June 22, 2024

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Fans can visit CHIMAIRA’s official website by clicking HERE. And if the “Live Cam” button is lit up in red, fans can watch and listen to the band in the studio and even chat with the band members!

Vocalist Mark Hunter commented on the live stream: “We stumbled across the Yahoo! chat thing and realized we could incorporate that with our band. It has audio, video and the ability to chat, which I’ve never seen another band use in the studio before. We can also do multi-cam. There will be glitches here and there, but that’s life and that’s the internet.”

The band is also pleased to announce the 9th Annual Chimaira Christmas show in Cleveland. The band will be performing at the House of Blues on December 30, and tickets will be $9.99.

“This is our ninth Christmas show and we’re very proud to present it,” says Hunter. “We’re doing something cool this year, where we’ll be picking the other local Cleveland bands ourselves in kind of a “sneaky” way. In the past bands have contacted us, but this year we’ll be contacting the bands. We’re looking to find some bands that have never played with us before. It’ll be great: CC9, 9 bands for $9.99. Awesome.”

CHIMAIRA’s as-yet-untitled record is slated for an April 21, 2009 release. CHIMAIRA have called on Ben Schigel (Walls of Jericho, Misery Signals) for production and Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Hatebreed) to mix. This is the band’s fifth full-length studio album, and their second on Ferret Music.

Stay tuned for more on the new album!