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SICARIUS – Signs With M-Theory Audio

Like a merciless dagger onto the scene comes SICARIUS with their murderous, bloodthirsty and ultra-violent black metal assault. Founded 3 years ago, Sicarius, meaning contract killer or assassin in Latin, drew influence and pay homage to classic, black metal bands, yet also inject a modern high-velocity method to deliver their brand of bludgeoning and savage music.

“I witnessed Sicarius perform at a small show featuring some other M-Theory Audio acts including Helsott and Empyrean Throne,” explains M-Theory Audio label head Marco Barbieri. “I was unfamiliar with the band previously but within minutes of taking the stage the group commanded my attention. Not only with their look, but more so for their performance which was raw, violent and reckless. The ‘danger’ aspect is something that escapes most rock and metal these days, but with Sicarius I was intrigued which ultimately lead to this signing.”

“We at Sicarius are absolutely thrilled to be a part of the M-Theory team and to work with a leader of such a high caliber like Marco. The man is a visionary to say the least, and has worked with countless black metal acts that have influenced Sicarius in many facets,” explains guitarist Argyris. “Since forming this outfit the biggest goals have been to write music that we want to listen to, and to carry the torch of the classic bands from the late ‘80s / early ‘90s such as Rotting Christ, Mayhem, Bathory and Gorgoroth. We hold the utmost respect and confidence in this label and the team that operates it. After meeting with Marco I am very privileged to share our vision for Sicarius under the banner of M-Theory Audio and together unleash uncompromising black metal violence upon the world.”

Sicarius have created a reputation for themselves in Southern California appearing on live shows with Vader, Helheim, Uada, The Noctambulant, Imperial Triumphant and more, as well as in underground circles with their previous EP, Scorch the Earth. Watch for more info soon regarding their recently recorded new full-length album, Serenade Of Slitting Throats, to be released this fall on M-Theory Audio.

M-Theory Audio is the new label helmed by Marco Barbieri, former president of Century Media Records and Nuclear Blast America with a staff whose resumes include Prosthetic, Epitaph and Victory Records. M-Theory Audio features a burgeoning roster including such notable acts as Nomadic Folk Metal group Tengger Cavalry, Pagan metal warriors Helsott, doom/psychedelic outfit Blackfinger (featuring former Trouble vocalist Eric Wagner and Dream Death guitarist Terry Weston), female-fronted symphonic metal band Graveshadow and traditional metal band White Wizzard.

Sicarius live dates:

18 – The Union – Los Angeles, CA (with Marduk, Incantation, Abysmal Dawn)
24 – The Bancroft – Spring Valley, CA (with Panzergod)

30 – Extermination Fest @ The San Antonio Rose – Vernon, CA

Source: BW&BK