April 14, 2024

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TMD Rocks! 

BRILLIANT EPIC MELODIC METAL, this album brings forth a melodic heavy crossover album that boarders on the edges of many of Metals subgenre’s, fans of many styles (Melodic, Power / Scandinavian/US / German style metal)

AVIAN “Ashes and Madness” is the amazing sophomore effort of vocalist/ producer Lance King best known for his many albums with (Balance of Power / Pyramaze /Gemini ) and guitarist /composer Yan Leviathan. The bands Debut album Featured known Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. This new offering the band has added BILL HUDSON of Cellador guitar fame.

Lance King’s vocals are extremely memorable and intoxicating, these songs well written, memorable and while being very heavy are still very accessible and radio friendly. These songs are sure to grab the listener on their first listen.

1. Ashes And Madness
2. The Lost And Forsaken
3. Into The Other Side
4. Esoteric Lies
5. Fall From Grace (Instrumental)
6. Beyond The Hallowed Gates
7. Thundersoul
8. All The King’s Horses
9. Never Fade From Me
10. Time And Space Part II: Unlock The Mystery



In stores Sept 30th, Avian – Ashes and Madness!