July 25, 2024

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GRISTNAM – Premiere Two New Songs


Even Less is the latest full-length from Louisiana sludge grind assassins, GRISTNAM.
Featuring former members of haarp and Omean, GRISTNAM lives by the grind-groove-repeat ethos spewing out billowing odes of revulsion, disease and chronic disenchantment. Out now on Housecore Records, Even Less is a duel bruiser that features five tracks from their 2013-issued Release 1 EP and six new violent requiems.

In commemoration of its release, today Cvlt Nation is hosting streams of “Guilt Runs Red,” and “Copperhead” gushing, “Some music just doesn’t have that ‘feel good’ factor, but instead has the make you feel sick to your bones feeling! This is the case with New Orleans’ GRISTNAM – they are not trying to make friends with their brand of head-lock-of-death kind of sludge… this band sets out to punish the listener from the getgo. GRISTNAM succeeds in creating an album that is full scathing hate for all that is fucked up in this world… Pick up this diseased piece of sludge.”

Feel the wrath, courtesy of Cvlt Nation, at THIS LOCATION.

The cumulative sound of a society gone rotten, The Sludgelord likens Even Less to, “an uppercut wrapped in barbed wire to the unsuspecting jaw, mixing together Superjoint Ritual, Eyehategod, and as much whisky and pills as they could find on the nearest truck stop bathroom floor,” further observing, “The album smacks of anger and pissiness, grinding like early Eyehategod, with a sound that just pumps the blood up… a perfect balance between sludge and grind, with a deep, nasty tone, and a speed that isn’t thrash, but a headlong rush of metal to the side of the head.” Said Skulls ‘N’ Bones, “with roots in hardcore and grind, not to mention the expected sludge, GRISTNAM trudge through Even Less with reckless intensity… the music wallows in ugly anger, and each composition gnaws like an electric knife hitting bone. By the time frontman Shaun Emmons bellows, ‘Mark my words, a funeral is coming!,” on the album-opening ‘Etch And Burn,’ it is clear that these guys mean business.” Zero Signal Magazine calls Even Less, “a beast of an album,” noting bluntly, “GRISTNAM will tear you from ass to front,” while Thisisbooksmusic.com opines: “These guys sound like the New Orleans metal bastards they are, taking in the kind of crunch and dirges that come from some of the best metal bands out of the south, but also adding in a thick hardcore punk spirit that results in songs with a number of different texture and tempo changes. They remind of bands like Bone Dance, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Retox, but with their own richness that will help keep them low and high at the same time.”

Even Less is currently available on orange wax (limited to 300 copies) and cassette (limited to 100 copies) via Housecore Records at THIS LOCATION.