July 23, 2024

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ROCKET RANT: Bullet Belts, Berets, And Dancing Militants!


I think radical POP performers not HEAVY METAL – like Beyonce & Kanye – should be the ones held accountable for fueling the current ‘White vs. Black Race War’ and the new ‘War vs. Police’. Her billion dollar brand blasts over the airwaves and TV sets across the USA (mind y’all to about 99 million more people than Phil Anselmo news & music ever reaches, yah dig?) all to support her militant ‘Black Power’ beliefs in the guise of some supposed family friendly Super Bowl halftime show, yet the lead singer is wearing a cross-belt of bullets? Don’t you see what is going on here? Beyonce is the figurehead for the Black Panther Party, yet she would never ever admit to such a thing. It would kill her huge money making music career, right? Not even an idiot with half a brain would do such a thing. But look deeper into the matter. How else can someone of her enormous public stature, famous the world over, get away with such dangerous rhetoric & propaganda moves in light of the exploding and VERY DEADLY racial tension going on in this country?


How is it fair to constantly persecute Phil Anselmo for yelling “White Power” at the end of a small club show? Where I dunno… maybe there was 200-300 fans in the crowd, maximum. Beyonce fills fucking stadiums people!!! So now some deem “The Kid” scum…. in some cases, banned from playing your shitty little club or festival. Or you as a fan have turned on him once and for all. OKAY. WOW. Hang on a damn second! The over dramatic B.S. like Robb Flynn saying: I”m never listening to Pantera music again!” has got to stop!!! Are you kidding me? This is “The Kid” we are talking about and The Cowboys From Hell!! They saved HEAVY METAL when most of you glam metal lovers had turned in your mascara for grunge clothing and were getting down to Nirvana!!! Without the international superstardom that PANTERA achieved during the 90’s none of us would be here even to discuss this online!!! My site THE METAL DEN was created in honor of Dimebag and his music! My prolific and worldwide acclaimed Rock N Roll journalism helped get many of the sites y’all follow today off the fucking ground, facts are facts!!!


Anyway, not to toot my own horn too loud – my mission is simple. Carry the METAL torch the way it’s intended to be carried, understand? I don’t give two shits how anyone views me in the industry, or the enemies I have made with other editors who continuously sell out via ‘Click Bait’ headlines designed strictly to generate page views & advertising dollar$ no matter who it hurts in the end!!! And they’ve proven to be very good at inciting crazy people in the public to react! Look at how Dimebag was shot dead on the stage by a derranged fan. The glossy metal magazines and first webzines (before I launched TMD) successfully turned a band’s fanbase against itself… but most sadly, against the musicians themselves. It could have been Phil or Rex as easy to be the one to die in the Alrosa Villa on any other given night when their other band projects passed through.


And so let me be clear. A person like Beyonce is very dangerous at these times, not “The Kid”. Do not kid yourselves any longer!

Remember this the next time you want to take your turn to kick Phil Anselmo to stop for a minute and think about what you’re really mad about. You will find yourself very quickly realizing that Phil is not the one responsible for the world turmoil and epic civil unrest going on in America today, like never seen before… nope, all that falls squarely on the shoulders of your loving and compassionate President of The United States: Barack Hussein Obama.. or as I like to call him “The Pussy In Chief”!!!


Who just so happens to be what? How about Beyonce’s NUMBER ONE FAN!!!