July 21, 2024

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ORESTEA – Guitarist Leaves Band


U.K. band ORESTEA has issued the following statement about parting ways with one member and working on an upcoming album:

“So, we’ve got a couple of announcements to make. One of which won’t come as a surprise to a few of you that have seen us play so far this year.

“Firstly, Jake is no longer with the band. He had to call it a day for personal reasons last year. We didn’t really want to announce this when it happened because it came at a time where we knew we would have to take a bit of a time out anyway, to write new stuff and to get our own work/financial stuff sorted out a bit.

“Being in a band is a number of things, it’s SUPER fun and exciting, but also really hard work, expensive and time consuming. We needed to be in a place where we were totally ready to put out new material.

“With that in mind….we are happy to announce that we are currently in the studio recording the next release! We are so proud of the stuff we have written for this and we hope you love it as much as we do.

“We’d like to thank Mapex Drums for lending us a beautiful Saturn series kit to record with.
We have decided to continue as a 4 piece rather than getting a new guitarist, but have been lucky enough to have had Carl from ESO and Nations standing in live for us since Jakes departure.

“So….that about wraps it up. We’ll be posting a hell of a lot more in the coming weeks so keep an eye on this page (because we all know how much Facebook hates actually showing you this stuff in your newsfeed ;)).

“Thank you for your continued support of the band, we wouldn’t be doing this without you guys!
P.s Jack would also like to give a bit of a shout out to Starburst for giving him the fuel he needs to lay down his parts. He’s 100% up for discussing endorsement deals with you guys if you’re game?”

Source: metalunderground