April 17, 2024

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LINKIN PARK, Ritual Murder & The Lust For Blood

LINKIN PARK, Ritual Murder & The Lust For Blood

(Part 1 of a 3 part report)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

As a new day dawned upon us, Jan 31, 2018, the ‘Super Blood Moon’ appeared in the sky and what it represents to occultists is very significant, so I want to help my readers better understand the importance of human sacrifice on this date as it pertains overall to the lust for blood these Satanic maniacs must fulfill for their father Lucifer demands it from them.

Point blank, you want to kick it with the devil… you have to murder people. A lot of them.

Since it took over 130 days to release Chester Bennington’s autopsy report, for what was called immediately a slam shut ‘suicide’, many #truthers like myself have begun to look at the possibility that the rock star was murdered in a snuff film produced for the Satanic elite only.

Certainly, the coven can step outside of ‘sacrifices according to the Satanic calendar, as is what I believe happened in the rock star’s case, just like his friend, Chris Cornell.

The fact is Chester was cremated quickly, just like Chris. No secondary exam of the bodies could be done.

It turns out that the most well-known form of sacrifice allegedly practiced by the Druids was the wicker man method. A large effigy in the shape of a man, constructed of sticks, was erected, and living humans were placed inside it. The creation would next be set ablaze, along with all those held within.

According to an occult expert:

“The Blood Moon is the last of the harvest moons, and the one closest to Samhain, the time when the veil between this world and the Otherworld is the thinnest. Also known as “moon of the changing season” the Blood Moon represents the death of one cycle and the birth of a new cycle. Blood is the life force that flows through your physical body.”

On Jan. 31, 1945, John D. Rockefeller addressed the Protestant Council of the City of N.Y. and proclaimed that the answer to the problems Christianity was that Christianity needed to become “the Church of the Living God.” The people who were listening that day, may not have understood that he and other leading Illuminati gangsters view themselves as gods.

The message Rockefeller was cryptically delivering was for Christianity to begin serving him a living god. The stage was set for the New World Order to reach its tentacles all around the globe and gain control of every individual by deceptive means and a secret society of the most powerful people on earth.

Even in 1966, BEATLES singer John Lennon boasted that Christianity would die off and that his band would become more popular than Christ. He portrayed our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, under the guise of a character he named “Jesus l. Pifco, who was portrayed as “a garlic eating, stinking, little yellow greasy fascist bastard Catholic Spaniard.” (John Lennon, A Spaniard in the Works, New York, Simon & Schuster)

As we all know, Mr. Lennon died tragically in 1980, by way of a covert CIA MK Ultra hit job.

The late great David Bowie, one of the biggest rock stars in the seventies, declared:

“Rock has always been devil’s music.”

My groundbreaking reporting on the Chris Cornell case went viral last year once Chester was found dead
in the same exact manner of death on Chris’ birthday.

After many months of diligent investigating, examining reports, reading testimonies, talking to the coroner’s office, I have determined both men were murdered, and they were staged post mortem to appear as if they had taken their own lives.

My source tells me Mr. Cornell stumbled upon some very dangerous people connected to the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal. Mr. Epstein was convicted of raping 13 year old girls. Actor Kevin Spacey was named on the flight logs, along with Bill Clinton.

Courtney Love and Donald Trump both appeared in Epstein’s black book.

I provided evidence that Chester was hanging out with Spacey before his tragic death.

Collusion between John Podesta and Linkin Park existed on numerous levels, including SE4ALL global initiative.

Why is the cover up going on? Well, I think that it relates to #Pizzagate and the larger saga that is known as PEDOGATE. It’s really that simple.

The elites like Podesta involved in the Washington DC child trafficking ring are connected to the Rothschilds and James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong where pizza parties are held that elite attend, while Satanic pedophile rock acts like HEAVY BREATHING perform for the all ages crowd.

Paul Bonacci, a very heroic person, was at the center of the horrifying Franklin Cover Up. He was tortured by the CIA finders cult since he was just a little boy:

“Between December 1980 and 1988, the complaint alleges, the defendant King continually subjected the plaintiff to repeated sexual assaults, false imprisonments, infliction of extreme emotional distress, organized and directed satanic rituals, forced the plaintiff to “scavenge” for children to be a part of the defendant King’s sexual abuse and pornography ring, forced the plaintiff to engage in numerous sexual contacts with the defendant King and others and participate in deviate sexual games and masochistic orgies with other minor children. The defendant King’s default has made those allegations true as to him. The issue now is the relief to be granted monetarily.”

Paul Bonacci was awarded 1 million eventually… but to this day had not received one penny.

The CIA’s Finders Cult used Paul to lure Johnny Gosch into their trap.

In her book, “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home,” Noreen Gosch writes about a man who contacted her just six months after Johnny’s disappearance claiming he worked with a government agency that was investigating pedophile organizations.

George Paul Bishop claimed he was a “CIA asset” and arrived in Des Moines in July of 1984 to offer his assistance to the Gosch’s. Before he left, he provided, through his investigation, a detailed map of the kidnapping scene. Bishop, according to Noreen’s book, often called the Gosch home from the Washington D.C. office of Sen. Charles Grassley, with whom Noreen had worked on Johnny’s case.

Pictured: Johnny Gosch

“Many times Mr. Bishop would call me from Sen. Grassley’s office and, when finished speaking with me, he would hand the phone to one of Grassley’s aides who I was familiar with,” Noreen recalled in her book, published in 2000. “That convinced me Paul was an accepted visitor on the Hill in Washington.”

Based on this, Noreen believed that Bishop was responsible for securing her invitation to testify before Sen. Arlen Specter’s Hearing on Organized Crime and its Relationship to Kidnapping at the U.S. Capitol.

Bishop is the person who picked Noreen up from her D.C. hotel and attended the hearings with her.

“Bishop became close to Noreen, even referring to her as “Mom,” but suddenly, in 1985, he disappeared from the scene. The phone number he’d left was no longer valid and no one knew how to contact him. No one had seen or heard from him in almost 20 years, until he was suddenly arrested on Feb. 4 of this year in Virginia, after police allegedly found an explicit video of a 16-year-old boy in his home. Detectives searched Bishop’s home and found the tape after receiving a complaint that he was allowing teenage boys to drink and use drugs on the premises. Noreen wonders now if Bishop was on the wrong side of Johnny’s case all along. Was he involved in the kidnapping and merely running a smokescreen at the time to prevent discovery? Was his recent arrest an effort to keep him quiet about the larger story? A threat?
Or was he honest from the beginning and his recent arrest merely an effort to discredit him before he reappeared and started making noise and threatening to expose the powerful people involved?
Either way, Bishop seemed to know a lot about Johnny’s disappearance in 1982, and his sudden reappearance on the scene coinciding with the outing of Jeff Gannon, the death of Thompson and the arrest of another man involved with the case is too much of a coincidence for some to accept.”

The stone cold truth is that it’s easy to set someone up and arrest that person to discredit their character.

The photographer Rusty Nelson confessed to once turning down an offer of $50,000 from Hunter S. Thompson to assist in the production of a snuff movie.

The offer was allegedly made because Nelson worked closely with Lawrence King, who was the central figure in the “Franklin Cover-Up”. King accused of running a pedophile and child sex slavery ring.

It’s said that Nelson would join King at parties where he worked as a photographer, taking photos of ‘high-profile individuals in compromising positions’ with young boys and girls.

As the story goes, “Nelson testified in court that he participated as a photographer, but claims that, though he took compromising photos, he never took any hardcore pornographic pictures; that he absolutely refused any involvement with child pornography. But he claims that King employed a Nelson look-alike for this purpose in order to compromise both the powerful people in the photos and Nelson himself. Nelson has admitted taking tens of thousands of photos, many of which have been confiscated and either destroyed or permanently sealed to protect those depicted. But many, according to some reports, remain hidden.”

“Despite his denials, Nelson has served time for his photography work, having been arrested in Oregon years ago with a van full of photos, at least one of which was said to involve a minor engaged in less-than-legal activity. He’s been living in Nebraska for some time, providing what information he can to private investigators and trying to put his life back together. Most recently he was working with a friend to open a studio that specializes in wedding photography. But two days after Thompson’s death, Nelson was rounded up by police and arrested, reportedly for failing to register as a sex offender in a county of which he was no longer a resident.”

“On February 7th of 1987, the Washington Post ran an interesting story that did not at first seem to have any particularly national significance. The article concerned a case of possible kidnapping and child abuse, and material discovered in the Washington area that they say points to a 1960s style commune called the Finders, described in a court document as a “cult” that conducted “brainwashing” and used children “in rituals.” DC police who searched the Northeast Washington warehouse linked to the group removed large plastic bags filled with color slides, photographs and photographic contact sheets. Some showed naked children involved in what appeared to be “cult rituals,” bloodletting ceremonies of animals and one photograph of a child in chains.”

Today, John Podesta is employed by the Washington Post.

Over three decades later, and the child abductions in America have ballooned from 100,000 missing
per year to ONE MILLION annually body snatched, many of which happen by way of Child Protective Services I learned, because there is no oversight, and the police and media simply turn a cheek and allow it to keep happening.

When Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK band was found dead in his home hanging from a door by his belt, it was not only his best friend’s birthday, the same buddy who died only 2 months earlier of the same exact cause of death.

Both men played rock music. Both worked to combat child poverty and abuse via their personal foundations.



Pictured: Paul Bonacci