February 27, 2024

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GWAR – To Reissue “America Must Be Destroyed”


When over-the-top theatrical metallists GWAR first appeared on the scene back in the late ’80s, many critics and detractors figured that the group would be a fast-fading fad. But as the years accumulated, the group’s massive cult following only grew larger with each successive album and their legendary gore-tours!

Even though GWAR has gone thru many musical metamorphosis changes over the years; from punk, to metal, to thrash America Must Be Destroyed is definitely their “heaviest” album including hits like “Ham On The Bone”, “Crack In The Egg” and “Gor-Gor”!

The vinyl has been long sold out and sought and is finally available again for a reasonable price. It’s a one-off pressing for Record Story Day 2015, with 300 copies in black and 200 in orange vinyl.

“Ham On The Bone”
“Crack In Ihe Egg”
“Have You Seen Me?”
“The Morality Squad”
“America Must Be Destroyed”
“Gilded Lily”
“Poor Old Tom”
“Rock n Roll Never Felt So Good”
“The Road Behind”
“Pussy Planet”

Source: BW&BK