July 24, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL – The Curious Case Of Disappearing Pills

CHRIS CORNELL – The Curious Case Of Disappearing Pills

TMD Special News Report

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

TMD offers a step by step analysis of the given death timeline of SOUNDGARDEN’s Chris Cornell, who sadly passed away at the age of 52 on May 18th in Detroit after a concert.

At the end, it is TMD’s belief that the “Ativan story” will be proven to be nothing more than an elaborate lie told as part of the cover-up to sell a false narrative.

This is not a conspiracy theory! This analysis is based on facts of the case or the closest thing we have to it: the word of those directly connected to the ongoing death investigation of the legendary rock star.

The result will not only terrify the reader but it will surely enrage anyone with a conscience.

The analysis is based off the timeline in the official report as matched to what Vicky Cornell and bodyguard Martin Kirsten have told the authorities.

In the police report, it was revealed that the bodyguard gave Cornell two Ativan, which the late rocker had a prescription for, around 11:30pm on Wednesday.

Vicky claims she was on the phone with Chris a half hour before his death … when he began speaking in a ‘strange manner she hadn’t heard since he was addicted to Oxycontin 14 years ago’.

She was so alarmed by the ‘slurring and aggressive tone’ she asked Chris’ bodyguard to go check on him.

So at around 11:35-11:40, Vicky says that she called the bodyguard to check on Chris and “then she spoke with Chris and he flipped out over the “in-ears” he used during the concert.

Okay, first of all.. does that mean the bodyguard handed the phone to Chris? That’s very different than the original “Chris called me”, right?

And the ‘in-ears’ story.. funny thing is watching the video of SOUNDGARDEN’s final gig you never see Chris tug at them, adjusting them, pulling them out or anything of the such. If the in-ears are that bad for hours, they would either be just taken out, or he would get help asap but not act like nothing is wrong with them because it would be painful and annoying.

Think about it.

So now she changed her story and mysteriously Chris is on the phone that was the bodyguard’s because she said she called the bodyguard’s phone. Now she says they got into it because she accused him of relapsing. He got pissed and she claims he hung up on her.

“I’m just tired…” is what Vicky claims her husband said over and over at the end, remember? Although she has now changed her story yet again via Twitter recently saying the media ‘got that wrong’.

There’s not only multiple glaring inconsistencies within Vicky Cornell’s version of events told directly to the Detroit PD, but to accept her version means Chris would have pills in his stomach, right?

So taking her word, Vicky says the bodyguard gives Chris two Ativan. Chris next says he wants to go to bed. The bodyguard is seen via hallway camera leaving the room at around midnight.

Keep in mind the bodyguard was staying in a room on the same floor only a couple doors away.

Kirsten walked to room 1136 (that has no adjoining room) and knocked but got no answer – so then according to the police report he tried to get hotel management to open the door.

The hotel would not open the door for him since he was not registered to the room. This is when he kicked the door down himself. He found the door to the bathroom was also locked, so he kicked that door down as well.

Chris is found dead at 12:15 by the bodyguard Martin Kirsten.

Now here is the kicker… are you ready?

The Medical Examiner reported via the official autopsy report that there were NO PILLS found in Chris’ stomach.

And upon further research, TMD has learned that Ativan takes 30-60 minutes to absorb in the blood stream. So even if the bodyguard does give Chris two Ativan around 11:35-11:40, the side affects take an hour or longer for that medication according to a pharmaceutical drug site.

However, there is a slight problem. Chris was already dead!

So those side effects Vicky Cornell keeps talking about didn’t even happen!!


One more thing… traces of Ativan stay in the blood for up to six weeks. Meaning, the Ativan reported in the toxicolgy could have been 2 days old or 4 weeks old! BUT NOT THAT NIGHT OLD – due to NO PILLS being found in the stomach, understand?

And they weren’t even enough to cause ‘suicidal thoughts’ anyway because doctors say in all documented cases there is not ONE suicide attempt or death below 300ng/ML of Ativan in a victim’s system…

Chris was at 200.

So if Vicky Cornell was making up this story about giving Chris Ativan and it has now been proven to be a big fat LIE, what else is she hiding from authorities?