June 13, 2024

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METALLICA – Release New Official T-Shirt


Den Headz, a brand new METALLICA T-shirt design from their friend SQUINDO is now available in the Met Store at Metallica.com. Check out purchase details HERE.

According to Germany’s Bild, Metallica’s label Universal has set the release date for the band’s tenth studio album. The follow-up to the band’s 2008 release Death Magnetic is expected to arrive on October 14th.

In an interview with Citizens Of Humanity Lars Ulrich was asked about the upcoming release.

“It’s probably a little less frenetic than the last record”, he said. “The last one Rick Rubin really encouraged us to for the first time be inspired by our past. It was the first time we sort of looked in the rearview mirror. This time around it’s a little bit of a different thing. We’re not working with Rick, we’re working with the engineer from the last record, who’s producing, Greg Fidelman. So there’s some of the same production elements at play, but we’re expanding a little bit on the sonics. It’s probably a bit more of a diverse record than the last one. It’s exciting, but I don’t have quite the perspective yet.”

Source: BW&BK