July 13, 2024

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BÄDR VOGU – Streaming Two New Tracks


Wroth is the forthcoming new full-length from Oakland, California sludge/doom/crust metal faction BÄDR VOGU. Captured in the Spring and Summer of 2015 at Earhammer Studios in Oakland by Greg Wilkinson (Pallbearer, Vastum), the eight-track offering be released on cassette and 2xLP via Tribunal Of The Axe Records.

Comprised of Sean Sokol on vocals/samples, Bryce Shelton and Leo Buckley on guitars, Justin Wonder on drums, and Chris Tanti on bass, BÄDR VOGU has had a long, incestuous history of involvement in the underground music scene in the Bay Area and have been involved with numerous other groups such as Hotblack Desiato, World Eater, Agenda Of Swine, Hazzard’s Cure, Ordo Obsidium, Dolph Lundgren, and Nik Turner’s Hawkwind, to name only a few. Their new album, Wroth, cohesively blends their strongest points into a massive and uncompromising slew of songs that they feel are their most compelling and ferocious to date.

In advance of the release of Wroth, the band today shares two new tracks in the form of “Copernican Theory” and “Narcotically Opaque” elaborating, “‘Copernican Theory’ is the opening track off of the new album and the first song we wrote collectively with our current lineup. It starts off with a bang rather than with a slow build-up like the opener on our last album, so we thought it was the perfect song to kick things off. Lyrically, it deals with human subjectivity and the inherent narcissism imbedded within which manifests as viewing yourself as a special, unique being when in all actuality we’re all just carbon-based, avaricious animals trapped on a tiny blue rock close to a dying star in an incomprehensibly vast and expanding universe. Contrary to what your parents and teachers told you, you aren’t special. You aren’t entitled to shit, and neither is anyone else, ourselves included. ‘Narcotically Opaque’ is one of the more bluesy songs on the album, but it manages to rage into some heavy death/doom parts which feel like a blunt kick to the face. The whole song is very emotionally charged and that distraught pathos bleeds through in the riffs, crushing lead, and tortured vocals. The lyrics deal with watching a loved one existentially fade away via drugs and escapism in order to avoid facing trauma that has indelibly altered them – with the admission that you’re guilty of the same mental escapism. Whether its drugs, alcohol, religion, or television, everyone alters their mindset to avoid facing reality, but sometimes people lose sight of not only themselves, but reality itself in the process.”

Check out BÄDR VOGU’s “Copernican Theory” and “Narcotically Opaque” HERE.

To purchase Wroth visit THIS LOCATION.

BÄDR VOGU was forged in 2009 and arose out of mutual friendships in the Bay Area heavy music scene and set out with the intention of creating music that would stand up to the high level of talent and integrity existent in the region’s underground music realm. While influenced by local luminaries such as Noothgrush, Dystopia, Neurosis, Sleep/Asbestos Death, Stormcrow, and Brainoil, they also deftly infuse their sound with the bluesy swagger of the American South, conjuring forth the swampy sounds of Eyehategod, Weedeater, and Buzzov-en. Their brutal concoction is then encased in a solidified crust of filthy death/doom that has an underlying punk/hardcore backbone.

Armed with a strong DIY ethic, BÄDR VOGU has steadily built an underground following in the States through incessant touring and a spattering of releases including their self-released 2010 demo, their 2011 Exitium full-length, 2012’s split LP with Seattle based death/crust outfit Wilt, and a tour tape/demo titled Agglomeration MMXIV issued in 2014 through Transylvanian Tapes. BÄDR VOGU has also established a sizable following in Europe from the release and distribution of their debut through the Spanish death/doom label Memento Mori. This has all led up to the release of Wroth.

BÄDR VOGU will take to the streets later this month on a sixteen-date tour that kicks off this Saturday with a special record release show at Golden Bull in Oakland, California. Additional live assaults to be announced in the weeks to come.

7/16/2016 Golden Bull – Oakland, CA *Record Release Show
7/21/2016 Siren Song – Eureka, CA
7/22/2016 Highwater Mark – Portland, OR
7/23/2016 Georgetown Liquor Company – Seattle, WA
7/24/2016 Mootsys – Spokane, WA
7/25/2016 Wastelander Studios – Boise, ID w/ Oryx
7/27/2016 Club X – Salt Lake City, UT
7/28/2016 Flux – Colorado Springs, CO
7/29/2016 Bar Bar – Denver, CO [info]
7/30/2016 The Coal Mine – Albuquerque, NM
7/31/2016 Timeout Lounge – Phoenix, AZ
8/02/2016 Til Two Club – San Diego, CA
8/03/2016 Que Sera – Long Beach, CA
8/04/2016 The Garage – Ventura, CA
8/05/2016 The Redwood Bar – Los Angeles, CA
8/06/2016 Dethhouse – Las Vegas, NV