July 21, 2024

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SPLEENFUL – Live Footage Released


Brazilian dark metal band SPLEENFUL released a live footage of the track “Noir”, recorded on September 27th at Sociedade Orpheu, São Leopoldo. The band performed as the support act for Moonspell, right after the Portuguese gothic act played Rock In Rio. “Noir” is a track from the upcoming full length SPLEENFUL is recording at the moment. The footage was done by Ex Inferis Productions and soon will be released more excerpts from the concert.

Singer Tiago Alano said: “The opportunity of sharing the stage with such a renowned band as Moonspell was an amazing experience, definitively a landmark in our careers. We’ve got a great reception from the audience and this recording will show to everyone how it’s the experience of watching the band on stage. ‘Noir’ is tiny sample of what is yet to come, the new songs are more complex and heavy than what we done on ‘Bittersweet’, but still maintaining our core features.”

Watch the video here:

Source: Metal Rules