CHRIS CORNELL Feared No Evil At The End

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CHRIS CORNELL Feared No Evil At The End

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

“As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil for the Lord God abideth with me.”

Back in May of 2017, according to CNN, Ron Laffitte – manager for Chris Cornell (who never responded to my request for an interview, like the rest of SOUNDGARDEN), claimed he spoke to Cornell on a daily basis and on the afternoon of his death. They were discussing plans for him to perform at the 2017 Global Citizens Music Festival in September in New York.

Chris is said to have sounded upbeat when he talked about plans for the future, according to Laffitte. “He was just really excited about this specific idea that we were going to do.

Chris said, ‘We aren’t just going to make pop history with this one, brother. We are going to make real history.”

So the million dollar question is:

What kind of history was Chris Cornell planning on making at the festival?

The following report was turned in on the event:

“On Saturday, September 23, the 2017 Global Citizen Festival marked its sixth year on the Great Lawn of New York’s Central Park. World and business leaders, non-profit organizations, socially conscious artists, and thousands of Global Citizens united to further the world’s progress toward achieving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and ending extreme poverty by 2030.”

Since we know Chris hated billionaires that were power hungry, and he fought for abused kids all around the world, it’s not unlike Chris to have something even bigger planned up his sleeve.

“Nobody saw this coming, his band mates didn’t see this coming. It’s totally out of character for the Chris that I’ve known and worked with for the last 10 years,” his longtime manager, Ron Laffitte, told CNN

Laffitte concluded: “I would say the last couple of months, he was as optimistic and happy as I can ever recall him … He was so excited about all these things and a new record SOUNDGARDEN was going to put out…”

If Chris was indeed going to make some kind of big announcement, my bet is that it had to do with the worldwide elite child trafficking ring that is devouring millions of innocent kids over the past decades in America alone.

He was sick and tired of the way corrupt politicians stood in the way of the tax paying citizen when it came to protecting our blessed angels.

A video from a decade ago shows how Chris was always proud about his stance to help those that need a hand:

“Really it has to do with kids, people are not defended… one of the things that lacks in our country is the funds to help people. I really think it has to do with justice and protection. And anything with Children always is close to my heart. I do anything I can, any chance I get.”

In the final weeks of his life it’s said that Chris learned his foundation for helping kids was being pilfered of most the money and he was not happy about it and confronted his wife. Since his death I noticed that his Foundation now went black due to alleged ‘delinquency’ under management of Vicky Cornell.

Word is Chris was going to launch a world initiative to stop the global trafficking of kids once and for all via a music festival that SOUNDGARDEN would headline and hit every major city in the U.S. plus go overseas as well, with a definite chart soaring single that only Chris could truly pull off. It would be dedicated to all the slain kids and the families that have been torn apart due to their extermination by the Satanic cabal.

The idea that Chris was going to separate or even divorce becomes a definite scenario to look at now, and the fact that he was looking to do something bigger to help the trafficked kids.

This meant he needed a clean slate in his life. And I think a lot of people did not want Chris to have that. No, they were hell bent on making his life as miserable as possible.

More background on Chris and his wife Vicky, when they met in Paris while he was still married back in the nineties while on tour:

“At the same time this happened, the marriage between the singer and his hardworking wife started to unravel. There was cheating and also the singer was away more and more and was not spending any time with the wife or their child. The singer eventually met another woman from a family notorious for being greedy social climbers. People who knew this woman and her family from years ago say that her mother planned for years to marry her off to someone rich and famous and was “training” her from a young age with that goal in mind. (A version of PMK before her time.) The training apparently worked because once this woman had this singer in her cross hairs, she was determined to break up his family and was successful in doing so. He bought this hook line and sinker and not only was the divorce bitter but other litigation dragged on for years, and the accusations of financial mismanagement by the wife publicly smeared her reputation. The singer tried to drag his former band mates into the litigation fray as well– even though they knew the estranged wife had not done anything deliberately wrong. The ex wife was dragged though court to the point where she was bordering on bankruptcy when things were finally settled.”

On May 18 at MGM Grand Hotel in Detroit, Chris was reportedly discovered hanging in room #1136 by his bodyguard, Martin Kirsten.

Martin Kirsten is believed to be a current member of the California Association of Licensed Security.

The Executive of CALSAGA is a dude named Mark Tsuji, who is also VP of G4S which I learned through more research was started by, get this… ex-FBI agents.

I looked at their Facebook page and here is their stated ‘Mission’:

“Raise and improve the quality of service and public perception of the private security industry by promoting industry growth, and providing information, education, improved standards, legislative and regulatory agency advocacy, money-saving benefits, and personal development.”

How about failing to protect the man you’re paid well to watch? Is that not lesson #1 you get taught at security guy school?

And who hired Martin Kirsten to watch Chris?

None other than Vicky Cornell.

As if things aren’t already suspicious enough when we examine the bodyguard Kirsten, now it turns out he also belongs to InfraGard, yes, you guessed it, which has a partnership with the FBI. (GASP)

I also previously reported that the CEO of MGM, James Murren, sits on President Trump’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council.

Dinesh Rao, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UCLA, told International Business Times in an email about all of the blood observed on the scene that is out of character for a suicide by hanging.

“It’s very unlikely such large amount of blood found in a case of hanging.”

Keep in mind I also spoke with American Heart Association in Dallas, Texas and they could not confirm the claim made by Harvey Levin of TMZ that the 9 rib fractures Chris suffered was the median average amount of breaks when receiving CPR. It turns out the average is more like 2-3 rib breaks each patient I learned.

Vicky Cornell, claims to be Greek. She attended Columbia University. Michael Vachon, spokesman for George Soros and advisor of the Soros Management Fund is a professor at Columbia University.

Chris converted to the Greek Orthodox Church after meeting Vicky.

There was a Greek Orthodox Baptism with the families of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. Chester Bennington was actually a very proud godfather to Chris’ son.

Yet Vicky moved to cremate Chris before the funeral. And this is supposedly a woman who does not think her husband intended to kill himself. Well, then why not help us investigate his death in a proper manner?

As I understand it, cremating a human being is against Greek Orthodox religion. So it all looks really fishy to me the way Vicky has behaved.

Bottom line, it’s my belief that Vicky Cornell conspired with the bodyguard Martin Kirsten, under direct supervision from the elite Satanic coven, the FBI and the CIA to murder the rock legend after his concert was over and stage it to look like a suicide. The wife benefits of course from a suicide as opposed to standing to lose everything in a divorce. The coven gets what they want which is another big name ritual sacrifice notched under their belt at the same time for Lucifer.

It’s a win win situation for the bad guys.


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