July 20, 2024

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RANDY RHOADS – A Message From The Rhoads Family


Den Headz, for the coming 33rd anniversary of RANDY RHOADS tragic death due to a plane crash on March 19, 1982, the Rhoads family has shared a wonderful photo from ‘The Rhoads Family Archives’, along with a message from Kathy & Kelle. If you re-post the picture (seen above) please be respectful by keeping the watermark VISIBLE & INTACT.

“Three decades after Randy’s passing; it’s interesting to try and speculate what he would think of the attention he continues to receive. With two records of internationally acclaimed musicians “Immortal Randy Rhoads” and “Randy Rhoads Remembered”, and a North American tour planned for summer 2015; he remains in the public consciousness.

Then, there are the legions of his fans that continue to sing his praises and influence future fans and guitar players. This level of fame and accomplishment is not something you can plan on, it happens to a very precious few. Maybe if he was around today, he wouldn’t think about his situation too much. Instead, he would do what he always did. He would just play his guitar.

We are happy to share a picture of Randy that has never before seen. It is truly amazing to think that he is so truly beloved after all these years! Amazing that 33 years later, so many still are so incredibly smitten by his music, and his “sweet, kind soul!” God bless! And long live the LEGEND!!
Kathy Dargenzio-Rhoads and Kelle Rhoads”