CHESTER BENNINGTON, The Joker & The Antichrist

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CHESTER BENNINGTON, The Joker & The Antichrist

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

“It’s all a joke! Everything anybody ever valued or struggled for…it’s all a monstrous, demented gag! So why can’t you see the funny side? Why aren’t you laughing?”

– The Joker

Chester Bennington’s family has freemasonry ties, due to the fact that his adoptive father was an Arizona police detective, who oddly enough handled ‘child abuse cases’, okay?

You can’t hold a position above entry level traffic cop in the police department and not be a member of the local lodge, got it?

Even if Chester’s adoptive father is not a 33 degree mason, just the fact that he was a detective dealing in pedophile crimes tells me he is playing for the bad guys already.

My investigation has studied multiple child abuse rings involving many parts of America, including Washington D.C., where “snuff films” have been produced and sold for the past four decades.

Someone please explain to me how the press could have debunked Pizzagate without having addressed a single Podesta email containing pedophile code words recognized by the FBI?

Whether any of you want to face the truth or not, the fact is MK Ultra and Satanic Ritual Killings are both very real… and in my humble opinion, connected to the assassination of Chester Charles Bennington.

Was the rock star killed by the Hollywood coven and his brutal death captured on a “snuff film”?

In his testimony, MK Ultra victim Paul Bonacci recalled for the record a snuff film purportedly directed by Johnny Depp’s pal Hunter S Thompson at Bohemian Grove where the Satanic elite run around naked and kill people: “The men with the hoods were a Satanic group, which planned to use the dead boy in some sort of ceremony.”

They filmed Bonacci screwing a young boy after he was decapitated from a gunshot at point blank range, immediately after being raped anally by the killer.

“The man put the dead boy’s penis in my mouth.”
– Paul Bonacci

Satanic ritual murder is not something new. It has been going on forever totally ignored by police, lawmakers, the mainstream news, and anyone else in society for that matter, who aren’t the ones being cut into pieces, roasted over the fire and eaten:

The following is a February 18, 1992, Newsday article excerpt: “New York — Members of a cult here killed ballerina Monika Beerle in August, 1989, and then dismembered her and fed her flesh to the homeless as part of a Satanic ritual, law enforcement sources said yesterday after arresting a cult member in connection with the slaying. “The public isn’t generating enough momentum to get police mobilized around this (Satanic ritual abuse) issue at this point,” explained Akron, Ohio Police Captain Jerry Foys. And John Hunt, Sherman, Texas ritual crime investigator says that “because of the FBI report, the stigma around Satanism and other factors have made it hard to get internal police department support in following up on the ritual aspects of a crime.”

For over the past year, my extensive research into the occult and freemasonry has informed me
that the police all over the USA, Child Protective Services, the CIA, FBI, NSA, Hollywood, Rock music, the mainstream news media and the corrupt politicians in Washington D.C. are pulling the biggest all time con on the citizens, while they secretly body snatch innocent kids all over the country, transport via vast underground network of tunnels, to airfields where they are flown away by their new owners who next sell them into sex slavery or kill them and sell their parts on the internet.

#Pizzagate stars a bevy of perverse characters and its biggest attraction Comet Ping Pong, run by James Alefantis, one of the most influential people in Washington D.C., with connections to the Rothschilds, Clinton’s and John Podesta, is where some of the lurid activity is purportedly happening.

Chester’s mother, Susan Johnson, apparently birthed Chester out of wedlock and that his biological father, said to be John Podesta, is the person who raped Chester as a child for several years, after a short estrangement. He then stopped once Chester was 14, and would still hold intense control over his boy while hiding in the shadows.

In a VOAT post, the potential timeline of John Podesta and Susan Elaine Johnson (Chester’s Mom) hooking up is explained.

“Chester was born in 1976, John Podesta’s political career started in 1972, ’76 was an election year and his wiki states that he worked on George McGovern’s unsuccessful campaign, so he likely would have been campaigning around the US the prior year. We know how these politicians are, it’s not improbable that he may have had a tryst with Chester’s mother, she may have been a McGovern supporter. The timeline matches just as much as their faces do.”

It has been reported that the abuser of Chester was only a few years older, but I believe that is ‘disinformation’ to throw investigators off the track of Podesta.

All anyone has to do is look at a side by side photo of both men and they are damn near identical twins. The only way that can happen, unless a ton of cosmetic surgery is involved… is if someone shares the same DNA. Think about it.

Like I stated in the opening, Chester’s adoptive dad, Lee Bennington, was a police detective that specialized in child sex abuse cases. Whether he was involved in any direct abuse of Chester too, is yet to be known, but it sure seems odd to me that someone who was paid to protect kids as a profession allowed his own son to be raped. I don’t know about you, but for me something does not add up, okay?

Chester was reportedly sexually abused from age 7 to 13 by an ‘older male’.

I dug deeper into Chester’s background to see what else I could learn about Lee R. Bennington.

When Chester was 11, Lee took full custody of him, after divorcing Susan. Chester started abusing drugs, including LSD and MDMA… both the first choice for programmers to give to people they bring into MK Ultra centers.

“Modern Western culture is Masonic. Based on Luciferianism, Freemasonry teaches that man and not God determines reality. Naturally, they need to overrule natural and spiritual laws in order to assert their own control.” – Esoteric Exposal‏

Wonderland studio is a private facility turned into residence currently that for the past decades has served as a programming center for MK Ultra.

An occult expert tells us more:

“Operation Chaos was launched in 1968, it was the CIA’s response to the Hippie movement and what they determined to be civil unrest. It also t was a move to start to bring the United States under Military Law which now has come to full fruition with the passing of The National Defense Authorization Act law Dec 31rst 2011. The targets of this operation as was COINTELPRO was to go after the Black Panthers and politically active and communal youth. It is interesting to note that the Manson Family/Tate LaBianca murders was also an attempt to frame the Black Panthers as evidence was planted that was taken from the scene of the murders and planted to make it look like these groups.”

TMD Fights!

The occult expert concludes:

“By using informants and illegal tyranny against its own American Citizens the CIA also used The IRS the BNDD, the LEAA, the Department of Health, Education and welfare HWW and all of the intelligence community and divisions of the armed forces. Over a quarter of a million people were under active surveillance at this time. This was done to neutralize and discourage any making of subversive anti government groups.”

“Charles Manson was involved with the Haight Ashbury Clinics through the women of the Family. It is interesting to note that Abigail Folger was involved with this clinic and is said to have known Charles Manson at this time. This clinic was said to have been conducting government based tests on Human behavior.”

My research informed me that not only was Sharon Tate a witch and member of the elite coven that brutally murdered her but she was also an MK Ultra programmed sex robot who was trained out of the Wonderland facility in Laurel Canyon (just minutes away from her residence), where NSA military madman, Michael Aquino, had clearance and ran his diabolical brainwashing program there to create mind controlled killers, prostitutes and spies to push the evil New World Order agenda.

Pictured: Sharon Tate, Hollywood Satanic Ritual Sacrifice. Photo by Michael Ochs

“The Devil is beautiful. Most people think he’s ugly, but he’s not.”
– Sharon Tate

One of Tate’s final films was called Eye Of The Devil (1966), an eerie suspense flick directed by J. Lee Thompson, about a cult that performed ritual human sacrifice. Sharon played the role of Odile de Caray, a witch with mysterious powers.

Keep in mind, I also reported on the purported “Tate murders snuff film” that is supposed to have been shot while the grisly murders on Cielo Drive went down. It turns out victim Voytek Frykowski was allegedly into filming rape scenes before the tables were turned and they cast him in his very own death flick.

“There is the nagging consideration that Robert Kennedy dined with Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski the night of his death and that Manson’s people were very much involved with the “black-caped, black-garbed, death-worshipping Process Church of the Final Judgment” which, writes Sanders, “arrived on the Los Angeles scene in early 1968. They stayed in public view till a few days after Robert Kennedy’s assassination in June of ’68, after which they dropped from sight in Los Angeles.” – Manson Case File

According to Cielo Drive site:

“Roman Polanski was never faithful to Sharon Tate. Not when they were dating, and not after they were married. She had always told Roman that she didn’t want to change him, but she always hoped that he himself would change. She tried her best to ignore his philandering ways, but it was taking a toll on her. Some of her friends would later suggest that Sharon planned to leave Roman. However, even if she had intended to, she would never get the chance.”

That is because her husband, a known Satanist and pedophile, sacrificed his wife and child to Satan, and then hid out at Warren Beatty’s house afterward. Nice guy, huh?

To the Illuminati, women are born to suffer. This is the kind of attitude that Freemasons and other “illuminati” institutions have, “feminism” is a creation of theirs and is used as an emotional trigger so “feminists” instinctively (soft mind control) support a female candidate or someone propped up in the media as a “feminist” icon when really they are as much apart of the misogynistic system (i.e Hillary Clinton, Thatcher) as George Bush, which ultimately leads to the kind of abuse suffered by Cathy O’Brien.

Investigators received information “from Karlene Ann McCaffrey, receptionist for Sebring, Inc., that Joel J. Rostau, residing at 840 North Larabee Street, apartment 119, had delivered narcotics to the Tate residence on the night of the homicide. Rostau informed McCaffrey that he had delivered cocaine and mescaline to the house but that Frykowski and Sebring wanted some additional narcotics and that he had gone back down the hill but was unable to locate the other narcotics they requested and therefore he did not return to the Tate residence.”

The bad drug deal theory has been used by the mainstream news media as the main reason the massacre happened, but that is not the real story. The NSA and CIA were behind the NWO hit job tied to the Hollywood coven her husband belonged to. Yes, Uncle Sam funded and trained the Manson family.

It is also my belief that Chester Bennington suffered the same kind of abuse under MK Ultra his entire life as Sharon Tate did.

His band’s connection to the Clinton’s via SRS Recycling Center in Haiti should throw up red flags.

But just when you think there can’t be anyone more crazy than Charlie Manson…

Enter Michael “The Antichrist” Aquino… a special kind of evil. He is believed to be the programmer of The Manson Family and many others. Worse than any movie monster or maniac you have ever seen or read about. Out of all the serial killers I have ever studied, this dude looks to be without a doubt the most vicious and outright sadistic of them all, even more evil than the Angel of Death, Josef Mengele. The number of dead “The Antichrist”, as he likes to be called, has left behind I believe will never be fully understood, and overall, his syndicate of evil, which I feel is largely responsible for the worldwide holocaust that has seen an estimated 8 million globally die per year, 300 million total dead in the past 40 years since Aquino has been active. He must be stopped.

The following press clip tells you all you need to know about “The Antichrist”.

“Mikey” allegedly likes to drink blood, rip the heart out of the chest of kids who are still alive, and commit other absolutely terrifying acts of human atrocities, including cannibalism.

Perhaps when all is said and done he will be recognized as the single most prolific serial killer in American history, maybe the entire world. With his super-sized ego, I bet that would put a big smile on his twisted, child eating face.

This sort of deviant activity: child abuse, MK Ultra controlled sex slaves, and ritual murder cover up has been going on for decades:

“Mark Phillips, a former electronics subcontractor for the Department of Defense, was privy to some of the top secret mind control activities perpetrated by the U.S. government. His inquisitive demeanor, strong conscience and heart-felt concern for Cathy O’Brien,a “Presidential Model’ under Project MONARCH, prompted him to reveal the inner-workings of this grand deception beginning about 1991. He helped Ms. O’Brien escape from her captors and was able to deprogram her in about a year’s time in Alaska. New Orleans therapist Valerie Wolf introduced two of her patients before the President’s Committee on Human Radiation Experiments on March 15, 1995 in Washington D.C. The astonishing testimony made by these two brave women included accounts of German doctors, torture, drugs, electroshock, hypnosis and rape, besides being exposed to an undetermined amount of radiation. Both Wolf and her patients stated they recovered the memories of this CIA program without regression or hypnosis techniques.”

“The absolute biggest breakthroughs in life lie just beyond the darkest days.”

– Jared Leto AKA “The Joker”

I proved collusion existed between John Podesta and LINKIN PARK band with SE4ALL.

Wikileak #403654: LINKIN PARK committed to mobilization for SEforALL Initiative which is headed up by “Skippy” Podesta & Ban Ki-moon, fully making use of the band’s social media presence plus the band’s public profile to “promote global agenda”.

Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse. Led by the United States Attorneys’ Offices and the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state, and local resources to locate, apprehend, and prosecute those who sexually exploit children, and to identify and rescue victims.

Yet, the sad truth is that Project Safe Childhood, like CPS and other abuse foundations, are nothing more than fronts for a massive criminal network making billions annually off the blood and flesh of stolen kids. A well run enterprise that lures and abducts unsuspecting kids, some literally right out of their homes in front of their sobbing parents, by way of crooked CPS workers who make up lies about ‘abuse’ to get their hands on all of the blue eyed, blonde kids they can, got it?

On the black market, blonde kids fetch top dollar and can sell for as much as $50,000 each.

Film director Roman Polanski became forever linked in Satanic darkness to the Manson Family murder of his wife Sharon Tate and unborn baby, while he was shooting the 1969 horror film classic Rosemary’s Baby.

As the story goes, in ’77, Polanski next got arrested for rape, sodomy, child molestation, and giving drugs to a minor after he invited a thirteen-year old to Satanist/actor Jack Nicholson’s estate on Mulholland Drive.

As I previously reported, it is said Nicholson and fellow Satanist/actor, Warren Beatty, arrived on the murder scene at the Tate slayings before the cops did, to retrieve any damning information that could implicate their coven who was behind the massacre.

Keep in mind, when Chester Bennington became very frustrated and almost ready to end his musical career early on, a dude named Jeff Blue, the vice president of A&R at Zomba Music in L.A., scored him an audition with the future members of LINKIN PARK.

I also learned that Jeff Blue once worked with TMZ reporter, Harvey Levin. Get this, Blue was a Communications Major focusing on Media Law and interning for Levin in the CBS TV news department.

So now you have a major link between the producer of LINKIN PARK and TMZ, who is the news organization controlling the Bennington ‘suicide narrative’ from the start, and were sent the autopsy report for Mr. Bennington before I was, even though I paid for it… and had requested it one month prior.

According to Blue’s site:

“Jeff Blue is a multi-platinum producer and songwriter, and a veteran A&R executive who has worked at Atlantic, Interscope, Zomba Music Publishing and RCA, among other labels. In the late 1990s into the 2000s, Blue helped shepherd Linkin Park’s early career and negotiated its deal with Warner Bros. Records, bringing the band with him when he became a senior vp A&R at WBR. He is currently developing new talent for his production company, Jeff Blue Music.”