June 13, 2024

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MARILYN MANSON – Did He Have An MK Ultra Breakdown?

Satanic shock rocker Marilyn Manson is back on the road after cancelling dates due to his on-stage injury at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom last year. This past Thursday night (2/15), he returned to the NYC-area for the first time since that injury for a show at The Paramount in Huntington, and — for different reasons — things didn’t go so well this time either. Attendees are saying that he had a “meltdown” on stage, threw his mic, pushed an amp over, urged the audience to tell him they love him, and walked off stage after an abbreviated set. View footage HERE. These are some tweets from those in attendance:

I genuinely feel terrible for everyone that saw Marilyn Manson incoherently ramble through bad 20 minute instrumental vamps instead of playing songs at my job tonight

— Mike DiGiulio (@Mikediglo) February 16, 2018

Captain Connecticut
Marilyn Manson ended the show by dropping the mic mid-song, pushing over a speaker, and falling off stage.
9:47 PM – Feb 15, 2018

Alison May
Marilyn Manson put on the WORST show I have ever seen. Played 5 songs, bitched about people not saying “I Love You” and walked off #MarilynManson #worstconcert #refund
10:27 PM – Feb 15, 2018

On the venue’s Instagram of a picture from the show, fans commented demanding refunds. One wrote, “The worst event I ever experienced. He should be held accountable for his actions and not get paid for this.” Another said, “3 songs in and the dude had a mental breakdown or was a drunk dick. Remember @marilynmanson we pay $$$ to see you, I’m getting a fucking refund. Pissed! Waste of time.”

One Reddit user wrote, “There’s no more to it. I had the meet and greet. He was wasted. He was worse on stage. Rambled on and on about us loving him. Here’s the set Reflecting Deep six Rambling on and on for minutes Disposable teens (cut short) He’s off stage for 5-10 Back and rambles for 20 min about who knows what Saturnalia (poorly played riff over and over for 10+min into lunchbox riff with him doing spoken word for 15 min. Stumbled off stage. Band finished lunchbox the right way. Gods gonna cut you down house music.”

Someone else on Reddit wrote, “As someone who is still here, EMTs just walked out too. This man is fucking wasted holy hell.”

Source: Brooklyn Vegan