July 18, 2024

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ARSTIDIR LIFSINS – Premiere New Music Video


Since 2008, the art of outstanding Icelandic/German pagan metallers, ARSTIDIR LIFSINS — Icelandic for “the seasons of life” – has always radiated the spirit of Old Norse history. Boasting members of Helrunar, Kerbenok, and Carpe Noctem, the curious collective’s latest long player – the stunning Aldafǫðr Ok Munka Dróttinn (“Óðinn and the God of the Monks”) – takes an in-depth look Scandinavian history and myth over its dramatic eighty-one-minute runtime. Composed and recorded in Germany and Iceland between May and November of 2013 and then mixed and mastered in December 2013 by the experienced hands of known producer Markus Stock at Klangsmiede Studio E (Empyrium, Helrunar, Secrets Of The Moon etc), Aldafǫðr Ok Munka Dróttinn is sung entirely in Old Norse-Icelandic, with added Skaldic stanzas from the world-known Icelandic sagas and serves as a true milestone in Old Norse-inspired metal music.

From ambient archaic folklore patterns supported by dark chants and classical instrumentation, to black metal elements presented in their finest Norwegian tradition and epic double-bass driven Viking metal parts, the musical abilities of ARSTIDIR LIFSINS are truly wondrous. “Songs flow like waves past the prow of a ship, coming on with spoken word and elements of folk, viola, and cello, before the wind comes up, the storm hits, and we are hearing some fairly menacing strains of black metal,” describes Metal Injection, furthering, “The band uses a host of vocal techniques, from robust baritones of clean sung, almost mantra-like recitations, to scything black metal screams. Each song is a leg on the same journey from hardship to invasion, and thus cannot truly be completed in pieces. This record demands to be listened to from beginning to end, requiring full immersion to truly appreciate its craft. Despite the generous helping of blasts and black metal fury, the music exudes a very trance-like, meditative feeling throughout its long and winding compositions. In no way boring, it simply pulls the listener in and keeps him/her there.”

Sample the video for “Norðsæta Gætis, Herforingja Ormsins Langa” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

Aldafǫðr Ok Munka Dróttinn Track Listing:
1. Kastar Heljar Brenna Fjarri Ofan Onundarfirðinum
2. Knorr Siglandi Birtisk Á Löngu Bláu Yfirborði
3. Þeir Heilags Dóms Hirðar
4. Úlfs Veðrit Er Ið CMXCIX
5. Máni, Bróðir Sólar Ok Mundilfara
1. Tími Er Kominn At Kveða Fyrir Þér
2. Norðsæta Gætis, Herforingja Ormsins Langa
3. Bituls Skokra Benvargs Hreggjar Á Sér Stað
4. Sem Lengsk Vánar Lopts Ljósgimu Hvarfs Dregr Nærri

Divided into nine individual hymns on two CDs (or limited LPs), Aldafǫðr Ok Munka Dróttinn is currently available via Ván Records HERE and HERE.