report I noticed that J Gadway is noted as the analyst who
performed the drug test for meth and MDMA.

After TMZ reported that there was indeed a “positive” result when the test came back, and said it was for MDMA, it sent red flags up for me, because MDMA is one of the main drugs used by the CIA in MK Ultra.

However, just like the “fake news” pros they are, soon after it was pulled back and changed to a false positive.

So this is the sorry excuse for taking over 130 days to complete an autopsy report for a slam dunk ruling?

For me, and many others, there has been a lot of confusing narratives in the matter, that is supposed to be a quickly determined “hanging suicide”, right?

First the media said the person who called 911 to report that Chester was indeed found deceased was ‘anonymous’ then it got switched to the housekeeper or Joe Hahn. And then allegedly “a friend” who is named in the death certificate: Tommy H. Church.

They say Joe Hahn picked him up for the photo shoot but then the changed it to stating it was ‘the driver’.

On the audio, whoever is talking to 911 sounds like he is ordering a pizza. Totally nonchalant with no emotion. Do you see where I am going with all of this?

If this was a real suicide, don’t you think whoever the ‘friend’ was would have at least jumped out of the car and run inside to double check to see if the man is alive or not, maybe needing to be pulled down and checked for a pulse, I dunno. Call me crazy, everyone does.

I believe that the autopsy was botched. I want to direct your attention to what is called “trace evidence”, and more specifically, any DNA that could be left as residue underneath the fingernails of a potential homicide victim.

Pictured: Chester Bennington compared to John Podesta in profile


You need to understand that it is standard police procedure to investigate all possible angles of how the person may have died, and the first thing to eliminate I am told is always “homicide”.

According to Chester’s report, the L.A. coroner did not test for “trace evidence” underneath Chester’s fingernails. That is a fact.

In further research I did, I came across a fascinating case of a little boy’s murder where the investigation hinged on a minuscule DNA sample from the child’s fingernail.

POTSDAM, N.Y. — A long-simmering murder case in northern New York connected to the strangulation of a 12-year-old boy is shaping up as an important legal test of a cutting-edge method of teasing DNA evidence out of microscopic amounts of biological matter.

The case involves the killing of the boy, Garrett Phillips, here in October 2011, a crime for which a former local college soccer coach, Oral Nicholas Hillary, has been charged, despite a seeming paucity of physical evidence.

In recent months, however, the prosecution has suggested that it may use low-template DNA analysis to tie Mr. Hillary to Garrett’s murder, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to determine statistical probabilities by analyzing genetic data that older methods could not interpret. In particular, the prosecution is attempting to use software developed by a New Zealand company — STRmix — on a minute sample that was scraped from one of Garrett’s fingernails and came from an unknown individual, possibly during a struggle.