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CHESTER BENNINGTON, Decapitated Kids & The Tunnels

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CHESTER BENNINGTON, Decapitated Kids & The Tunnels

(This report originally posted on November 7, 2017)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

Early in 2017, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors appointed a new coroner to take charge of “an agency that has been plagued by autopsy and toxicology backlogs, staff turnover and the near loss of its national accreditation.”

Dr. Jonathan Lucas, 49, the chief deputy medical examiner in San Diego County, reportedly began his new position in Los Angeles on July 10 at a salary of $350,000.

When I made my recent request with Vanessa Gastelum, Chief of Public Services for the L.A. morgue, I fully expected the autopsy report to be ready to be sent to me immediately, of course after I secured the $28 fee for a certified copy. Which I did.

Yet, the L.A. Coroner tells me that it will take up to 2 weeks for processing before they can release it to me. Remember, I made my official request via the California Public Records Act, which works just like the Freedom of Information Act, just on a state level not federal.

And this comes after another person has already been trying to get a copy of Chester’s report for the past 2 months and this woman tells me she is being stalled after she made the fee payment long ago. The word from the coroner Jonathan R. Lucas was the autopsy still had not been ‘finalized’.

It’s now 110 days since Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK was found dead in Palos Verdes, California. Fans are starting to wonder if he was suicided… like many feel his friend and fellow rocker, Chris Cornell, was back in May of this year.

The rumor going around is that there is a strong possibility that Chester is the love child of Washington D.C. political hotshot, John Podesta.

John Podesta, as it was revealed in the ‘Podesta’ Wikileaks email dump last year, is close friends with the man who purportedly likes to make death threats against “truthers” looking into #Pizzagate.

That man being James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong. He and “Skippy” Podesta are both collectors of what can be easily deemed ‘pedophile art’.

I learned that Mr. Alefantis allegedly made a death threat earlier this year on Facebook messenger, saying he would kill a man’s family and it was all recorded and posted on YouTube, yet nobody seems to give a damn.

Another “truther” hacked his way into Comet Ping Pong’s computer and purportedly found definitive evidence of child porn, but has gotten nowhere with DC police when he went to them with this information. They say they will check into it.

Comet Ping Pong was hacked last November, by the way.

What is taking so long to conduct a proper criminal investigation of Comet Ping Pong?

Is it because the Scottish Rite Masonic members who hold high level positions in the DC police and news media are covering it up?

Or is it because President Donald Trump has too many skeletons in his own closet to try and take
Podesta and the Clinton’s down? Don’t forget, he likes to associate with convicted Billionaire pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein.

One thing is for sure and can be verified to the world right now 100%, PIZZAGATE IS REAL.

Do you understand me? Good. So, stop walking around this planet in total La La Land like the rest of the population living in denial on the matter, okay?

When my first #PEDOGATE report was posted in May tied to Chris Cornell’s death, it exploded into a major internet viral sensation when Chester was found dead hanging just like his buddy… on Chris’ birthday, only 2 months later. I said I thought they were definitely both murdered. I did interviews from USA to Romania and back. Nobody believed me because #Pizzagate was being called fake news and dicks with Late Night Talk shows told the public that it was all a “joke” and not real.

Well, I am sad to report that they are both very real. And the depravity that is going on involving the Satanic ritual sacrifices of these innocent souls is beyond gruesome. It is a mockery of mankind.

But trust me, this tale of horror only gets darker. James Alefantis was interviewed about ‘child abuse’ at his business and lied like a two bit thief when he denied there was any wrongdoing going on at Comet Ping Pong.

Yes, Mr. Alefantis has some serious explaining to do now.

The Dupont underground tunnels run for miles under the street Comet Ping Pong is located on, only a few feet from the surface too, just research Dupont Underground if you don’t trust me.

I found out that these tunnels are being turned into an art gallery in the future, which makes perfect sense considering that it’s now known that child trafficking posing as art export is being used to deceive everyone by the evil elite… and it all ties to MOCA art gallery in Los Angeles where, yes, COMET PING PONG band HEAVY BREATHING has also performed at in the past.

According to Smithsonian Mag:

“About eight feet below the surface of one of the busiest neighborhoods in Washington, D.C., lies a massive series of tunnels. Snaking their way under Dupont Circle and beyond, these dark, concrete passageways and platforms take up about 75,000 square feet of space. Over the past 50 years, with one ill-fated exception, they have lain pretty much unused, forgotten and ignored. The Dupont Underground project is trying to change that, with the hope of turning the tunnels into a place where art thrives.”

Is Comet Ping Pong a front for the elite Washington D.C. child trafficking ring?

Are the Dupont Tunnels the primary means used by the ring to smuggle abducted kids out of Washington D.C.?

It seems really suspicious to me that John Podesta finds it necessary to go on Twitter the other day and Tweet his disdain for #Pizzagate “crazies” and say it is a 100% false story.

If he is so innocent of any crimes against children, why the need to respond about it online?

He looks like a desperate, desperate man… who knows his end is coming.

Whether his own coven members decide to kill him, he kills himself or somehow he manages to disappear from the USA for good, I fully believe “Skippy” is running out of time.

If the police won’t do their job, because they are covering up the international trafficking ring,
then it’s time for us citizens to step up and get the job done for these poor kids.

It seems to me all of the alternate news journalists like myself are starting to get under Skippy’s skin, and so now we must turn up the heat on this smug elitist even more.

After all, “Skippy” loves to kill and grill animals, right? He is an old pro at it apparently, having slaughtered cattle and whatnot at a farm back in the day.

The mainstream news even calls him a “killer” in interviews, so I guess we better take their word for it, huh?

“The following video is the one that purportedly ties Comet Pizza and James Alefantis to ‘kill rooms’ located at Pegasus museum just down the street from Comet. It is the video which got the author of the posting to talk on the phone to Alefantis who threatened his life with a witness at present. He had somehow got images of the authors family including his girlfriend and he threatened the author repeatedly with death. The original kill room pictures are old pics linked to Alefantis (jimmycomet) ( Owner of comet ping pong ) instagram, the pictures on that instagram had pedophilic descriptions (basically they were working making that place their kill room/jail, underground, hence the digging), now the photos have been tracked to the original source, and they link BACK to comet and James Alefantis. The original video is gone. The video creator may have been threatened.”

And the million dollar question is of course is Chester Bennington the illegitimate son of John Podesta? Since no DNA test can be done at the present time, I dug deeper to see exactly how much ‘similar looks’ between two men play into the ‘paternity’ determination process.

There is no doubt in my mind that they look damn near identical to one another. I have never gotten one argument from anyone about that. Which is amazing in this case. I’ve had to fight heavily for almost every piece of evidence presented in this matter until I am blue in the face.

New research has revealed that in terms of genetics, most people are actually more similar to their father. Although we inherit equal amounts of genetic mutations from our parents, we actually ‘use’ more of the DNA that we inherit from our fathers, scientists found.

I also learned about a reporter for Fox News who was killed 4 years ago for stumbling onto the massive Satanic child slaughter ring:

WASHINGTON, October 18, 2013 — The death in late summer of Fox News investigative reporter and producer Martin Burns, came as a heavy blow to the many child advocates and suffering parents who looked to Burns’ award winning TV segments “Lost in the System,” to champion their fight for justice for child victims of abuse and trafficking. Friends close to Burns have said he was aware he was investigating some dangerous people…

His mission was simple: get some kind of justice for people who were scammed or hurt by a corrupt system.”

I also discovered there is widespread abduction of American kids by CPS with no good reason at all. They just make up bullshit lies and take your kid from you. They do bad stuff with them after that, let me tell you. Many of the boys and girls get sold into sex slavery.

“Orange County CPS is an agency unde fire for mistreatment of kids. Brian Claypool, a lead attorney in the Miramonte child abuse case is now taking on Orange County Social Services. Claypool has signalled his intent to file a civil lawsuit for “willfully abducting” and “trafficking” the daughter or Dr Ruby Dillon by “fabricating evidence, committing perjury, and routinely violating the law.””

When are you people going to wake up finally to what is happening in the USA today?

Your leaders, the people you pay to protect all of your best interests, you know, rolling around in all them fancy limos, are lying to you on a daily basis, for decades now, and they are killing little innocent kids and eating their hearts after removing their heads. The worst part. They keep getting away with it.

Now in other parts of the country, chilling Illuminati messages are being left out in the open to let everyone know exactly what is going down, understand?

WEST TOWN, CHICAGO — Doll heads have been spotted on West Augusta Boulevard in West Town and on a concrete barrier by the Armitage Avenue Kennedy Expy. exit in Bucktown, a DNAinfo reader said.

“I’m legitimately concerned by the multiplying doll heads tacked up around Wicker Park and Bucktown,” Andrea Cordts wrote.

Cordts, a public relations account manager, said she first spotted the doll heads near Fetch PR’s office at 1250 W. Augusta Blvd. early last week and did not think it was more than an isolated incident.

But Friday morning, Cordts said she also noticed doll heads on the concrete barrier by the Kennedy’s Armitage exit, several blocks from where she saw the first doll heads.

“This is some super weird street art



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