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UNMERCIFUL – Streaming ‘Ravenous Impulse’ Album In Its Entirety


Today, Kansas-based death metal unit UNMERCIFUL – which unites the extreme metal ingenuity of bassist Jeremy Turner (ex-Origin), guitarists Justin Payne and Clint Appelhanz (ex-Origin), drummer John Lonstreth (Dim Mak, Origin, ex-Gorguts etc.), and vocalist Kris Bolton (D.F.W.B.) – unleashes the sonic brutality of their Ravenous Impulse full-length via Unique Leader Records. Captured at Appelhanz’s own Waveworks Studio with drums recorded at Chapman Studios (Origin, Tech N9NE) with longtime producer and friend, Robert Rebeck, Ravenous Impulse raises the proverbial bar of inexorable, unsparing, belligerent, and plainly vicious death metal.

In a recent review of the record, Wonderbox Metal hails nine tracks of, “brutal death metal that properly hangs around in your head long after the dust has settled.” Nine Circles notes, “On Ravenous Impulse, UNMERCIFUL returns from a ten-year hiatus with a vengeance. Any death metal fan looking for something with venom and bite will find plenty to dig into here…. it is entertaining and features absolutely awe inspiring performances all around. Between the technical aspect and the classic death metal approach this second effort from UNMERCIFUL is a juggernaut and one that you won’t want to miss.” In an 8/10 rating, Dead Rhetoric notes, “Cue up all the clichéd death metal verbs like record crushing, relentless, savage, brutal, and so forth – Ravenous Impulse will have you spouting them all before the end of the album. There’s no higher principle that the band operates on other than to oppress your senses and give you an audial bludgeoning. And for that, UNMERCIFUL does exactly what the doctor has prescribed.” That Metal Station concurs, “the songs are brutal, and don’t fail to deliver. The entire thing will give you whiplash and it’s exactly the type of music that would make our forefathers proud for having done what they did. True metal is still alive people, and it’s up to you to keep it relevant”

Rupture some blood vessels with the sounds of Ravenous Impulse, streaming in full at THIS LOCATION.