July 25, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: MACHINE HEAD – “Bloodstone & Diamonds” (CD)


American groove metal masters MACHINE HEAD are back in 2014 with a new collection of rockers titled “Bloostone & Diamonds”. This is the first record to feature new bassist Jared MacEachern who replaced former bass player Adam Duce in 2013. Produced by vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn, along with Juan Urteaga, the band does not waste any time throwing down with a vengeance. The first few explosive and totally face pummeling cuts definitely set the bar high and I guarantee once the listener settles in – no matter how jaded one might be – they will certainly find themselves enjoying an absolutely crushing musical experience. The opener “Now We Die” is a brilliantly written piece that will cut a deep swath through your soul with a touch of both darkness and light in its themes that will haunt and inspire you, followed next by “Killer & Kings” and its jagged-sharp guitar riffs delivered by the one and only Phil Demmel. “Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones” is another ass kicker that features one of the most fantastic guitar solos I have heard this year. The next pit starter is “Night of Long Knives”, which comes off no doubt as the most heavy song overall at this point. Dave McClain’s drums are on a totally different level on this album. He sounds like he is playing with four goddamn arms.

Up next is a slowed down, chant-like start to “Sail into the Black”, that offers Flynn’s most haunting vocals and lyrics by far. Track six serves up “Eyes of the Dead”. My personal favorite, however, is track number seven, “Beneath The Silt”, because it is both powerful and memorable. It sounds like Pink Floyd on steroids. The momentum does not slow down, thankfully. “In Comes the Flood” is a winner, next followed by the powerfully written “Damage Inside” and “Game Over”. The album concludes with the instrumental “Imaginal Cells” and the positively slamming “Take Me Through the Fire”. Look for this album to be at the top of all the critics ‘best album of the year lists’ and make sure to add it to your collection.

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MACHINE HEAD – “Bloodstone & Diamonds” (CD)
(Nuclear Blast Records/2014)

1. Now We Die
2. Killers & Kings
3. Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones
4. Night of Long Knives
5. Sail into the Black
6. Eyes of the Dead
7. Beneath the Silt
8. In Comes the Flood
9. Damage Inside
10. Game Over”
11. Imaginal Cells” (Instrumental)
12. Take Me Through the Fire