July 18, 2024

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ENFOLD DARKNESS – Premiere New Song

Nashville, Tennessee extreme metal act ENFOLD DARKNESS are set to drop their sophomore album, Adversary Omnipotent. Fans of black metal and/or technical death metal will have a worthy addition to their music libraries on July 14 when the new record is released via The Artisan Era (pre-orders are available now).

Now the band has unleashed a new track from the outing titled “The Test of Wisdom.” The song features a guest guitar solo from Inferi/ex-Entheos/A Loathing Requiem guitarist Malcolm Pugh and is available for your listening pleasure below. Also be sure to follow Enfold Darkess on Facebook for the latest information and updates.

“When we heard the all too familiar sound of Sumerian Records signing someone new and obscure from the death metal community, we were both excited — but a little bit unsure. But seeing how Enfold Darkness‘ latest effort, “Our Cursed Rapture,” sports a very familiar, Demon Hunter-esque cover, and shows all the signs of being one of the many standard death metal acts that you could stumble upon while browsing sites like Lambgoat. Of course every so often, there will be a hyper death metal band that will manage to step up and deliver something more than simple monstrous double bass and darkened growls.” – Bring On Mixed Reviews

Source: Lambgoat