July 13, 2024

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LINKIN PARK, Charles Manson And The Baby Killers!

TMD Fights For Truth!

LINKIN PARK, Charles Manson And The Baby Killers!

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

This report originally posted on November 22, 2017

I presented new evidence in my last report that shows there were ‘human trafficking’ tunnels built underneath the Playboy mansion by Hugh Hefner that were not sealed closed until the mid eighties. These tunnels ran straight to the homes of legendary actors Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson.

I also provided a real life account of a young man’s abuse under the CIA MK Ultra mind control program and a snuff film where he is forced at gunpoint to bite off a young child’s penis after his head was blown off. This snuff film was purportedly directed by Hunter S. Thompson.

“Line up another shot, Johnny boy!”

“In the summer of ’69 members of Charlie Manson’s “family” stole an NBC-TV truck loaded with film equipment. Later on the truck was dumped and the majority of its contents given away, but Charlie kept one of the cameras. The Family also allegedly owned three Super-8 cameras which they used to produce both (adult and children) snuff films.”

The snuff film allegation comes from an interview with an anonymous one-time member of the Manson Family in which they tell a story about a “short movie depicting a female victim dead on a beach.

ANON: I, I, I knew, I know, I only know about one snuff movie. I, uh, you know —

SANDERS: Which snuff movie do you know about?

ANON: I just know like a young chick maybe about 27, short hair… yeah… and chopped her head off, that was . . .

SANDERS: What did the girl look like? What was the scenario?

ANON: What was what?

SANDERS: What was the scenario? Was she tied up? Did she look willing?

ANON: She was dead. She was just lying there.

SANDERS: She was already dead?

ANON: Yeah. Legs spread, uh. She was nude but nobody was fucking her. They said her head was just chopped off and she was just laying there.

I learned that right after the Tate murders happened that Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson showed up to the location at Cielo Drive… before the police.

The sad truth is a child pedophile ring has been operating in Hollywood for decades, allegedly Jon Voight raped his daughter Angelina and put her into the ring at a young age. Now as an adult, Angelina Jolie likes to have sex with knives where they cut each other during the act.

I personally verified this info because my old roomie in Venice Beach, California during the early nineties told me he and Angelina dated while attending Beverly Hills High together. I thought he was full of it. Trying to impress me or something. But I was mistaken.

Angelina and I spoke on the phone one time actually. She called to speak to my friend Alex and he was not there so I told her that I would let him know she called and we hung up. I have to admit she creeped me out big time because I already knew all the stories he told me about her, like the crazy one about her accidentally stabbing him with a knife one time and he said there was blood everywhere.

Satanists thrive off fear. They get high off what is called Adrenachrome. This is released from the pineal gland at the height of terror. That is what it is all about….. according to their hero, the sinister Aleister Crowley.

Adrenochrome, C9H9NO3, was represented as a recreational drug by author Hunter S. Thompson in the book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which was made into a film and starred Johnny Depp, another Satanist who is also believed to be into making snuff films. In this book, and subsequent film, it is presented as a powerful hallucinogen that is acquired from a living donor’s adrenal gland. The high is shown to be like a hallucinatory amphetamine rush. This is supported by a similar mention in The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley, where adrenochrome is likened to LSD.

Satanic NSA/CIA MK ULTRA mastermind pedophile, Michael Aquino, co-authored an absolutely chilling paper called “Mindwar” that explains further how the illegal CIA program, kept secret from tax paying citizens targets those they deem a perfect subject to program so these human robots do and say what they want them to, which is how Tex Watson developed into such a killing machine. Yet, they made Charles Manson the patsy for the Satanic coven sanctioned hit on everyone inside the Tate home that night. Yes, Charlie was a bad dude… but he was not anywhere near the monster that Tex was… or Aquino. These two assholes are about as bad as it gets based off my extensive research of serial killers in American history. The fact that Aquino is a free man today is mind blowing. He should be brought to justice, along with all of the other criminal element working in the U.S. Government, secret agency or not, it’s time we citizens who pay taxes say enough is enough and pull their funding. It would be even better just to see the NSA, CIA and FBI abolished once and for all, in my opinion.

Once I get finished with my investigating, I am confident there is going to be considerable outrage and hopefully people who read my work will start to make some noise finally and fight back. And I am not talking about just retweeting my tweet. You need to sit family members down and seriously explain to them what has been going on all of these years right underneath our noses.

As the story goes, before the grisly Tate/LaBianca murders went down, Charlie had moved in with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, and Tex Watson was already living with Dennis. They were shopping Charlie around for a record label deal to Doris Day’s son Terry Melcher. Charlie was a decent pop folk singer and had one of his tunes actually covered by the Beach Boys. The song is not bad, truthfully. It’s called ” Never Learn Not to Love”.

The song was an altered version of Charlie’s “Cease to Exist”, written by the aspiring folk singer-songwriter/criminal before all hell broke loose in Los Angeles and flower power would be gone for good, along with America’s innocence.

Musically, Wilson is said to have “deviated from Manson’s blues influence, reworking it to fit the band’s pop-oriented approach.”

The Beach Boys recorded the track at Brian Wilson’s home studio on September 11 and 16–18, 1968.

The track was released as the B-side to the group’s “Bluebirds over the Mountain” single on December 2, 1968. In 1969, “Never Learn Not to Love” was included on the Beach Boys’ 15th studio album 20/20.

When Manson discovered he was uncredited on the single, he was absolutely infuriated and threatened to kill Dennis Wilson. Beach Boys collaborator Van Dyke Parks recalled the threat:

“One day, Charles Manson brought a bullet out and showed it to Dennis, who asked, ‘What’s this?’ And Manson replied, ‘It’s a bullet. Every time you look at it, I want you to think how nice it is your kids are still safe'”

As bad as Charlie was, believe it or not, he wasn’t the real monster of the family. It was Charles Watson… known as “Tex” who committed all 7 murders at the Tate and LaBianca homes, not Charles Manson. I learned Manson was a CIA controlled patsy who had spent most of his life locked up at that point, 22 out of his 32 years.

They gave him a bunch of money and turned him into a hippie “God”. A lot of LSD was given out to Charlie and his group of followers. Again, LSD is the main drug used by the CIA for MK Ultra mind control. The CIA actually paid him money after he was released from prison so he had new clothes to wear and look like a more crazy Jim Morrison.

The night of the Tate massacre, purportedly a drug deal went bad and that is why Tex and the girls paid a visit to Voytek Frykowski at the Tate residence. Apparently Voytek dealt a bad batch of acid that was sold to a movie star in the Satanic Hollywood coven… and they were not happy.

At least, that was the story they wanted you to believe. I know what really happened and why.

This was a planned mass sacrifice. Everyone has been fooled all these years.

As far as the LaBiancas, it is known that Manson drove the car there and went in and tied them up. Again, legally culpable for the murders. But it was Tex who did the actual killings.

Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty were allegedly the shot callers in the Hollywood coven, and they did some really sick shit to people.

Late director Stanley Kubrick hired Nicholson to play the lead character in the movie The Shining as a way of conveying that Hollywood types are tied into Satanism, the occult, and child sexual abuse.

Snuff films have played out in real life in front of a massive concert crowd, believe it or not.

Courtney Love is the daughter of a man who once managed the band ‘The Grateful Dead’ formerly known as the ‘Warlocks’ who were present at the snuff film known as ‘Altamont’ where the ‘Rolling Stones’ were playing the song Sympathy for the Devil as the ‘Hell’s Angel’s’ ritually stabbed a black man.

Love is good friends with Chris Cornell’s wife Vicky, who is also friends with Chester Bennington’s wife, the ex Playboy model Talinda.

Investigator Abel Danger has linked Hillary Clinton’s alleged development of a Federal Bridge Certification Authority snuff-film archive to a visa service apparently launched in 1994 by Serco to abduct children and staff sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs) for a Podesta pedophile ring.

Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK was found hanging in his new home he had just moved into with is beautiful Playboy model wife and 6 kids.

After 100+ days, Chester’s autopsy report has still not been finalized by the coroner and made public to journalists like myself, despite the fact I already paid the fee to obtain it nearly a month ago. Yes, 90 days is sometimes needed for irregular cases, but we are now at the 4 month mark since Chester died. And if this was such a slam shut case of suicide, why the hold up on the release of the report?

Word going around is that Chester was murdered during a snuff film production and it is being covered up. Perhaps, this is why the L.A. coroner will not release the report.

Look, Chester’s wife admitted to quickly cremating Chester, right? Like Chris Cornell’s wife, who acted so concerned and was not convinced Chris took his life intentionally, so throwing your loved one to the flames is not exactly a Satanic move?

That’s how these Luciferians like to operate, understand? They don’t give a shit about fans feelings. They laugh and mock all of you daily who support the bullshit ‘suicide’ narrative.

Late Hollywood journalist Dominick Dunne gives the most detailed account of the Tate murders and how none other than Warren Beatty ‘somehow had the scoop on it all’:

“One day during the O.J.Simpson trial, Warren Beatty suggested that I write about the Sharon Tate murders, but for a long time I resisted the idea. As I reminded Warren, the prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi had covered the case thoroughly in his amazing book, Helter Skelter. Warren said, “Vince knew the bad guys,” meaning the Manson gang. “But you and Lenny knew the movie people. You knew the life they lived. It was the crowd from the Daisy that went in and out of the house on Cielo Drive.” He was right. We had known them all. The Daisy was the first of the private discotheques in the city, where the young and the rich twisted and boogied away the nights in a town famous for going to bed early. The skirts were short. The girls were beautiful, the guys were handsome.

Hugh Hefner rocking his gangster Illuminati black/white!

On any given night, if you managed to get in, which could be difficult, you were apt to see Joan Collins, Michael Caine, Ryan O’Neal, Mia Farrow, Jane Fonda, Warren Beatty, the Sinatra sisters, and maybe a Vegas figure or two. The Polanski’s were often there. So was Jay Sebring. You could slip out to the garden in back for a snort or a toke. The smell of pot was often in the air. It sounds absurd to call the scene innocent, but it was. Everybody knew everybody. It was a nightly party, even though plenty of dramas took place there. Frank Sinatra, who had taken a dislike to me, once paid the Daisy’s maitre d’ 50 bucks to hit me. Back then 50 bucks was a lot of money. The place was owned by a glamorous couple named Jack and Sally Hansen, who were very much a part of the scene themselves. They also owned Jax, the wildly successful Beverly Hills shop that changed the cut of women’s slacks. One night after the murders, Michelle Phillips was waving a gun around at the bar. Sally Jansen said quietly, “Darling, put the gun away.”

Dunne concludes:

“To this day, there are those in the community who firmly believe that the murders were the result of a drug deal gone bad between Voytek Frykowski and Charles Manson.”

But that was only the BS that the Illuminati wanted everyone to believe… it was not the truth.

Poor Sharon Tate, movie star, a pregnant mother to be, whose husband, director Roman Polanski, a known pedophile, and who acted so shocked about her death, is actually a member the elite coven that killed his wife. At the time of the murders, he was directing Mia Farrow in the horror classic about Satan possessing a young woman’s child titled “Rosemary’s Baby”. If that isn’t a more obvious sign that Sharon Tate was a chosen sacrifice for the psychopaths in the Hollywood cult, maybe you need to back up and read this paragraph again. Nobody will agree with that because it is too shocking, but this is how it went down and The Illuminati continues to do these staged massacres today in Las Vegas and other major U.S. cities, all in an effort to gain the advantage on the masses with trauma based mind control.

So just like Sharon Tate, it is my determination at this point that Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK was sacrificed the same exact way as she was. Although, because no autopsy report in his case has been made available we do not have any physical evidence to review at all. As preposterous as that seems, I believe that the medical examiner never did one on Chester. He was sacrificed very fast, and no report let out… because his body was horribly desecrated in a the sacrifice ritual, including decapitation. Now whether or not this was filmed and included any rape is yet to be known, but one thing is for sure Chester’s case is not closed. It is open and I am going to keep working on my investigation to get to the bottom of things whether middle aged housewives on Twitter call me “shithead” or a “lunatic” because they are too far off in La La land to want to wake up to reality.

The Illuminati is best described this way:

“Their whole insane doctrine is based on the supposition that black is white, that good is evil, that two plus two equals five. They are men of insane minds. And they have developed an equally insane ‘scientific‘ system, designed to reprogram and recreate social material and spiritual reality to fit their perverted, upside down theology.”

The study breaks it down for us further:

“Their scientific system, actually a form of Witchcraft, is based on alchemy and magic. Its process is one of Universal Motion, designed to purposely foment diabolical chaos so that order may come out of two dynamic competing forces, Ordo Ah Chao. Their objective is the Great Work, the changing of man created in God’s image into the image of a serpent-being void of morality and void of righteous, just values. In other words, the Great Work is designed to create and produce a race of soul-less satanic creatures.”

On August 8, 1969, infamous Hair Stylist of the Stars, Jay Sebring and actress Sharon Tate’s storybook perfect lives were tragically ended when they became the stars of a demonic slaughter at Satanic film director Roman Polanski’s estate in Laurel Canyon.

SHARON TATE was eight months pregnant when she was murdered. Some reports said that she had been hung from the rafters in the living room, that was not the case. She was found sprawled out on the living room floor and she had a noose around her neck, attached to her friend Jay Sebring. There were four deep stab wounds in Sharon’s chest and a deep knife wound to her belly that instantly killed her unborn child.

The Satanic slaughter at 10050 Cielo Drive, Benedict Canyon just a couple miles to the west of Laurel Canyon terrified the nation and still remains the most bizarre mass murder ever.

However, the horrifying truth of who was really behind it is even more scary I am afraid. Nestled in the hills overlooking Hollywood is a place called Lookout Mountain Laboratory and “it was originally envisioned as a U.S. Air Defense Department center. Built in 1941 and nestled in two-and-a-half secluded acres off what is now Wonderland Park Avenue, the installation was hidden from view and surrounded by an electrified fence.”

By 1947 on the eve of Operation PAPERCLIP and formation of the CIA, the facility became a TOP SECRET and clandestine military intelligence fully operational movie studio. Hollywood’s top technicians, directors, producers, actors and actresses such as John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Howard Hawks, Ronald Reagan, Bing Crosby, Walt Disney and Marilyn Monroe had special U.S. Defense Department secret clearances to work at the facility on undisclosed highly classified projects.

“With 100,000 square feet of floor space, the covert studio included sound stages, screening rooms, film processing labs, editing facilities, an animation department, and seventeen climate-controlled film vaults. It also had underground parking, a helicopter pad and a bomb shelter. The existence of the facility remained unknown to the general public until the early 1990s when Svali, an ILLUMINATI Defector, stated that the Hollywood Satanic Cult had a location in California which made all of the training films for “Trauma-based mind control”. No other place has been identified besides this one, Lockout Mountain Laboratory. These training films were undoubtedly also a part of the CIA/MK-ULTRA program.”

The tale of true horror continues:

During the 1960s, international snuff film and pedophile ring fugitive, ROMAN POLANSKI, was a leading figure in a star studded Satanic Coven inked to the Lookout Mountain Lab. Lookout Mountain’s clandestine Satanic Cult was directly involved with the the 1968 CIA assassination of U.S. Senator and presidential hopeful, Robert F. Kennedy; and Manchurian Candidate MK ULTRA/Satanic murderer, Nazi and patsy Charles Manson.

“Allegedly, on the night before Senator Robert Kennedy’s assassination (June 5, 1968), RFK had dinner with director John Frankenheimer and Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. Frankenheimer was of course the director of the original The Manchurian Candidate and Seven Days In May. John F Kennedy apparently spoke with Frankenheimer about both projects. Technical adviser on The Manchurian Candidate was MK-ULTRA programmer, William Jennings Bryan, who has links to Candy Jones and Sirhan Sirhan (amongst many other notables).”

The following excerpt nails down the Polanski/Beatty/Nicholson connection perfectly:

Pictured: Tex Watson of The Manson Family

“Roman Polanski, returning to a home that was now a crime scene with yellow tape around it after his magnificent wife and their about-to-be-born child had both been slashed to death. His close pals, such as Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, and Robert Evans, the glamorous head of Paramount Studios, rallied around him. Since there was no place Roman could go without being besieged by reporters, Evans took him in behind the gates of his French manor house off Coldwater Canyon. He also hung out in Betty’s suite in the Beverly Wilshire hotel and in a place rigged up for him at Paramount Studios.”

Polanski and Tate’s Laurel Canyon residence had also been linked “to drug trafficking, mind control child sex slaves, pornography, snuff films, murder, and the Occult and Sex Magik of the BEAST 666, Aleister Crowley.”



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