April 15, 2024

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DARKEST HOUR – Drum Playthrough Video Posted

DARKEST HOUR has now released a drum playthrough video for the song “Knife In The Safe Room,” taken off the “Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora” album due out in March of 2017. The band comments:

“Know what was bad ass that happened in 2016? We tracked this album! Here is video of Travis tracking ‘Knife in the Safe Room!’

“You can get the single as an instant download if you pick it up from iTunes, OR as an immediate download, if you pick up one of the packages from Southern Lord Recordings – either way you get to hear it right now so crank up them iPhones or whatever you all listen to music on and distort everything!

View the video HERE.

Some metal bands barely last 10 years, much less 15 years. If a band does get to the decade-and-a-half mark, they’re usually sputtering out or are teetering on their last, diseased and ready-to-give out legs. Rare is the case where an aggressive band mutates, growing stronger, more unstoppable and more menacing with every passing riff, scream and album. Darkest Hour are such a case.

Source: metalunderground