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CHRIS CORNELL – Had Nine Fractured Ribs When He Died

TMD Fights For Chris!

CHRIS CORNELL – Had Nine Fractured Ribs When He Died

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

Upon closer inspection of SOUNDGARDEN vocalist Chris Cornell’s autopsy report TMD has learned that the legendary rocker had multiple broken ribs at the time of his death.

“The anterior (front) aspects of the right second through sixth and left second through fifth ribs were fractured.”

That is a total of 9 busted ribs on a dead body that was ruled a ‘suicide’.

The fact that so many of the singer’s ribs were fractured was not once mentioned to the media by anyone from the family’s side, most notably his wife Vicky, certainly brings up the red flag alert for sleuths working on trying to solve a case that many do not believe is a suicide.

While some may think this normally happens while doing CPR, generally when performing CPR you are pressing down on the sternum in the center of chest and not the ribs attached to it. Noise will occur when the ribs separate/tears away from the sternum, but there is not supposed to be breakage.

Think about it. A professional security guard, or a medic/first responder trained in delivering CPR properly knows if you are placing the heel of your palm directly on top of the lower section of the patients sternum that you are at the correct area for “high quality” chest compressions. Therefore, no ribs will be broken.

Did a physical altercation between Chris and Martin Kirsten, the bodyguard, occur before Chris died? Did Chris receive the broken ribs from punches or kicks thrown by Martin Kirsten?

Was Chris Cornell clutched tightly in a bear hug to hold him down so another person could lynch Chris to the door?

Even if we are to believe the busted ribs came from when CPR was performed, wouldn’t only one side of ribs be damaged and not BOTH sides as the autopsy report clearly indicates?

There was hemorrhaging in the area of internal injury, according to the findings in the autopsy.

TMD’s “Latch Theory” has gained widespread attention from fans all over the world who support the idea that the bodyguard fabricated his story to the police.

The only other possible way one can receive that kind of damage to that area in the chest you would have to have had a major impact like hitting the steering wheel in a car accident. Or falling from a good height… like off a ten foot high fence.

Chris was only ‘partially suspended’ from the door, according to the report, right? It is impossible for him to have broken that many ribs when he was pulled down off the door by his bodyguard.

The only way Chris Cornell could have received such extensive damage was through either repeated blunt force strikes to the chest with an object potentially hurled or swung at the victim or the fist or foot of a strong human striking the area with tremendous force.

(Pictured: Martin Kirsten,
Chris Cornell’s bodyguard)

It simply does not add up. Why would someone that was paid to protect such a well known rock star end up failing so miserably? And why did Chris end up dead with such significant internal injuries that cannot be easily explained as being associated with hanging? Shouldn’t the neck area be the only spot for major damage?

And sure, maybe one or two… or even maybe three ribs could get cracked if he was being mishandled during the initial CPR chest compressions by the bodyguard. But come on, NINE RIBS BROKEN?

Why does this not fit with the scenario being sold to the public by the family?

Is it because the bodyguard and Vicky Cornell together conspired to end Chris’ life after SOUNDGARDEN’s May 17th concert in Detroit?

If so…

Mission accomplished.