July 23, 2024

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ENCOFFINATION – Confirms Mini-Tour In April


American cult death/doom duo, ENCOFFINATION, will crawl forth from their usual obscurity early this April to deliver a rare wave of their macabre, slow-motion funeral marches to several East Coast US locations on the Abyss Of Funeral Winds Tour.

Having played a total of three unrelated live performances since their 2008 inception, the four-city Abyss Of Funeral Winds trek will see ENCOFFINATION storming through Atlanta, Raleigh, Baltimore and Brooklyn from April 1st through 4th, making it the band’s first consecutive set of tour dates ever. However, the band’s renowned, destructive recorded output is well-documented and widely feared, and fiend who has endured the cult’s mammoth amplification and soul-blackening odes to annihilation knows this run of tour dates is not to be missed. The band’s kinfolk, Father Befouled and Ghoulgotha — both of whom share members with ENCOFFINATION — will supply grueling opening support on all four shows of the Abyss Of Funeral Winds.

ENCOFFINATION Abyss Of Funeral Winds w/ Father Befouled, Ghoulgotha:
4/01/2015 529 – Atlanta, GA
4/02/2015 The Holy Mountain Compound – Raleigh, NC
4/03/2015 The Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
4/04/2015 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

Following its CD and digital release through Selfmadegod Records last year, the gargantuan 2xLP vinyl edition of ENCOFFINATION’s third full-length, III – Hear Me, O’ Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs), is now available. The most wretched and abysmal death metal band of the last decade returns with sixty minutes of abysmal, funereal death metal; the most destructive recordings of their career and a must-own slab of poison for fans of Incantation, Rippikoulu, Morpheus Descends and Disembowelment.

Now three albums in, III – Hear Me, O’ Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs) sees one of America’s top dread-inducing metal exports building on even more blackened occult passages, incorporating choral elements and organs to their already elementally disturbing hymns. The album was constructed over a full year in various sessions throughout 2013 – the drums recorded at Universal Sound in San Diego, California, and the rest at Graf Yairden in Atlanta – the final output reeking with suffocating riffs and tones called, “slow, grinding, hazed with distortion, with a thick miasma of dread oozing from every pore” by No Clean Singing, and a tremendously deliberate momentum which had About.com’s Heavy Metal sector writing, “Diving into the endless suffering that the abyss can offer, the hour-long journey is fraught with sonic peril and a deathly pace. These are some of the slowest songs the band has written since their inception…” Meat Mead Metal issued a punishingly satisfied report of the album, issuing that ENCOFFINATION is, “a group that sounds like it is the musical embodiment of death, the cessation of life. Their music is slow, drubbing, torturous, and sounds like it is one step away from shutting its eyes artistically for the final time. Nothing about it feels good or will get you jumping up and down like an idiot at a live show. You should be depressed, have darkened feelings that cannot be saved, and see only the worst in the music you are hearing. That’s exactly what you get…”