June 13, 2024

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THE BROOD – New Album Details Revealed

THE BROOD hailing from London, plays punchy, grinding hardcore incorporating elements of crust punk and black metal to achieve an aggressive yet catchy musical onslaught. They spread words of horror and gory themes to paint a bitter criticism of society and incite revolt against a brainwashing, cynical system. The Brood is set to make fans from all horizons, ethnicities and genres bang their heads with orgasmic rage to their new studio effort entitled “The Truth Behind” – set to drop on Feb. 3rd.

Label: Give Praise

Track list:

01 Incubation
02 Barbie Voorhees
03 Of Guts and Fire
04 Lobotomized
05 One By One
06 Latent Dementia
07 GIL
08 Descending Into Madness
09 Reign Of The Leeches
10 Seeds of Demise
11 Free Range Meat
12 Mud Doll Factory
13 Mindfuck
14 Swallowed By The Earth
15 Repeated Slaughter Of The Undead

Source: The Gauntlet