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TMD BAND PROMOTIONS – $99 Unlimited Press Service Offer!


The number ONE reason bands are not successful today… they simply don’t know how to use

Essentially, TMD Promo’s program is a press-driven marketing system and BOOKING LEADS GENERATOR designed to help grow out a band’s fan base via the web and gets you tied to a critical ‘genre-specific’ music consumer reach via press marketing… in this case worldwide metal consumers, booking agents and record labels that are part of TMD’s impressive membership. The overall exposure TMD gets your band for the dollar value cannot be touched.


TMD Promo bands pay to be written up (show announcements, new album alerts, etc…) @ THE METAL DEN.COM and to be promoted via The Metal Den on TMD’s Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation.


How Exactly Is TMD Promotions So Effective?

TMD’s unlimited press service for heavy metal bands is designed to get your band plugged into the online buying metal demographic you are trying to hit in the first place, along with other metal media/booking agents using the network to learn about the hottest metal bands on the scene today!

How Much Does The Service Cost?

$99 for 1 month of service*
(includes unlimited band press at TMD’s site
during this period!)

Now is the time to secure your place on TMD’s acclaimed roster!


*DEADLINE FOR THIS OFFER is August 15th, 2018.

Metal UP!

TMD Band Promotions

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(TMD also offers a full-time “Band Publicist” service and
Band Management contracts!)


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