March 4, 2024

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METALLICA – Plan To Record Next Album With Lady Gaga

American heavy metal icons METALLICA have leaked out word from their camp via a deleted comment on guitarist Kirk Hammett’s Twitter that read: “Gaga is gonna kill em all in the studio when she sings for us” – in response to a fan’s question – confirming that the legendary band has committed to recording in the studio with pop star Lady Gaga.

TMD also learned from an inside source that the collection of songs planned to be cut with the pop diva, slated for an early 2019 release, apparently is going to be called ‘The White Album’ and will be the first effort of the band’s legendary career that does not feature James Hetfield on lead vocals or guitar. Lars was overheard at a band meeting saying: “Me and Gaga are going to sing all the songs for this band from now on.”

Hetfield is said to be practicing 24/7 to takeover as drummer. Word has also leaked out that the band plans to experiment with a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Fall In Love With Me”, along with their first ever electro pop dance music track entitled “Gotta Survive Planet Hetfield”. Don’t worry there is going to be plenty of thrash metal music explains our source.

“Well, yeah… Metallica still plays thrash. Just not all the time. How do you think Earth, Wind & Fire made such an impact in music? They played Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Funk… not just Disco… they did it all!”

The source goes on to say: “Lady Gaga is so serious that she has hired Meatloaf to be her vocal coach.”

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