June 25, 2024

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TMD Rocks! 

Be sure to tell all your fans and friends to vote for their 3 favorite bands as the winning band will get rotation on HardRadio.com. We are also giving away a brand new PEAVEY ZODIAC DE Bass Guitar on this episode. You must listen for the details.

Shockwaves/HardRadio podcast #35: This episode features our third Indie Rock/Metal Music Podcast featuring music from 30 unsigned/independent artists from all over the world ranging from all styles of hard rock and metal. Also on this episode we’re running our second major Peavey guitar contest! Whoever can correctly identify the most classic metal riffs/leads from the 10 excerpts on this episode will be the proud owner of a brand new Peavey Zodiac DE bass guitar! 

Domino – Fatal Force 
Breakin Bread With The Devil – Blacklist Union 
Thrown Away – Drive A 
We Don't Fit In – Crunchy 
Days Undone – Lost Revolution 
BLOODSHED – Psychomanthium 
Battle Malady – Pig Iron 
Flames in Synergy – Inner Surge 
33 (1/3) – White Witch Canyon 
No Gods West – Sixstitch 
High On The Hog – Diesel Finger 
Release Me – Miser 
Desert of Sad – Hung 
Freedom Fighter – Ravage 
Ship Of Fools – American Speedway 
All My Angels – Joetown 
I Have A Gun – Dendura 
Ant Farm – Swirl 
Ambassadors of the Hidden Sun – Mysticity 
Bad Touch – Sound And Fury
Saints Of Nowhere – Dead Heart Saints 
A Final Farewell – From Dark 
Round & Round – Bandwagon 
T.E.O.L.K – Centuries Cry 
Chains Of Sadness – Still Fear 
Rock And Roll – Hammer 
Cocaine – Tripping Horse 
Resist – The Mist 
Deeper Underground – Starkiller Sound 
Glide On The Wings – AIrged Lamh


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