June 19, 2024

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ROCKET RANT: My War Of Words With The Detroit News!

ROCKET RANT: My War Of Words With The Detroit News!

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

My second call with George Hunter this morning woke me from sleep, so I am normally not the most chipper person to speak with when that happens.

Unlike the first call, that was more friendly between us, this time around the gloves came off immediately!

For about ten minutes, he and I argued over the statement in the autopsy that clearly says:


His medical expert says that it dissolves in system quickly and not detectable.

My expert who is an emergency nurse says that some Ativan digest real slowly, but nonetheless that trace amounts within 24 hours of consumption is usually detectable in somach lining unless they ate a big meal.

So we went back and forth, and I told him look the bottom line is that according to the
tox report there was only ‘therapeutic amounts’ in his bloodstream anyway so it totally
debunks VIcky Cornell’s claim that Ativan caused some sort of ‘psychological reaction’ that made
Chris take his own life unintentionally as his wife is trying to sell to the public.

Next, Hunter says that he cannot verify the EMS audio where the medic clearly says “Signs of strangulation,head trauma and cold to the touch.” He cannot verify it because that section of the audio is now missing from the police record at Detroit PD!

So in his follow up article at Detroit News George now has to state that the audio I provided from Youtube may not be authentic… because he still can’t officially obtain the 911 call evidence from the Detroit police department.

He also says that what EMS workers say on the scene of a death doesn’t really matter to the overall investigation in his experience.

Really? Well, I would think since they were the only actual professional emergency in person handling the man’s body at THE TIME HE WAS PRONOUNCED DEAD is crucial to record for the matter. Are they not trained medical personnel?

Do they not save lives? Are they not given special education courses and training and delivering first aid so they can even attain a license to work in this field?

But what they say about a victim lying on the ground with noticeable wounds on back of head,
head congestion from possible strangulation, doesn’t matter?

That is the silliest goddamn thing I have ever heard in my entire life!!

Yup, something tells me George and I are going to be having more mix ups for sure. I cannot understand that way of thinking nor do I feel that is the correct approach as an investigative journalist to just decide certain evidence is not important because of the source… who happens to have a license to work with people in need of emergency care!!